Who is the father of economics in education?

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adam smith
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Father of economics?

If we think about economics as the science that studies why some countries are richer than others, then the father is Adam Smith. On the other hand, the economics that domina

Economic function of education?

How education contribute towards the economy. Accelerated development is brought about by educated people.. Dimensions of Economic Function of Education. There are two dimen

Why education is the economic problem in the Philippines?

okay , education in general helps us work , but lets take from other point of view , if most of the philpino ppl dont study , the country is going to face aproblem where the d

How education affects economics in Philippines?

The education affects the economics in the Philippines by equippinglearners with certain entrepreneurial and technical skills. Thelearners can then later in life start their o

What are the economic benefits of co education?

Co-education is economically beneficial in the way that infrastructure costs as well as staff costs are reduced by about half. Reasons: 1. Infrastructure costs Instead

How does education affect economic status?

Studies have shown that there is a inverse correlation between educational level and unemployment rate. For example, in 1992 (yes, that was a long time ago) the rate of unempl

What is educational economics?

Mahalaga ang Education sa bawat isa sa atin, Sa pang araw araw angEkonomiya ay lagi natin nagagawa, nadadala, naririnig, onahahawakan, Kaya ang edukasyong pang ekonomiya ay ma

How is education related to economic development?

In the short-run, education develops human capital (i.e.) skills; training; ability) of labour, which is a primary input in production. Increasing human capital lowers produ