Which is better for a digital camera with 12 mega pixels a li-ion or ni-mh battery?

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For any digital camera a Li ion battery is better than Nimh because it holds more charge and does not lose its charge nearly as fast when the camera is not in use.
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How many pictures on 2GB memory card in 7.1 mega pixel digital camera?

Expandable memory cards can range in size from as small as 16MB, all the way up to 4GB (4 Gigabytes or 4,000,000,000 bytes / 4 billion bytes), and range in price from $20-$200. The chart below will give you a basic outline of how much memory a digital image will take up on different size cards, and with various output resolutions. Please remember these are approximate numbers of images; results with your camera may vary. Resolution / Mega Pixels Capacity 3.0 MP 5.0 MP 8.0 MP 10 MP 12 MP 16MB 10 9 5 2 2 32MB 25 17 10 5 4 128MB 150 120 80 55 32 256MB 300 240 160 110 71 512MB 600 480 320 225 121 1GB 1200 950 600 400 260 2GB 2400 1900 1200 800 500 4GB* 4000 3000 2000 1500 1000

How many pictures can a 256MB memory stick pro duo hold in a 5 mega pixel digital camera?

The number of photos that can be held depends entirely upon what quality you wish to shoot the pictures at. A 5 megapixel camera, at maximum resolution, probably won't hold many photos. (25-30). As the resolution increases, the number of photos that can be held decreases exponentially. At a lower quality (say 640 by 480) you can hold between 1000 and 3000 photos on a 256 mb camera, depending upon the compression.

What is the difference between a mega pixel camera and VGA camera?

VGA stands for Visual Graphics Array. This is a low resolution camera(640x480) pixels only. They were originally incorporated in some ofthe earlier mobile phones and external web-cameras, they are stillincorporated today in some electronic devices that only requirebasic low resolution images (for example: time and attendancemachines, some web cameras, pin-hole "spy camera's" and entry leveldigital microscopes). The maximum resolution on these cameras is inthe region of 0.3 megapixles. A "megapixel camera" probably refers to the use of a modern CCD (Charge Couple Device) or CMOS * (Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) type image sensor. These use a slightly different process to generate images and aredependant on the type of sensor, size of the sensor and software/firmware that drives the operation. Typically these are now incorporated in almost all modern imagingdevices (digital cameras, satellites, mobile phones, televisioncameras etc. *Note: that this is not the same CMOS that is found in theCPU of a laptop or PC.

What is the difference between higher mega pixel number vs lower mega pixel digital cameras?

Answer . Higher mega pixel cameras offer the ability to print larger images.. For example a 6mp camera offers a resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels. If you allow 300dpi (dots per inch) for print quality, this would give you a print of approx 10 in x 7 in. 3000 divided by 300 = 10, 2000 divided by 300 = approx 7. A 3.1mp camera offers a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels which gives a print size of 7in x 5in. You can make bigger images, but you would need to accept that you would lower the quality of the image.

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 8 mega pixel digital camera?

It will hold up to 1,164 8 mega pixel images. However, the settings on the camera can be changed so that the camera takes pictures of a different size. The same memory card can hold over 4,000 2 mega pixel images. Changing these settings will affect the quality and size of the pictures you take.

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What are the advantages of a high mega pixel camera?

You can make larger prints from the images without sacrificing quality. The drawback to the higher numbers is that the file sizes become much larger. In my opinion, anything more than 8 megapixels is a waste of money for the average snapshot shooter who won't ever print anything larger than 8x10.

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 10.2 mega pixel digital camera?

Capacity 3.0 MP 5.0 MP 8.0 MP 10 MP 12 MP 16MB 10 9 5 2 2 32MB 25 17 10 5 4 128MB 150 120 80 55 32 256MB 300 240 160 110 71 512MB 600 480 320 225 121 1GB 1200 950 600 400 260 2GB 2400 1900 1200 800 500 4GB* 4000 3000 2000 1500 1000. Capacity 3.0 MP 5.0 MP 8.0 MP 10 MP 12 MP 16MB 10 9 5 2 2 32MB 25 17 10 5 4 128MB 150 120 80 55 32 256MB 300 240 160 110 71 512MB 600 480 320 225 121 1GB 1200 950 600 400 260 2GB 2400 1900 1200 800 500 4GB* 4000 3000 2000 1500 1000

How many pictures does 2gb hold in 8.1 mega pixel digital camera?

