Why girls use for car advertisement?

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Sexual attraction... the companies believe that if they put a girl in a car commercial that the guy that has the car will be able to get the ladies... which is somewhat true... girls find guys with nice cars more attractive.
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How do car dealers get away with misleading advertising?

Answer . This is a hard one to answer. The fact is that there are not sufficient laws against misleading advertising. It's not just car dealers though, a lot of companies do it. In many industries there are little tricks and I know in the UK that car dealers use what is called 'Lost Leaders' to (MORE)

How do you find successful Marketing and advertising for Used Car Sales?

Local Pennysaver or other weekly free advertising publications are the most effective for used car sales. It also depends if this is for an independent lot with Tote the Note capabilities or tied to a larger dealership with new car sales as well. Smart business owners and entrepreneurs know that (MORE)

What can you do for Advertising and Maketing on a small town Used Car Lot?

What many people forget about marketing is that a big part of successful marketing is creating rewarding customer experiences. To create that experience you have to look at it more than just a car lot, you need to look at it as a place where your potential customers will remember to come back to you (MORE)

What advertisements are shown during Gossip Girl?

\n. \nSince I don't live in the USA, I really want to know too for a research I'm doing. From what I heard Dove, movie trailers targeted at young woman (HSM3, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, 27 Dresses, Shopaholic) and Vitamin Water are some of them.\nyeah and sometimes ipod/itunes commercials.

Why is tobacco advertising banned in the US?

Research indicates that tobacco advertising promotes smoking initiation, hence the desirability of banning it. See this website for information: http://www.globalink.org/en/advertising.shtml

What are the uses of advertisements?

Advertisements are used to tell the audience what products you are selling, services you provide and the type of business you do such as whether your business provides finance company loan services for purchasers. Advertisements may be used to notify the public of the date and venue of an event. The (MORE)

What are the cheapest used cars to by for a 16-year-old girl?

A citrien saxo because then the back seats fold down and you and your boyfriend can rag each other senseless.. In the United Kingdon you need to be 17 years of age to hold a provisional driving licence for a car and without a licence you'd have difficulty getting insured.

Is radio advertising useful in business advertising?

Depending on your budget. Radio advertising and Television could be very costly. But if you need to reach a wide audience in your area, then radio advertising works. However, with over 1.6 BILLION internet users, you must also use Internet advertising. There are many free advertising sites (MORE)

Who is the little girl in the Haribo tv advertisement?

I believe her name is Sharlotta Jones but don't hold me to that! Usually there identities are private for their safety. Perhaps if I am not right, check on YouTube watching the advert I'm sure someone will know!:3xox

How can I remove the advertising stickers a car dealer placed on my car?

Remove the sticker by lightly scraping at it with your finger, the same way that you would remove a sticker from anything else. Do not use a razor blade unless the advertisement is on glass, it will scrape away your clearcoat. Remove the excess glue residue by rubbing the area with Goo-Gone.

Why is music used in advertising?

First, it makes the advertisement more appealing/memorable and increases the popularity of product/company. Second, it promotes the artists and their music. Thus, it is a mutually beneficial relationship that is very entertaining!. Check out the latest advertisement music: http://www.advertisements (MORE)

What is the use of clothing advertisement?

the reason that most people advertise clothing is because they want their product to sell like all other retailers, the short of it is that they only do it to make money. If you wanted to sell a product then you would want to make sure that as many people see it as possible.

Why do house advertisements use abbreviations?

For efficiency. Advertisers, especially printed publications like newspapers, charge by the length of the article. Abbreviating helps to shorten the article and the cost of the advertisement. It is also much easier and faster to type the abbreviations for the words.

Who uses advocacy advertising?

Almost all nonprofit groups use some form of advocacy advertising to influence the public's attitude toward a particular issue.

Why do advertisers use a Box Number?

They can use box numbers in many different places, while maintaining their actual office in one place, thereby saving the cost of having lots of offices. It also gives the customer the idea that the advertiser is a local firm, which is a benefit.

What is car in dior homme advertisement?

It's a BMW 3 series coupe (or convertible) - second generation -E30 model (1982-1994). The BMW logo has been deleted from frontgrille. The car used in the commercial has French license platesand the small star logo and "75" on the right of the plateindicates that the owner of the vehicle is associat (MORE)

How does Geico advertise car insurance?

Currently, Geico uses a charming little gecko to advertise their car insurance. He is usually walking around outside and talking to the viewers about how Geico saves money on insurance, and something comical usually happens toward the end of the commercial.

What is the Bose cinemate advertised to be used for?

The bose cinemat is advertised to be a home speaker system it is said to have cmpact speakers and is designed to enhance audio from tv and any other video systems it is also advertised to be compatible with various 3d systems

What corporation advertises with a kissing girl?

It has been somewhat difficult to find a definitive answer to the question as to what corporation advertises with a kissing girl. It has been found that GoDaddy did have a commercial for the Super Bowl which used a nerd kissing an attractive girl.

What types of publications advertise using both cars and girls?

In general, publications whose target audiences are adult males use this type of advertising. Playboy, Maxim, and GQ spring to mind first. Really, if the main entertainment of the publication is either unclothed women, or how to better attract unclothed women, you will more than likely find advert (MORE)

Where can one advertise cars for sale?

There are many places to advertise a car. You can advertise in your local paper, or in an auto trading type of magazine. One of the more popular ways is to advertise on a website such as auto trader.