What are the jobs like in Spain?

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There are many thousands of jobs available in Spain. Spain is a financial and business hub in Europe, and so attracts many professional jobs.

"Empleos" is Spanish for "jobs". A good website for job listings is www.empleos.com.es

Spain has been hard hit by the economic downturn though, and has high unemployment at present compared with the rest of Europe.
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What did Queen Isabella of Spain like?

Isabella thought of herself as a Renaissance Queen and did accompany the Armies in the field, like horses, especially Palominos. ( they are called ysabellas in her honor in Spanish-speaking countries) she also wore armor as a crowned female knight- yes a Queen in Armor- look at the effigy on her tom (MORE)

What are schools in Spain like for students?

Schools in Spain are very big. Teachers seem very nice, for the majority of students. Many foreign-exchange students benefit from their experiences, even if there are language barriers or other obstacles at the beginning. It is best, though, to investigate companies that arrange for host fam (MORE)

What is Christmas like in Spain?

cristmas is NOTHING like cristmas in other parts of the world. the spanish have their feast on cristmas eve, and the poor children have to wait until three kings day to get their presents.

What is Spain monarchy like today?

Spain's current ruler, King Juan Carlos was instrumental in bringing democracy back to Spain after the death of the Fascist dictator General Franco in 1975. King Juan Carlos is extremely popular in Spain.

What is Spain like today?

Spain is a beautiful country full of beautiful sites I cant tell you much you'll have to see for you're self!

What jobs are there in Spain?

There are many jobs available in Spain for citizens. People canwork in department stores, grocery stores, or as police officers.

What do houses look like in Spain?

In rural Spain, Spanish architecture can be classified as "Mediterranean architecture". This is especially true for coastal areas, where Mediterranean influences are more pervasive. I think that many houses are made of white clays and stone (but I'm not sure). I do know that Spanish houses have larg (MORE)

What is the school system like in Spain?

Spain has an excellent school system. In terms of a more detailed explanation of how the system works,most Spaniards go to local public schools, where they are taughtSpanish Literature, Science, History, Mathematics, and English (asa foreign language), along with secondary subjects like HomeEconomi (MORE)

Most dangerous jobs in Spain?

The most dangerous job in Spain is a bull shepherd. It is estimatedthat between 200 to 300 people get injured each year doing this jobbecause it consists of herding bulls through the streets ofPamplona.

What is school like in Spain?

All Spanish children between the ages of six and sixteen arerequired to attend school. The education laws underwent reform in2006.

What jobs do they have in Spain?

jobs in Spain require skill, sometimes. a job would be either anemployer or bullfighters (which is the most famous jobs, butthey're is more jobs in Spain) Spain's jobs are somewhat likeAmericas, except the fact that we talk English and they don't. itsthe basic. like lawyers and doctors! those are on (MORE)

What is Spain education system like?

education is o different from other people in the usa but the only difference is they speak another language and if you come from some were else in the world you better learn the language.

How do you find a job in Spain?

There are lots of Spanish job boards and websites you can browse with job vacancies listed. Check the related link for one of them.

What is money like in Spain?

The currency of Spain is the Euro.. 1 Euro is made up of 100 cents.. Coins are 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents and you also get coins of 1 and 2 Euros. Notes are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 Euros. The notes are different sizes and colours depending on their value.

What is there ecosystem like in Spain?

Spain has two dominant ecosystems. One ecosystem is the Savannahgrasslands, and its climate vegetation is grass with shallow roots.The second dominant ecosystem is non-unique mountain ranges.

What kind of jobs do Spain have?

Jobs in Spain include working in restaurants, movie theaters, andin gas stations. People can also be police officers andconstruction workers.

Do people like football in Spain?

Yes, very much. Football is the most popular, well-known sporting game in the world. Football is very big in all countries including Spain. Spain won the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa after beating Holland (The Netherlands) 1-0 aet (after extra time). Andrés Iniesta scored in the 116th mi (MORE)

What is the job of the King and Queen of Spain?