The capacity of a card indicates the maximum amount of data that can be stored (less some space for the card's own use). Megapixel (MP) count refers to the maximum resolution of the camera's sensor -- its ability to record detail. The number of images that can be recorded on a card of a given size is only indirectly related to the capacity of the card, which is measured in Kilobytes (KB) or Megabytes (MB), not MP. That will vary according to the image itself, and to the camera's settings. For example: My Pentax K10D, with a 10.1 MP sensor and using a 4 GB card, will record approximately 821 images at the highest resolution (10 MP) and a "Fine" resolution setting. The same camera, with the same sensor and same card, will record 10,000-plus images at the lowest resolution (2 MP) and the "Low" resolution setting. Practically all cameras have this ability to change the resolution settings, and thus the sizes of the image files that are stored on the card. So, you can see that it is only possible to answer your question in very general terms: The higher the capacity of the card, the more images you can store at whatever camera settings. And, as you can see above, even at the highest settings with a high MP count, you can take a lot of pictures! One thing to think about: storage cards can and do fail. It is better to have two 1 GB cards than one 2 GB card, unless you plan to shoot a whole lot of video. That way if one fails, you can keep shooting and worry about retrieving the images off the other card later.

What was the mega pixels of a camera in the 1800s?

Film cameras do not measure in megapixels. There were no digital cameras in the Nineteenth Century. I agree with the answer above. BUT I know what you're thinking. There are some incredibly sharp Civil war photos that captured the time on a clock tower from MILES away, so old cameras could be extremely sharp... IF (and this is a big IF), a 12 MP camera is roughly equivalent to a consumer 35mm color film, and IF the size of the plate (film) that 1800's camera is 6 times bigger than a 35 mm film, and IF the chemistry on the 1800's film plate was even, and of high quality, and IF the lens was tack sharp, and IF the developing process was of high quality... you could probably figure that the equivalent megapixels would be... ...6 x 12 megapixels... 72 MP Right?

How many pictures will a 2GB memory card in a 10 mega pixel digital camera hold?

there will be some variation but around 140 raw images. Just to give some idea of the fairly huge amount of variation as mentioned above, I happen to own a 10 mp Nikon P5000 with an empty 2 gb SD card. This particular camera does not have RAW capability (I wish it did), but it does offer three different compression ratios of JPEG. . In 10m "normal" (1:8 compression) mode it will hold 794 images. This is my personal standard, and the default. It is equivalent to 22 rolls of 35mm 36 exposure film. . In 10m "fine" (1:4 compression) mode the card will hold 402 images. . In 10m ""basic" (1:16 compression) mode, the same card will hold 1,550 images, and we haven't yet changed the image size. This particular camera also offers nine choices of image size, which also affects the total number of captures possible on the same 2 gb card. . I recently carefully tested all three compression ratios for visible quality differences, and concluded that while the "fine" quality was very nice, it (for me at any rate) did not offer enough of a visible increase in quality to sacrifice half the space on the card, so I stick with "normal.". addendum:. never occured to me to look at what jpeg would offer. the lowest quality and smallest image would put over 5K jpg images on a 2 GB card for me with my 10.2 MP pentax K10D. in general though I shoot in raw on three 4 GB cards.

How much mega pixel camera?

it depend on your use. 3-5 is fine for 4x5 prints and computer/web. a 6 mp camera is good up to 8x10 priints. 10 mp gives room for cropping and somewat larger prints. above the 12-14 range is for weinies with more money than brains and pros that need to crop and still have large prints

What is a mega pixel in a digital camera?

mega pixel The basic unit of the composition of an image on a television screen, computer monitor, or similar display. one of the element OS picutre which is an individual dots that make up a graphical image, each of which combines red, green, and blue (RGB) phosphors to create a specific color. A VGA screen in high-resolution mode consists of 640 X 480 or 307,200 pixels.

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What amount of mega pixel is enough for a camera?

Unless you are going to make prints larger than 8 x 10" 6 MP is sufficient for just about any purpose. For technical reasons, you may actually get better images from a lower MP count, depending on the camera. Megapixel count is largely a selling point, not a big deal in terms of photography.

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 12.3 mega pixel digital camera?

It depends entirely on the camera setting for the pictures you're taking. You can set the camera to take hi-resolution pictures, in which case you can take fewer pictures, or lower resolutions, letting you take more pictures. Generally you want higher resolution as you can edit them and there's no compression artifacts (squiggly lines/blurring). Check your camera's user manual, then look for the section that deals with file sizes. It'll tell you how to change the file size so you can get more or less from your card.

What is a mega pixel on a camera?

