Why won't my iPod touch get Kick the Buddy in the App Store?

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Maybe your iPod touch doesn't have the required IOS.
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How do you get to the apps store on an iPod touch?

go to your home screen then there will be an app for the app store.there should be.It is a blue background and it has a white picture in the middle of the app and in that whit

Where is the app store on iPod touch?

if you have ipod touch 1st gen you can update to 2.1 to get the app store then any other ipod touch has app store but back 2 the question the app store should be on the home s

Why does your iPod Touch not have an App Store?

The only way the App Store could not be on your iPod Touch is if you have a jailbroken iPod and it was deleted. The App Store is an app that cannot be deleted on a non-jailbro