The King is Head of State, that is, he represents the Country of Spain ceremonially to the rest of the world. He is also the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The Head of Government, the person in charge of the government, is the Presidente del Gobierno Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

In march what is the weather like in Spain?

You haven't said what area in Spain. It is a big country so the north has different temperatures than here in Southern Spain. Today and yesterday in Marbella it was around 16 degrees, really lovely blue skies and sunshine but we have also had a lot of rain. So changeable would be the way I would des (MORE)

What are the specific jobs of Spain?

The top industries in Spain are: textiles and apparel (including footwear) food and beverages metals and metal manufactures chemicals shipbuilding automobiles machine tools tourism clay and refractory products footwear pharmaceuticals medical equipment

What was Cordoba the capital of Spain like?

While Cordoba was the capital of Moorish Spain it was one of the most fantastic cities in the world. It had paved and lighted streets, thousands of books in multiple libraries, baths, philosophers, and mathematicians. It was multinational and tolerant of other religions.

What do shoes look like in Spain?

In Spain, people wear pretty much the same shoes as in America. Sneakers, sandals, boots etc. The Spanish word for shoes is "zapatos".

What types of jobs do people do in Spain?

Approximately 4 % of the Spanish workers work in agriculture, 24 % work in an industry, and 72% work in the service industry. Spain has a decent manufacturing capability from shoes to shipyards, and is a very popular tourist destination for the English and many northern Europeans as well as Ameri (MORE)

What is the local government like in Spain?

Spain is divided into 17 autonomous regions, each of which has an elected assembly and a governor appointed by the central government. Municipalities are gradually becoming consolidated; their number had declined to about 8,000 by 2003. Each municipality has a mayor ( alcalde ) and councilmen ( conc (MORE)

What is it like in Spain at Christmas?

The Spanish do not have a 'Father Christmas' but they have 'The Three Wise Men' Known as 'Los Reyes Magos' There is normally a parade where the Three Wise Men are on a float. This takes place on January 5th and in the evening, children polish their boots and leave them on their door step. Their boot (MORE)

What do people in Spain like to do with bulls?

Some people in Spain like to breed bulls to cows so as to make calves. Other people kill and eat them. Some people fight them. And others run down the streets of Pamplona in front of them.

What is a typical meal in Spain like?

It's DELICIOUS! All sorts of food , typical food in Madrid is Cocido and Tortilla de Patata , you must try both if you go! In the north of spain, especially in Asturias, Fabada is the traditional meal, also good! i must warn you that whenever i go they hardly eat vegetables :)...and for breakfast to (MORE)

What was Spain like in 1900?

Spain was primarily an agrarian society with wealthy landownerscontrolling large portions of the country and peasants working theland. There was a growing bourgeoisie in the cities, especiallyMadrid, Barcelona, and Valencia, but they were not yet big enoughto exert political pressure.

Why do people like to retire in Spain?

Answer 1 Spain is a modern country, has a very a mild climate, friendly people, and plenty to do. Answer 2 Spain has beautiful beaches and remains relatively cheap compared to the\nUK, France, and Germany. However, Spain is still a first-world country, so it is \nwell-maintained. Additionally Sp (MORE)

What is topography like in Spain?

Spain is a huge country, it has all sort of topography, you question is just too general to elicit any meaningful answer - please be more specific.

Where may one find jobs in Spain?

One may find jobs in Spain in much the same way that one finds jobs in North America. Firstly, contact any connections you have in the area and let them know you are job hunting, and secondly, look through online job boards specific to Spain.

What is the weather in Spain typically like?

Typically the weather in Spain is mild and has one of the warmest climates in Europe. The weather however varies according to the geography and snow can be found in the mountains such as the Pyrenees area, whilst rain is not uncommon on the Cantabrian coast.

What are hotels like in Catalonia Spain?

The hotels in Catalonia in Spain are very much tourist orientated. They tend to be high rise blocks each with their own swimming pool and entertainment areas.

Why does Spain like soccer?

Spanish people like soccer for the same reason that anyone else does: it's an exciting game and they can follow their favorite teams.