Why isn't dental care covered under general medical insurance?

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Dental Coverage is not usually covered by General Medical Insurance because it is too expensive.
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Will medical insurance cover treatment for teeth that are knocked out in an accident if you do not have dental insurance?

Answer \n. \nIt probably depends upon the medical insurance company you are with and what coverage you have with them.\n. \n Answer \n. \nI have never seen a medical

Would homeowners insurance cover the loss of a medical dental device due to a dog?

Answer . Yes. I used to work for an Insurance company in the claims department. It will be covered under the section "personal property" of your Homeowners policy. You will

Do health insurance plans cover dental care?

That all depends on your specific plan. Here is some information if you do not have a plan that might be beneficial: There is a great dental plan available in your area. Depen

Why are teeth and dental care not covered by insurance?

Insurance companies, even many States' Medicaid programs, have judged that dental care is an ongoing expense that they are unwilling to cover. Dental procedures are typically

Can i get my medical insurance to cover any dental?

It depends if it's part of your coverage. Review your policy to find out. If there is no dental coverage, ask your insurance provider or broker if you can add a dental plan

Does medical insurance cover long term care insurance?

There are various companies that cover different types of needs.Ifyou are looking for Long Term Care coverage, ask your insurancecarrier. If they don't cover it, there are pla

What is covered under private medical insurance?

Coverage under private insurance varies greatly based on your carrier and your deductible. Most private medical insurance is a cushion against major catastrophes like a sudden

Does AARP insurance cover medical vision and dental?

The medical expenses are extraordinarily high in India and acomprehensive insurance policy is the best way to tackle theproblem of rising price. As a result of the assorted me

Does Dental Insurance cover the cost of basic dental care?

This will vary from insurance provider to insurance provider, it will also depend on your policy and the level of coverage that you have. You should always check with your den

Does all insurance cover dental care?

No, all insurance cover dental care. You may need to subscribe to an insurance company such as Delta Dental Insurance in order to get dental insurance if your regular insuranc

What is covered under temporary medical insurance?

"It tends to vary depending on the carrier of the temporary insurance, and eligibility. Prescriptions, in and out patient service, health care practitioner care, xrays and lab

Are investigations for treatment of Glaucoma covered under Medical Insurance?

There is a confusion among the medical fraternity whether the investigations for treatment of Glaucoma will be covered under Medical Insurance or not. In my opinion as an Insu