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to sell at a higher profit to their clients....?
They can be buying to collect on dividends, lower cost basis of stock they already own, diversify their portfolios, speculation and of coarse profit in the resale.
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How much money does an investment banker earn?

\n. \n Investment Banker Salaries: Ballpark Figures in New York \n. \nFirst year analyst base is $70,000 with bonus of anywhere from $40,000 - $85,000.\nAssociate base is $120,000 with bonus from $70,000 - $150,000. \nVP base is around $250,000, with bonus from $150,000 - $300,000. \nDirector base is $350,000 with bonus from $200,000 - $400,000. \nMD is $500,000 base, with bonus from $400,000 - $2,000,000.

What is an investment Banker?

Its the highest paying career for a human being to become if they want to be rich...lol. good luck!!

How do you become an investment banker?

Today, practically every young MBA student or aspirant wants tobe an investment banker. A blue shirt, sleeves rolled up, a phoneover each ear, dashing from one city to another and working fornames like Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs. While banks handlewealth, investment banks handle the wealth of companies, corporatehouses, organisations, high net-worth individuals and evengovernments. No wonder, investment bankers earn fat pay checks witha lifestyle that is the envy of many. Wall Street is filled withhigh-energy, hardworking young investment bankers who spend hourshunched behind computers, poring over financial statements andchurning out spreadsheets by the pound. . Banks are a vital aspect of any economy. Their activitiesfacilitate basic economic processes of production, distribution andconsumption. They take care of people's savings; issue travellers'checks . ; finance projects; act as executors and trustees; and extendloan and credit services. . Count-less choices . Most banks provide a range of financial services from bankingservices for individual customers to catering to the needs ofcorporate houses. . Investment management is the primary activity of investmentbanks. They manage shares and capital formation of a company. Theyalso manage capital market operations on behalf of the company,managing capital issues, portfolio management, underwriting,selling, and trading securities (stocks and bonds); providingfinancial advisory services, such as mergers and acquisitionadvice; and managing assets, international financing, public issuemanagement and the buying and selling of shares. . Investment banks offer these services to companies, governments,non-profit institutions, and individuals. As financial markets inIndia grow, investment bankers watch the stock markets withtraders, trying to buy or sell big institutions a piece of a newstock while the markets are in session. . Profile of I-banker . As an investment banker, your work would involve advisingcompanies on capital formation, mergers, acquisitions, investmentsand managing capital assets. You will have to liaison withbusinesses, governments, non-profit institutions andindividuals. . You will look into the financial aspects like advising a companyor a client on financial transaction, selling and trading thesecurities, researching the company's background and the marketbefore making any investments, etc. You also have to analyse andmake recommendations to the company, based on the market andcompetitors. . Initially, you may start as an analyst and be responsible forwriting reports, maintaining spreadsheets, trading stock options,research, etc. You will need to involve yourself in an intensivestudy to find out opportunities to invest in profitable shares,debentures and other financial instruments. You need to have in-depth knowledge of money markets, the state of the economy andbusiness and industry in general. Moreover, you will need tocontinuously involve yourself in extensive research on thesesubjects, and be up-to-date with the latest information. . Often,bankers specialise in a particular industry and follow its fortunesover the years. . Some investment bankers handle the investment and control of aportfolio of shares, deciding which shares to buy and which to sellto gain maximum returns for their clients. In such jobs you have tobe