Why does WikiAnswers allow inappropriate answers?

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Please keep in mind that WikiAnswers is a wiki Q&A, and as such, anyone can edit answers, questions, alternates, and whatnot (Guests can only answer questions/edit answers to questions.).
There are several reasons why people would write inappropriate answers, most of them being vandalism.

However, Supers and non-Supers alike are working hard to warn and rid of vandals, as well to clean up the site.
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Why does WikiAnswers no longer allow you to easily post additional answers once a question has been answered?

New Answers We changed the links so that it is no longer as easy to post entirely new answers after the first answer has been given. Instead, you're encouraged to improve the existing answer. WikiAnswers is a wiki, instead of a bulletin board. Each answer is essentially a "living document" to b (MORE)

How do the answers to WikiAnswers get answered so quickly?

Answer . People often have the topics on their Watchlists. Then, when someone else asks a question, that appears on the Watchlist because of the topic it was placed in. They might be able to answer the question. I found this question that way. I had the topic on my Watchlist and saw this.

How do you know if WikiAnswers' answers are correct?

You cannot be completely sure if the answer to a question is correct. If you want reliable information, it would be best to double-check the answer by checking a variety of other websites. The Trust Point system that WikiAnswers has adopted is also a good indication of whether or not you can trust a (MORE)

What percentage of WikiAnswers questions get answered?

That's a tough one. Some questions are more difficult to answer than others. For instance, "how do I break up with my boyfriend?" There are a lot of those and they may sit around longer before they are answered. However, who was the third president of the United States is an easier one because it's (MORE)

Why do people put inappropriate answers on this website?

you know by typing that question your just asking someone to put an inappropriate answer down. :p Because they are probably trouble makers and like to fool around. They know they won't get in trouble because the site doesn't link back to each user.

Do WikiAnswers have answers?

Yes, we have more answers than I can count! Although, there'salways another question unanswered, so I should move on now!

Do you really have all the answers WikiAnswers?

Well...considering that WikiAnswers depends on contributors, like you, then the answer is yes. Potentially. The collective community potentially has ALL the answers.. I doubt that the Human race knows all of the answers, however they will have a go at answering nearly all of the questions and then (MORE)

Can you be giving answers on WikiAnswers?

Look at me now! I'm answering your question! Of COURSE I can give answers! So can you.... Yes you can just click on answer if you feel you would like to answer a question or on improve answer if you feel you have a better answer.

How do you get answers on WikiAnswers?

Who provides the Answers Every question and answer at WikiAnswers is contributed to by regular visitors like you. It's all co-operative. We depend on you to ask questions, and we also depend on you to help answer other people's questions. Most questions will get a reply from a nice person, supervi (MORE)

Why does WikiAnswers have inappropriate answers?

Inapropriate answers are given by users who just want to mess up the site and ruin WikiAnswer's reputation. That is why Vandal Patrol and Supervisors are always on the look out to eliminate these vandals, or "perpetrators". It's just because users think it is fun to write down inappropriate content, (MORE)

What is inappropriate for WikiAnswers?

There is a complete list of WikiAnswers guidelines in the Help Center: * Community Guidelines* Dispute Resolution* Community Etiquette* Religion & Spirituality Guidelines* Cyberbullying* Privacy Policy * Terms of Use * Plagiarism Policy* What spammers and vandals need to knowView the full list a (MORE)

Why are URLs not allowed in answers here on WikiAnswers?

Active links cannot currently be added to answers and URLs are notpermitted. The "Add related links" to the left of the answer box was a placeto put a relevant URL for reference. It is no longer active. Oldlinks are still be there, but none can be added. It was moreaccurate, and kept the answers ne (MORE)

Why doesn't WikiAnswers block inappropriate questions?

WikiAnswers doesn't 'block' inappropriate questions, but rather stores them so no one can answer an inappropriate question that has already been asked. It is called a 'Catch-All', and it stores all of the inappropriate questions so when a user types in an inappropriate question that has already bee (MORE)

Nude or inappropriate pictures are not allowed?

That is correct. They are against the TOS rules of WikiAnswers website. Here is the quote from the TOS rules: You may not upload, post, submit, email, transmit, or otherwise make available any Postings that (i) contain falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage Answers or any third party; (i (MORE)

What is inappropriate behavior on WikiAnswers?

Here are some examples of inappropriate behavior on the site that will be not tolerated: . Cursing and inappropriate language . Making fun of a user on his/her message board . Inappropriate questions and answers . Cyberbullying

How do you send a warning for inappropriate answers?

(This tool is available for Supervisors only) To send a warning for inappropriate answers, go to the users profile page and click on the "Warn" button. There you can choose what kind of warning you want. If the answer included profanity, you can choose the "Profanity (1st warning)" if the user ha (MORE)

How can you separate an inappropriately merged question on WikiAnswers?

Well, if it is a rude question you can simpley go to the little button on the top right hand screen. Its called [Improve]. You can change the question etc. Click on the link "Edit Alternates" on the left hand side of the browser pane. This will show up all available alternate wordings for a questi (MORE)

How do you report inappropriate usernames on WikiAnswers?

To report inappropriate usernames, you have two alternate choices. One way is to click on the link below to go to the Community Forum in the 'Report Vandalism and Abuse' section. Create a new topic and that is where you can report inappropriate usernames on WikiAnswers. The other method is to (MORE)

Who is a Premium Answerer at WikiAnswers?

Premier Answerers are dedicated contributors who spend the bulk of their time researching and answering questions. Typically, they are experts in a certain field or on a particular topic and possess the knowledge to answer complex or detailed questions. Often they are recommended by Supervisors for (MORE)

How do you correct answers on WikiAnswers?

To make answers on WikiAnswers right, you click on 'improve answer' when you see an incorrect answer, and then you can change it. The 'improve answer button is located just beneath the answer to a question.

Are inappropriate questions on WikiAnswers deleted?

Only questions that are potentially harmful (e.g. contain a full name of a non-celebrity, telephone number etc.) or are very unlikely to be asked again (such a repeatedly using SPAM words in the question title) are deleted. Questions that are inappropriate for the site but may be asked again are pla (MORE)

Why there are no decent answers on WikiAnswers?

Actually, there are. Of course, a lot of answers can be improved, and you're welcome to add your input. Unfortunately, there are some rude people who occasionally mess up the decent answers.

Are all WikiAnswers answers right?

Some are, some aren't. Typically the more well know a user is, the more you can rely on their answers. Most of the time the answers are correct. But there are contributors that vandalize the answers for their own amusement. When they are discovered, their answers are removed and correct ones returne (MORE)

How do you flag a question as inappropriate on WikiAnswers?

There are two ways to flag a question on WikiAnswers. You can click on the report abuse button below the question or you can click on "flag" in the blue toolbar at the left of the screen. This will bring up a box that lets you select why you are flagging the question or answer.

Why does WikiAnswers allows a Muslim to tilt the truth of Hindus' belief of 'One God in Many Forms' by allowing them to edit the answers?

First please understand that Wiki Answers is a site with large number of users. It is practically not possible to know the religion of all the users / guests who visit and answer on this site. And in extreme cases, it may be due to fanaticism in some people (from all religions or even atheist) that (MORE)

Why is the community providing inappropriate answers?

Anonymity brings out all the nutty flat earthers, ufologists,conspiracy theorists, the misinformed and those who think they arebeing funny. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- If an answer is wrong, improve it - YOU are part of the community!