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folio line
credit line
streamer or banner
cut line

Editorial Page
Entertainment Page
Classified Ads
Business News
Sports Page

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What are the main parts of the front page in a campus newspaper?

parts of a newspaper. Layou,typical features and technical terms. these are the list to be found on the front page cover of a news paper. 1. box-out. 2. by-line. 3. caption/s. 4. credits. 5. crosshead. 6. exclusive. 7. feature. 8. headline. 9. kikcer. 10. lead story. 11. lure. 12. masthead. 13. menu. 14. pugs. 15. secondary lead. 16. sidebar. 17. splash. 18. spread. 19. standfirst. 20. strapline. 21. tag

Parts of Front page of newspaper?

There are several parts to the front page of a newspaper. Some ofthese parts are, skybox, ear, byline, lead, columns, headline,dates, index, and photos.

What is a front page article in a newspaper?

The articles the editor the newspaper thinks are most important are put on the first (front) page and the subject of the most important among these is in the big title (headline) at the top of the first page. Traditional newspapers (not tabloids) are folded in the middle such that the top half of the first page is on top. The most important articles are on the top half so they will be seen on newsstands. Another common phrase is "above the fold," meaning an article on the top half of the front page. a front page is a part of the news paper where you can find the main news for that day.

What goes on the front page of a newspaper?

The most important things go on the front page, in the view ofthe Editor. It is usually a major new, news item, but thepriorities for one newspaper are not necessarily those ofanother. . (This was flagged for improvement: I have retained the firstsentence but qualified it by adding the words "in the view..."onwards; and deleted a puerile comment that followed it.)

What was on the front page of the newspapers on seventh November 1996?

1996 U.S.A. Mars Global Surveyor November 7th, 1996 : The Mars Global Surveyor is launched from Cape Canaveral aboard a Delta II rocket reaching Mars on September 11, 1997. The mission was to provide a survey of the planet mars sending back tens of thousands of pictures of the planets surface. One of the most important possible discoveries was photos of two craters called Terra Sirenum and Centauri Montes which appear to show the presence of water on Mars at some point between 1999 and 2001..

What was the front page of a newspaper on May 1st 1999?

It would be helpful to know which city or state (or country) you are asking about, since front page stories vary from place to place; the number of stories on the front page also varied, with the typical front page having about four big stories on it. May 1, 1999 was a Saturday, which means congress wasn't in session and for some newspapers, that meant there was more local news than national or political news on the front page. For example, in Rockford, Illinois, the Register Star newspaper had a front-page story about the building of a new Target superstore, the first superstore in the area. In Madison, Wisconsin, the front page story in the Wisconsin State Journal was about the need for a mediator to help settle a labor dispute between the Madison School District and the teachers' union. The other big front page story for the State Journal was a story it reprinted from a wire service, about the plight of the refugees in Kosovo. In St. Albans, Vermont, the Daily Messenger placed a national story on page 1: a meeting that Rev. Jesse Jackson had with three prisoners of war being held captive in Yugoslavia; he was trying to win their freedom. (This was an Associated Press story, and it ran on page 1 of a number of newspapers that same day, including the Syracuse NY Herald Journal, and the Chicago Daily Herald.) In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the big story on the front page of the Gazette was about local schools reviewing security procedures to protect students, after the recent school shootings in Colorado; and about an investigation into the problems that had occurred with evacuation procedures when a fire broke out at an Iowa City sports café.

What are the features on a front page newspaper called?

If you are referring to a printed newspaper, the front page often has two parts: what is placed "above the fold" and then the rest of the front page (this refers to the fact that most newspapers are folded in half, and the "above the fold" story is what your eyes would see first if you were walking by a news-stand). The "above the fold" or top part of the newspaper contains the biggest headline and it is generally the most important story of the day. The front page is where a newspaper places the stories it believes the most readers will find important or interesting. You will generally see one big story with a big headline, and then on the rest of the page, some photos and smaller headlines with stories that are not as important as the one that was placed above the fold. Each day, the featured stories on page 1 will vary. As I write this, it is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and most of the newspapers I saw featured a front-page story about local people remembering where they were and how they heard the news of the president's death. But on other days, the lead story might be about politics; or about some important community leader; or about some natural disaster like a hurricane or flood; or even about the death of a famous person (like a pope or a queen or a major celebrity like Michael Jackson). There are usually about four or five stories on page 1, but that too will vary, depending on how much news there was that day.

What was on the front page of the newspaper in 2002?

It's impossible to answer this question, because each city and each state (assuming you are discussing the United States) would have had different front page stories every day. The front page is where the day's biggest news stories (both local and national) are placed; so without knowing more about which part of the country, I can't provide you with what was on the front page. But as far as big national stories in 2002, these are some that made front page news: Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and then killed in Pakistan by terrorists. The US government established the Department of Homeland Security. Houston, TX mother Andrea Yates was found guilty of murdering her five children. Two suspects were finally arrested in the "Beltway Sniper" case, in which ten people were randomly killed in and around Washington DC. Former US President Jimmy Carter made a visit to Cuba, where he spoke with Fidel Castro-- the first time a US president had visited Cuba since Castro came to power in 1959. And the New England Patriots won the Superbowl, defeating the St. Louis Rams 20-17.