accurate in terms of business information as the investor willtotally depends on your reports. It is for this reason thatinvestment bankers are often shown as having sleepless nights and24x7 work schedules. . Wanted, B-school graduates . This is a high-risk job, as your decisions can involve millions,and form the basis of many commercial decisions. . Most foreign banks and financial institutions prefer managementgraduates from the premier management schools, or professionals inaccountancy, (chartered accountants and cost accountants), financeexperts and economists with postgraduate qualifications in finance,economics, financial planning, capital markets and so on. A Ph. Din Economics and relevant experience in the industry can also getyou a good job. . A preliminary on-campus interview assesses personality;aptitude, and academic merit. Those meeting the set stipulationsmust clear a final interview before appointment in a foreignbank. . It is also possible to take banking as a special subject at someinstitutions, prior to applying for a position in a bank. There arealso a few institutions that offer a BA in Banking, or apost-graduate certificate or diploma course in banking. . Foreign postings . Job opportunities for investment bankers, as the term suggests,is with investment banks, broking firms, mutual funds, financialservices companies and other financial institutions. Although theaction in investment banking is still largely centered in New YorkCity and a few other money centres around the world, some of theleading investment banking companies, such as Merrill Lynch,Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, etc, have offices in India, wheretransactions are conducted. . Money matters . Investment banking is among the most sought-after jobs becauseof the high salaries offered to those qualified. Those with MBAdegrees from well-known institutes can expect to start on anaverage around Rs 9-2 lakh per annum. Many are also offereddollarsalaries. With 5-6 years experience, you could earn Rs 12 lakh-1crore pa., depending on the organisation and the position you wouldbe working in. . Skills set . But everyone cannot become an investment banker You need to havethe right abilities and aptitude to be successful in this job.Therefore to get into this field you need to have strong analyticaland mathematical skills, be comfortable with handling numbers andhave a tolerance for taking risks. The ability to take initiative,good networking skills and the ability to keep calm and work underpressure are other qualities that mark out a successful investmentbanker. You also need to have good inter-personal skills, and beable to work with others, as you will have to work in a team withpeople of different temperaments . You must enjoy the fast-paced, deal-oriented work, and beprepared to put your personal life on hold, if necessary for thesake of your job. You also need to have a good knowledge of thebusiness world and the latest market developments. Your success,therefore, will mainly depend upon your ability to communicate,willingness to travel, hard work and the number of profitable dealsyou clinch for the company. . The impact of the economic reforms over the last decade has beenmost significant on the investment banking industry. Economicgrowth and liberalisation has opened up considerably large numberof opportunities in various organisati ons like mutual funds,investment consultancy, broker firms, insurance companies, merchantbanks, pension funds and other financial institutions. . Moreover, the entry of foreign investment banks like MorganStanley, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Jardine Flemming, and othershas widened business avenues in banking and job opportunities havegrown significantly. . Training talk . The pay and lifestyle offered by foreign banks can be matched byfew other sectors, and there is tremendous prestige and glamourassociated with them. . Some of these institutions offering a one-year post-graduatediploma in banking: . SNDT Women's University, Marine Lines, Mumbai. . PVDT College, Mumbai. . Other courses in banking and finance are offered at : . Indian Merchants' Chambers, Churchgate, Mumbai. . National School of Banking, Pune. . Indian Institute of Bankers, University of Bombay. . Institute of Bankers, London.

