Who coined the term surfing the net?

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Jean Armour Polly is credited with the term "surfing the Internet" which is now shortened to be "surfing the net".
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What is the origin of the term 'to surf the web what is the origin of the term to surf the net?

I would assume that the term migrated from the term "Channel Surfing", in reference to wandering through television channels.\n. \nThe origin of the computer term to surf the

Who coined the phrase surf the net?

Jean Armor Polly is credited with coining the phrase, "surf thenet". She said Internet instead of net, but it was shortened laterby computer lingo geeks to net. Jean Armor Pol

When was the term surfing the internet coined?

The first publisher use of the phrase "surfing the internet" was in a 1992 article written by Jean Armour Polly, a librarian affectionately known as Net-mom. Ms. Polly publish

Who invented the term surfing the net?

There is debate about who originally coined the term "surfing thenet," but the two people credited are programmer Mark McCahill andauthor Jean Armour Polly. The term was origi

What is net surfing?

Surfing the Internet is usually seen as fun, dangerous, or a tremendous waste of time, depending on who you ask. All of the above is true, but what is also true is that the In

What is ethical surfing on the net?

The web can be a hazardous place to surf. Especially with the influx of pornography, safe searching can be difficult. . Internet etiquette, or netiquette guides us in proper

What are the negative effects of surfing the net?

Besides these positive points internet has some negative point which can not be neglected just like, if we use internet in excess we become addict of it that's may be harmful
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What do people do when surfing the net?

I just want to know the better opportunity of my job. And i also see & read the different interesting activity with related articles (ex:- computer, politics, social, sports o
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Why do you surf in the net?

You surf the net for many different reasons. You could surf the net to do projects, if you are bored, find fun facts, and other neat stuff. Please list the ways you surf the n
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Is net surfing beneficial?

If carried out in a structured and systematic way it can be very beneficial.
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What do you mean by surfing the net?

Surfing the net is when you use the internet to find something,being led by links and wandering from site to site. It can bepointless, or informative. - Coco