Why is there a plant in your suite on stardoll?

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it tells you have much you have been a member in stardoll if its tall then u have been a member 4 a long time
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On stardoll where do you find suit store?

\nI anm not totally sure what you mean by suite stores but i think you mean interiors which are like backgrounds on your rooms . you can find this in the minishop.

On stardoll how do you suite chat?

You have to be a Stardoll Super Star. I am not one so I guess the other person has to be on your friend list. :D --- This Was Before.. Now You Just Have To Press The Suite C

Where are the stars in a stardoll suite?

There are stars becasue you have to be a superstar to have those suites! Feel free to add me (tommia123) also please join my club free.secrets xoxo

How do you get a plant on stardoll?

1. You have to Must have at least 100 Starpoints (You can see your Starpoints at the top at the page on the right hand side). 2. Go to the my page tab. then go to my accou

How do you go to someone's suit on stardoll?

In the top of the right corner on the stardoll page, there should be a box that says Friends in it. Click in it and type the medoll you would like to visit. Once you have type

How do you invite friends to your suite on stardoll?

When you click on the CHAT bar on the bottom right hand corner ofyour screen. Click a friend that's online and their chat box willcome up. You will see three options on the to

How do you vote for suite on stardoll?

You can not vote for a suite, but you can vote for a doll. If adoll gets enough votes he or she will become Covergirl or NationalCovergirl. To vote for a doll go to a member's