Would adding a clothes washer to a second floor condominium unit impact the plumbing of the condo unit directly beneath the second floor unit?

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it depends on how your lines run. usually it woulden't effect anything but if your sewer line is to close to some of the fixtures in the upper floor the suds from the washer could back up into the other fixtures.
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Why would a toilet run a little on the first floor when the toilet on the second floor directly above is flushed?

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Can you have window units in condominiums?

Read your governing documents to determine the extent to which you can modify your windows. If you want to install a different kind of window unit in an existing window 'hole in the wall', board approval may be required. If your question has to do with an air conditioning unit, again, you may nee (MORE)

Are window units allowed in condominiums?

By window units, one can assume that you mean air conditioners. Read your governing documents to determine how the community's guidelines address air conditioners. Then, you can work with your board to adjust the comfort level of your unit during extreme weather conditions.

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Does condo ownership only include the inside the unit from wall to wall and ceiling to floor?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents, and in your state's condominium law. The state can define the border between a unit owner's property and property owned by all owners, in common. The governing documents may amend, alter or change these default definitions. In addition (MORE)

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What is owned when you own a condominium unit?

You can review your governing documents and determine exactly what you own. Every set of governing documents that cover condominiums is different from every other set of governing documents. Look in your governing documents for these definitions: . Unit: Usually, an owner who buys a 'unit' owns (MORE)

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Can a condo unit be sold before a declaration of condominium is filed?

Personally, I would not buy a condominium unless my review of the complete declaration was finished. Otherwise, you (and I) have zero idea about the community you're (I'm) buying into. Whether or not it can be sold may be a local legal issue. See your state condominium statute.

I am renovating my condo unit on the 5th floor. I broke open a water pipe causing it to flood down to the lower units. Am i responsible or would the damage be coverd by the building condo insurance.?

Since you caused the damage, your HO-6 condominium unit owner's insurance may cover the cost of repair. However, your insurance company and the insurance company that carries the master policy will work through all the details. If you carry no owner's insurance, you may be liable for the master po (MORE)

Is it ok to place an aircon unit on the floor?

No. cause it would consume more energy to make the room cool. Hot air rises and cool air sink, so to make the room to a controlled cool temperture , it is advisable to place the aircon unit on the top.

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What is studio-type condominium unit?

In US, the definition of a studio is loosely a single room or a small space where a person lives with furniture that serves multiple purposes -- i.e., a Murphy bed, etc. A condominium is a living space that you purchase, with the idea that you also purchase and therefore ultimately own other parts (MORE)

Does floor tiles make noise in a unit?

It seems that walking on a tile floor makes more of a pounding noise and kind of shakes the floor. More so than hard wood or carpet. At least that is my experience.

Can a second floor condo have concrete floors?

Hospitals, universities, and other large commercial buildings often have concrete floors throughout the building, so there's nothing stopping you as long as the structure itself is strong enough to support the additional weight. Be sure and check your local code enforcement office before buying any (MORE)

What is condo unit?

A condominium unit is the space available for ownership as defined by the land-use documents for the condominium association filed in the local court house. The unit may be defined as land, moorage, a townhouse, a suite, an apartment, a single family dwelling, part of a duplex or other enclosed ar (MORE)

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Can a second floor condo have a hardwood floor in Joliet IL?

Read your governing documents, and especially any rules updatesthat have to do with hardwood floor installation. Your biggest concern will be noise transmitted to surroundingunits. If you install them without permission, or without an associationreview, and you are in violation, you may be forced t (MORE)

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What are advantages of owning a condominium unit?

Your real estate is part of an association with a legal obligationfor the board to 'protect, preserve and maintain' the collectiveasset. Your assessments pay for 'someone else' to handle repairs tocommon areas, so you are relieved of many of the maintenance issuesthat face single-home owners. Often, (MORE)