What do investment bankers do?

investment bankers profit from companies and governments by raising money through issuing and selling securities in the capital markets(both equity and bonds) An investment banker is someone who issues and sells securities for large corps. and governments, helps investers purchase securities, and provide financial advice. They also help companies merge. Investment bankers typically work a REALLY long work week, averaging about 80-100 hours a week. They get big payoffs though, with the average salary ranging from $80,000-150,000 a year, not to mention the huge bonuses. An investment bank is a financial institution that raises capital, trades securities and manages corporate mergers and acquisitions, I know one Investment Banker and Company Adam Roseman from Arc China , You can also get more information from Arcchina.cn For a first-year analyst, the most junior position, $80k-$120k (including bonus). It rises significantly year on year; and a good MD, the most senior 'normal' position, might expect to earn $1-3MM. Group heads and C-level executives can earn much more than that. You should keep in mind however, that the majority of bankers finish after 3 years in the business, and probably only 5% become MDs. An investment banker looks for investors and advices themaccordingly on the various investment opportunities and plans.

What do investment bankers do exactly?

An Investment Bank is a financial institution that deals with raising capital, trading in securities, and managing corporate mergers and acquisitions. An Investment Banker decides where the money of the investment bank is best used/invested and then crafts the deal to use/invest that money.\n. \nLet's say I sold ten houses and I have ten mortgages that are worth a total of ten million dollars when finally paid off in thirty years. I don't want to wait 30 years for my cash, so I put my ten mortgages in a bundle and will sell it for four million dollars right now. An investment banker might help someone buy my bundle (like a bank would), might buy my bundle for their investment bank itself (like an investor would), might buy the bundle for a client (like a broker would), or might help me sell the bundle (like a realtor would). \n. \nOnce real money has been turned into paper documents, the investment bankers buy, sell, trade, and broker those documents around.

How much does investment bankers make?

Investment bankers make anywhere from 5 million to 10 million on a bad year.. On a good year they can make up to 1 billion on walstreet. You should for sure be one mang.. NO THEY DONT MORON. TOP BANKERS MAKE AROUND 5MIL(IN A GOOD YEAR), VERY FEW OF THOSE.

What questions does an investment bank ask in the interview for the job of investment banker and what do they look for in the candidate?

Answer . It would help greatly if you have studied M&A. In most final round interviews, you will be asked highly technical questions, from general to deal specific, as most places expect you to be up to date with any mergers and acquisitions. In respect what they look for, you have to look at the specific company. However, ability to think clearly, fast and be able to present yourself with confidence is a must.

What educational training and qualities is required to become an investment banker?

To be an investment banker you have to have an MBA, and to get recruited or really even looked at it has to be at a top business school . It would be better to take a management degree or to degree in financial sector that might help you in getting a job as investment banker. You need to go to a top business school to get recruited by the best ibanks. Economics and finance are the best choice of major, then move on to get your MBA. It is really hard to get in without connections. There are no stated requirements, usually a high level of proficiency in English is required as well as good statistical and analytical skills therefore I would say the best A levels to do are English language, English literature or a combination of the both and Maths, Chemistry, Physics There are many tasks of the investment banker, but the main goal is to invest a very large amount of someone elses money, plain and simple. The job holds very long hours, forget about family while your in the field.

What publications do investment bankers read?

There are multiple periodicals and academic journals that arereferenced by banking and finance professionals. These includeBusiness Insider, The Wall Street Journals, The Economist, andJournal of Banking and Finance.

Role of investment bankers in mergers?

to b.s. both sides into thinking this is the best thing for both of them and collect a fat fee. No seriously, that is the answer. Ok, less harsh, to bring the parties together of two businesses that have an interest in merging, takeover, acquisitions, spinoffs etc.

How much do Investment Bankers make a year?

Bulge Bracket (JP Morgan, Goldman, Morgan Stanley, etc.) Non-Officers: Analyst 1: $150,000 Analyst 2: $200,000 Analyst 3: $250,000 Associate 1: $300,000 Associate 2: $350,000 Associate 3: $400,000 Officers: Vice President: Up to $1,000,000 Director: Up to $2,000,000 Managing Director: Up to tens of millions *Officers can make millions more if they originate lucrative deals and/or have key client relationships Non-Bulge Bracket / Second Tier: 1st year Analyst- $80,000 - 100,000 2nd year Analyst - $100,000 - 130,000 3rd year Analyst - $130,000 - 160,000 1st year Associate - $ 160,000 - 200,000 2nd year Associate - $200,000 - 275,000 3rd year Associate- $300,000 - 400,000 Vice President - $500,000 - 650,000 Senior Vice President - 650,000 - 800,000 Managing director 800,00 - the sky is the limit

How much does an Investment Banker earn per annum?

A Investment banker can earn huge sums of money. Firstly It depends which company He or She works for. But usually an Investment Banker can earn enormous amounts of money. Its usually anything from £60,000+. If your at the higher end of the hierarchy in the firms, for example a Vice chairman can earn enormous quantity of money ranging from £250k - £1 million, + also most bankers get vast amount of bonuses for their work. I my self work for investment bank JP Morgan and earning £165,000 pounds at the moment and got £50,000 in bonus. I hope this helped you guys.

What GCSE's do you need to be an investment banker?

You dont need any specific ones. But you need a good degree. In maths, physics, finance etc. And to get a good degree you need good a-levels, like Maths, Physics, English or similar. Lots of maths and science helps. Dont bother with chemistry.