Mega pixel simply means the number of pixels the camera is able to capture. Mega = million. Pixel is short for Pic ture el ement. So, a camera that has a operating mega-pixel count of 14.2 has the ability to capture 14,200,000 pixels per picture. Cameras with high mega-pixel counts usually have crisper, clearer, and cleaner pictures than cameras with a low mega-pixel count (say 4.2). Look for a camera around 10-13 mega-pixels, they are usually the cheapest with the highest quality pictures.

How do you increase the mega pixels of a camera?

Camera pixels are hard-wired into the image sensor. All you can do is buy a newer model. However if you are desperate to increase the apparent sharpness or size of a picture you can buy specialized software that can add pixels using some sort of fractal logic. While there is no way to add pixels the camera would have recorded if it was just a higher megapixel camera to begin with - this software can realistically enlarge a picture and fill the gaps with more of the same as the pixels surrounding it. .

3c-12 equals 14 plus 5c?

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How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 14 mega pixel digital camera?

It would depend on what type of files the pictures are being saved in and how much compression is applied to the camera. RAW files are the biggest. A 4GB card can hold about 150~200 14MP pictures. JPEG files are smaller, and has a very wide range of compression levels. A 4GB card can hold about 700 pictures if its mildly compressed, or over 3000 pictures if it's heavily compressed (and/or resized).

What is a mega pixel and why is it so important when purchasing a digital camera?

If you zoom in a LOT on one of the pictures on your computer, you will notice that their are little squares of colour. These are pixels. The more pixels in the picture, the more detailed the picture is. Therefore, you can zoom in a lot and still see shapes and details when you have more pixels. Without a lot of pixels, your picture is hard to resize to a larger format. The downside to having a lot of pixels is that the more pixels, the more space it takes up on your computer. If you are doing photo editing, it may be important to have a lot of pixels in case you need to edit something very small. Or if you plan to print off your pictures very large, you may need a lot of pixels to insure it is not blurry. I've never found the amount of pixels extremely important on my digital camera, but you do have higher quality photos with more pixels. Either way, even if you do buy a camera with like 12 MP, you can always change the number of pixels your camera is using on the menu if you want to save space on your computer.

How many pictures on 4GB memory card in 16 mega pixel digital camera?

It depends on the format that pictures are being saved and the quality in which you're saving them. . If you're using uncompressed RAW (24 bits per pixel) format, then it's about ~70. . If you're using a kind of compressed format then it depends on the format and the quality. For JPEG, at 100% quality (loss-less compression) it's about ~710.

What is the difference between batteries bl-5cb and bl-5c?

In batteries BL-5C series is the most popular battery type in Nokia phones. They have the widest compatibility with other . The only difference between the BL-5C, BL-5CA & BL-5CB types is battery Charge Carrying capacity. These are all interchangeable i-e, you can use in any one for you compatible Nokia Mobile sets. . 1100. 1101. 1108. 1110. 1110i. 1112. 1200. 1208. 1209. 1255. 1280. 1315. 1600. 1616. 1650. 1680 classic. 1681 Classic. 1800. 6030, 6230i . 2300. 2310. 2323 Classic. 2330 Classic. 2355. 2600. 2610. 2626 . The breakdown of battery capacity is as under: BL-5C - 970 mAh BL-5CA - 700 mAh BL-5CB - 800 mAh Therefore the BL-5C - 970 mAh will give a longer battery time for your set as compared to BL-5CA, BL-5CB.. Posted By Fiz87.

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Which is better the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s?

The iPhone 5c is essentially an iPhone 5, but with a plastic casing. The iPhone 5s looks very similar to the iPhone 5, but has a 64-bit processor, Touch ID, better camera, and new colors (white/silver, gold). the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrentcolrs just silver gold and black

Which i phone is better 5s or 5c?

The iPhone 5s has a metal housing while the iPhone 5c has a plasticcase. There are minor variations in quality of parts, but overall,the 5s is likely the better phone.

Is the iPhone 5c any better than the iPhone 5?

In terms of specifications, there isn't really much difference. Theonly big difference between the two phones is design. The iPhone 5ccomes in more colours than the iPhone 5, although the latter doeslook and feel more luxurious to some people.

How many pictures on a 8 GB in a 12 mega pixel camera?

You can put about 2300+ 12 pixel JPG pictures on an 8 gigabyte SDmemory card. But, JPG images vary a lot in size on disk, so there'sno way to know exactly, it depends on what you are taking picturesof. You can get many more than 2300 pictures of a plane white wall.An many less pictures of a basket of multi color variegatedmarbles. Also, an 8GB memory card only has room for a little lessthat 7 1/2 GB of storage.