Why don't illegal immigrants have any recourse for not paying taxes after all the IRS would fine and put an working class American in jail?

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The IRS would charge interest to anybody who doesn't pay on time regardless of immigration status. Anybody can request extensions or installment plans. Anybody, including working class Americans, would go to jail only if they intentionally don't pay taxes.

As for illegal immigrants, they normally have taxes withheld just like anybody. Therefore, illegal immigrants do pay taxes. Their contributions to Social Security, for example, are not returned to them as benefits.

Assertions that illegal immigrants don't pay taxes are not founded in reality.
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Do illegal immigrants pay taxes?

Yes and no. like common legal citizens some pay taxes but others evade it. However most do, as much as 2/3 of illegal aliens pay medicare, social security and personal income

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Do Illegal immigrates pay taxes?

Anyone who earns income from US sources is subject to income tax, whether they are here legally, illegally, or at all.

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In order to pay taxes, you need a social security number to identify yourself. Illegal immigrants are not issued social security numbers. If you are going to evade the immigra