How many hours a day does an investment banker work?

A typical investment banker will work upwards of 110 hours a week, roughley 8am to 1am every day for the first 2 years!!!

How to invest in stocks?

Investing in stocks begins by analyzing the stock in question. You can invest in a company by purchasing it's shares. The profits gains are known as dividends that are paid out quarterly or annually. There are various ways to invest in stocks. You can do it through a stock broker or you can also trade stocks on the internet.

What is salary if you become a investment banker in Mumbai?

US bulge bracket banks like Citi, MS, JPM pay the same across regions.. so in Mumbai, a 2nd year analyst (thats what normally IIM grads get into) will earn smthgn like INR 40 lakhs base and then you have 75-100% bonus.. at an associate level, it goes to INR 50 lakhs plus 85-120% bonus..

How hard is being an investment banker?

In terms of the actual work, for most bankers it isn't so difficult, mainly number-crunching, executive summaries etc. However, the hours are quite hard, and do not expect to work less than 80-100 hours a week.

What type of degree do investment bankers need?

No specific degree is required. A look at the degrees of Investment Banking Graduates (UK & USA) 2007/8 shows that the intake spread significantly from Architecture - Zoologoy. This is not to say that some degrees aren't preferrably over overs. Clearly MBA's rank higher than an MSC or BSC / BA; and clearly a financial / economics degree ranks higher than than a History degree.. The real question, is how do I become an investment banker? The answer is simple:. 1. Know what you want. Investment Banking covers a huge array banking activities. Before you consider making any applications, I suggest you thoroughly research all these different activities and decide which one you are best suited to.. 2. Acknowledge that there are certain things outside of your control. You can't mitigate for the fact you didn't get a 1st at Harvard or Cambridge and you can't mitigate for the fact that you don't have contacts in the cCty or Wall Street who can open doors to interview for you. All highly preferrable but not necessary.. 3. Realistically Investment Banking, owing to the salaries & bonuses paid, is highly competitive and therefore you may have to set aside time for significant research, applications and interviews (if you are lucky enough to get one). Don't fret, it takes time. I would advise you choose no more than eight positions, make sure you become an expert on those positions, and then in the interview, do the job i.e. speak as if you are already in the position.. 4. Read humorous books on the industry, personal tales about the industry and what people get up to. They may not be scientific (or even highly accurate in many cases) but they will certainly open up your eyes to a new world and get you reading about the industry in a non academic and easy way where by you can learn the lingo and the market phenomena.. Good luck!

Why invest in stocks?

People invest in stocks to get a return on their money. Day tradersare investors who trade stocks on a daily basis.

Investment in Stocks?

\nWhen you invest in stocks, it is risky. If you want risky, go with it. If you don't, try a GIC- Guaranteed Investment Certificate. In stocks, because they are risky, you get a higher rate of return, and in GICs, they are much less risky, so you get a lower rate of return...

What are the advantages of being an investment banker?

They can earn a high salary, top earners in the country. However, little respect for investment bankers risky job, not always a high earner, (Only when the country is doing well etc.) If you are clever enough to become an investment banker, I would say pursue it, but obviously do some more research into it by talking to bankers and talking to career advisors to see if there are alternatives.

What is the best university for investment banker?

Well, Harvard or such would give you a huge advantage. However, you can get into IB from any university if you learn about finance + network effectively.

What is the importance of investment banker?

The importance of an investment banker is actually the importance of what they do. They hold importance because of the services they provide to the economy and government. They provide advisory services for financial transactions such as mergers and acquisitions for companies. Without them there wouldn't be authorization to issue and resell new securities( stocks and bonds),therefore it wouldn't be possible for investment banks to help private and public companies raise funds for the capital markets which include both equity and debt.

How-to invest in stocks?

Investing in stock is actually really hard and to find out what strategy you like the most is basically the hardest part. For me investing is nice and a great pass time! Its easiest to start all you have to do is set up an account with an on line broker and start investing.

What is the average salary of an investment banker?

