Why do people ask questions that don't have enough information to be answered?

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People generally do not think that others would not know what they are talking about if they use pronouns like you, them, it, etc. or do not provide all the information necessary for another to answer the question. They do not stop to think that in order to communicate their question well, they have to use words that allow others to understand what they are asking and be specific.

For example:

Asking "When did they invade?" does not give enough information and is not clear about who is being asked about. On the other hand, asking "When did Germany invade Poland at the time of World War 2?" is completely clear about what is being asked.

Asking "Should you leave him?" is also too vague. A better wording is "Should you leave you boyhttp://wiki.answers.com/How_many_Category_Supervisors_are_therefriend?" because it leaves no doubt about who is being asked about; however, it does not state what the boyfriend did or a reason why you would be thinking about leaving him. That information needs to be included in order for the question to be answered in a meaningful way. The best wording might be "Should you leave your boyfriend if he cheated on you?" or "Should you leave your boyfriend if you no longer love him?"
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