Which is better being married or single?

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being married is better
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Can two single people get a mortgage loan together without being married?

Yes, it happens all the time. The lender will naturally evaluate each of you separately for financial reliability. The two of you should also have a (written) agreement that s

Is it illegal or tax fraud if a woman files single and head of household using her parents address while being married and living with her husband?

Answer . \nTax fraud is illegal and the action described would fit into that category. \n. \nThe IRS is very aggressive and very good at prosecuting persons who are fooli

Which is better Being single or being in a relationship?

It depends on the individual. Some men/women prefer to just date and not get into serious relationships for reasons of their own, but the norm is relationships are better beca

Is being single better?

That depends on you, your wants, needs, goals and all round being. Single life works for some and can be a lonely road for most.

Is it illegal or tax fraud if a woman files single using her parents address while being married and not living with her husband?

The IRS would probably consider it both illegal and a tax fraud if you were to file like this. The only real thing you should be able to be prosecuted for would be 'Perjury

Is it better being married after 69?

No matter what a couple's ages are marriage takes getting use to and is always being worked on. Older people who are lucky enough to get the chance to remarry do so mainly bec
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Whose better in bed a single man or a married man why?

ANSWER: Wow this is what you called question that all of us can imagine. When it comes to single man to a married man I will choose married man, why? a married man is more e

Why is being single better than having one boyfriend far away?

Its not always better but i can give you a few reasons why its not good to have a boyfriend far away... - He can be cheating on you - You wont get to see him - It wont e