The average salary of an investment banker is between $75,000 and$150,000. Their actual salary varies based on their experience, thecompany they work for, and their success rate.

What is the importance of a investment banker?

They typically advise companies on how to raise capital and buy or sell companies. They are in essence very well paid strategic consultants to management teams at companies.

Can a chartered accountant become an investment banker?

Yes they can, in fact it is well known that when companies look for investment bankers, chartered accountants are the types of people that they consider.

What are the key roles of an investment banker?

He is like a crazy drunk money bitten by a red ant and chased by a swarm of bees....

Average salary for an investment banker?

For a first-year analyst, the most junior position, $80k-$120k (including bonus). It rises significantly year on year; and a good MD, the most senior 'normal' position, might expect to earn $1-3MM. Group heads and C-level executives can earn much more than that. You should keep in mind however, that the majority of bankers finish after 3 years in the business, and probably only 5% become MDs.

What is the term for individuals who invest in a business by buying shares of stock?

Individuals who invest in a business by buying shares of stock arecalled stockholders or shareholders.

What is the average career length for an investment banker?

About 3 years, maybe 5 max. There are 'career bankers', however the nature of the job makes them relatively rare.

If you had 30 000 to invest in stock market shares what would you buy?

I wouldn't invest that much if I don't know what to do with it, in my opinion (assuming this is in US$ and it is a significant amount to you). Start with investing an amount that you would be willing to lose, and pick and choose stocks that you have carefully researched beforehand. If you see some success, invest more of that $30 000 into your portfolio until you are fully invested. It is not exactly which stocks to buy that is the best question, it is when to put it in and when to take it out, and that comes with experience. Hope this helps, I'm new as well, but I've had some practice and this is my game plan.

Why is it important to have investment bankers?

They help companies get the best deal for mergers & acquisitions, buyouts, IPOs, debt issuances etc. On a wider scale, they help capital reach those who need from those who have an excess of it, and add liquidity to the market.

What is investing in Stock?

Investing in stock is simply buying ownership of a company, by doing this you become a shareholder or stockholder of that company. Investing in stock can be a very rewarding investment move but there are also risk to it. In investing in stock you need a professional in doing so, one who knows the stock market and its behavior. Let me help you, I'm Tiaan. let's discuss the prospects of earning you extra cashflow online. Visit my site at http://www.cashflowonlinetips.com

How many hours a week do investment bankers work?

80-100 hours a week. Maybe a little more on a bad week, maybe (very rarely) less on a good week.

What type of education dose an investment banker need?

hellow their you need 4 tears plus if you are going to ba a banker

How do investment bankers generate revenues for their firms?

Investment bankers can generate revenues for their firms by the amount of money they bring in from their customers. By bringing in money, the firm will have more to invest.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of investment bankers?

the advantage of investment banker is they can earn a high salary, top earners in the country. :)

Are investment bankers licensed?

Yes. That have at a bare minimum a FINRA series 79 license, although it is not uncommon for them to have many other licenses, like the 7 and 63. Unfortunately it's not as easy as just applying to take the test to become a licensed investment banker. You must be sponsored by an investment company, which they won't do unless they've offered you the job.

Do investment bankers get vacations often?

The short answer: no. The long answer: they are theoretically entitled to reasonable vacation, but it is considered a sign of weakness to use all your vacation time, and you will not last long if you are not available essentially non-stop.

Is buying stock in dodge motor company a good investment?

There is no Dodge Motor Company. Dodge is a brand of Chrysler Group LLC which is 46% owned by the Italian automaker Fiat, and in June Fiat will own majority stock at 51%. Is it a good investment? I believe it very well may be but there is no guarantee of this. The Auto industry is going through some tough times but sales are up. I suggest you speak to an investment advisor before investing in any auto company. The fact that you do not even know the name of the company tells me you need advice.

When people want invest in the stock market they buy?

They buy shares of a company's stock. Each individual stock is ownership within that company. What they actually buy in terms of types of companies is totally dependent upon their individual preferences. That may be a tech company like Apple, a health company like Johnson & Johnson, or a motor vehicle company. Each company's stock has an individual price based on company performances, earnings, market trends and other factors. When you finally buy a company's stock whether 1 or 1,000,000, you own a portion of that company. The total value if your investment is stock price * number of shares. So if you buy 1,000,000 shares at $10 your total value is $10,000,000. The price of a stock will fluctuate up and down and the value of your investment will reflect that.

What stocks to you invest in your fidelity investment?

Everyone has different needs and expectations for their investments, so before investing, speak to a financial planner so your investments will prepare you for the future that you want.

Who is employer of investment banker?

Any person, who undertakes investment banking activity, employed by himself or an organisation which undertakes investment activity, is an investment banker. Hence he can be self employed or can be employed by an investment banking institution. Investment bankers are those, who can meet the financial requirement of any commercial or government organisation. Unlike a commercial banker, the risks of the investment is normally borne by the investor himself , and the investment bankers assist the investors with their expertise.

Which degree is essential to become an investment banker?

The first primary is at least a masters in Corporate Business Management but ideal would be multiple holdings of masters in Business, Accounting and Economics for local investing limitations at a national level but as an international level of investment offering and holdings do recommend international accounting practices as well as international business law. As an Investment banker you would have to have elemental knowledge to identify solid business operations to understand the analysis of business ratings as well as the accountancy procedures that determines reporting of business financial soundness. In most cases it takes both education and functioning experience to get at the level of international investments banker. Today, it's not only limited to the classics but may include IT, and IT security. There are quick course degrees into investment banking focusing on key fundamentals such as mergers & acquisitions - a component of business law - economic policies - a component of economics and etc but quick courses do not guarantee an assured permanence or assent in the field- unlike the dominance of MBA as your primary and minors in economics, accounting, business, marketing or corporate law as well as computer sciences. MBA delves into all basic essential accounting, economics and business law but if garnering a more comprehensive application dealing more than local investments it's best to garner additional knowledge (minors in other degrees applied) to accurately select and procure more concise decision making data to gauge allocation of banking funds & investments. Please note that since the MBA does cover the fundamentals of the lesser degrees described acquiring the minors can be shortened by not repeating specific classes - not all minor do require to be bachelors some maybe downgrade to associates level -or eliminate repeat such secondary required classes such as history, politics, social sciences that maybe required to attain the MBA to reduce time and education costs - this too can be downgraded via internships which should be respected as another form of education as a fast track apprenticeship.

How much does an investment banker earn in Dubai?

This depends in which field of investment banking the lowest is an analyst averages about 25,000 the highest is the Managing Division or Head Division Manager 92,000 but understand if you have a degree and credentials in Islamic banking and the natures of this its not too uncommon to earn more. Associate averages 35,000 while a VP about 50,000 and directors 70,000 but this may vary pending the banks volume of business, and/or both global as well as Islamic bank. The percentage of commercial, corporate and High private wealth holdings vs general consumer holdings will also be key determination in the type of salary one should seek. Expect higher salaries with Islamic banking practices knowledge. As Islamic banking varies then conventional banking practices - the other areas with the highest salaries under the Islamic banking is commercial, private wealth priority investments and corporate banking. Not to mention Risk management in Islamic banking practices side. In Dubia there is actual two agents of banking going on global and Islamic standards understand both features and know how to interact with each is the edge needed for the highest salaries and it's a very competitive field especially with the largest volumes in wealth dealing with corporate, commercial and high private wealth.

How are investment bankers different from regular bankers?

Investment bankers are different from regular bankers because they work with stocks and investing money whereas a regular banker just works on your personal accounts.

How can you get a job as a investment banker?

You need to get University qualifications in some financialdiscipline and then get employed by some investment financecompany.

Who is an investment banker and what major functions does he or she perform?

Investment bankers manage stock portfolios and investments fortheir clients, and help them make management decisions to make themost of their money.

How I can know which company stock shares to buy for best dividends investment?

By studying the stock exchange market and subscribing to thefinancial news will help you know the best company to buy shares sothat you get the best dividends.