Where can you get per job workmans comp insurance?

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The short answer is... you probably won't be able to find it, ever. There is simply not enough premium collected from a short-term workers comp policy for an insurer to want to accept the potential cost of employee injury claims. To make this more meaningful consider this... your workers compensation policy has no specified maximum limit of coverage (don't confuse the employers liability or part II coverage) except for the settlement amounts and conditions specified by your states industrial insurance laws. The potential payouts are astronomical and can last for decades.

That being said, there are types of aggregated policies, such as OCIP's, that include workers compensation as part of the entire portfolio of coverage, for one large construction project. But the premiums for these types of policies are often in the MILLIONS.
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If an employee is hurt on the job does workmans comp pay for any prescriptions?

Maybe. Workman's Compensation Insurance is regulated by state law. It designates what will or will not be covered by benefits. Everything I have needed they have paid for. I am in florida. Typically, the prescriptions must be related to the compensable injury, ie muscle relaxers for an ankle sprai (MORE)

Do you need workmans comp insurance for a concession stand if employee 13 years of age?

You need workers' compensation insurance if you have employees. You do not need worker's comp insurance if you are a sole owner. In most states, owners of a business are exempt from having workers' comp for themselves. The type of business does not matter. If you have employees, you need comp insura (MORE)

Where can an employer purchase temporary workman's comp insurance on a per-job basis?

All laws pertaining to workman's compensation insurance are inacted and enforced by the resident state. It would be necessary to contact the states labor relations board to find out the procedure for obtaining such coverage. An alternative available in most states for certain workers is Occupationa (MORE)

Who must supply workmans comp?

It is When a Man or Women is injured on the the job and the Job Company they work for still gives them there pay while injured until they are able or fit to return back to work.

Who pays for your health insurance while you are out on workmans comp?

Answer . Workmans' comp law does not require your employer pay health benefits beyond treatment of the injury. Your employment (e.g., union) contract may require continuation of benefits, however. And FMLA can quarantee 12 weeks of continued employer contribution. After that you must be offered C (MORE)

When did workmans comp become workers comp?

The first statewide worker's compensation law in the United Stateswas passed in 1902 in the state of Maryland. The first law passedfor federal employees went into effect in 1906. If wasn't until1949 that all US states had a workers' compensation program inplace.

Who is responsible for your injury workmans comp or the responsible party insurance?

Answer . In Michigan, all employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance on their employees. If an employee is hurt on the job, then it should be reported to the company and a claim filed. The carrier will then review the claim and make a determination whether they believe it is (MORE)

Do you need workmans comp insurance for your employees at your restaurant?

Workers compensation insurance requirements differ by state. Among the variables are the number of employees and the aggregate payroll. Under some circumstances, if an employees also hasan ownership or managerial role in the business, he/she may opt-out. One of the ways to handle workers compensa (MORE)

Can you collect private disability insurance and Workmans comp at the same time?

As a former NYS Lic. Insurance agent in Accident & Health, from my understanding if is a disability policy which has been paid for after tax dollars without any employer contribution and is considered an indemnity policy short term paying a fixed benefit daily, weekly, or monthly for specific period (MORE)

Can you lose your job while you are on workmans comp?

An employer cannot fire you merely because you have filed aworker's compensation claim. However, you can be fired while onworker's compensation if there is just cause that is not related tothe worker's compensation.

Does workmans comp cover a head injury after fainting on the job?

I had a slip and fall at work 12/23/06 and now have permanent TBI and closed head injury. Can you tell me how to check with the state of Kansas for the status of the claim. I lived and worked in Overland Park, KS at the time. My atty really didn't go after the company although I have the surveillanc (MORE)

Do i need Workmans comp for spouse?

If your spouse draws a wage from you or your company, you must include her in any workers' compensation plan. If you both own the business as sole proprietors, neither of you are required to be on a workers' compensation plan.

You are hiring a carpenter for a house remodel Do you need to get workmans comp insurance?

You should hire a licensed contractor. He should already have liability insurance and workmen's comp for his employees. If you do not hire a properly licensed contractor, all the liability for anything tha might go wrong falls on you. If your insurance company discovers that you hired an unlicensed (MORE)

Can you work a second job while receiving workmans comp?

A person gets workman's comp because they are unable to work. If they get a job, investigators will get them for fraud. They will get in trouble. It's against the law to draw benefits and have a job. A person gets WC lost time benefits because a doctor certifies him as unable to to THE JOB ON WHIC (MORE)

Cost of workmans comp insurance?

Workers' compensation laws and programs are established at the state level for most employment. The rates are then also different for each state, as well as sometimes for different occupations. Contact your state Department of Insurance or your individual insurance provider for a rate quote. In (MORE)

Six months of workmans comp insurance cost?

Depends on several things: your line of work, limits, deductibles, payroll, number of employees, years in business, experience, whether you have a safety program, claims history, insurance company, and more. Your insurance agent can give you a quote, and ask for a copy of your application and get a (MORE)

Can you insure workmans comp on a daily basis?

I don't know of any insurance companies offering this, but if you're in the entertainment business (pyrotech, sound tech, musician, promoter, manager, lighting tech, DJ, etc.) there's a Comp alternative called VOCAL. It's Occupational Accident and Contingent Liability and is available on a short ter (MORE)

Where can you take a class on workmans comp?

Two are: the Independent Insurance Agents of (Your State) and from the National Alliance. The Texas Ind. Ins. Agents' website is found in the Related Link below, google to find yours, and the National Alliance can be reached through the other Related Link. Call either of them if you need help - they (MORE)

You got hurt on a job 13 years ago and herniated your disk and received workmans comp for it Now you herniated the same disk at a different job can you collect workmans comp on it?

Hi~. It is my very recent personal experience that you will not be successful in receiving benefits for your new injury. They will jump on the opinion that this is a pre-existing condition. But STILL file your claim as quickly as possible! (Hopefully you either had witnesses to the injury or it occ (MORE)

Workmans comp laws in Michigan?

I was hurt on the job, but still able to work. The employer is demanding all of my past medical records from past and present doctors. My medical history should not be treated as an open book to anyone. Do they have this right with ou a court order?

Is Workmans comp required for minors?

Yes - and even if your state has an exemption for you because you have less than a certain number of employees or subcontractors, you remain liable even if you don't have Workers Comp insurance.

Can you work another job while on workmans comp?

If you are off work and on workman's compensation, you cannot work another job while collecting money for being unable to work. You collect WC lost time benefits while a doc certifies you as unable to perform THE JOB ON WHICH YOU GOT INJURED, and no other job. Take a job within your medical restri (MORE)

Can you file workman comp if you quit your job?

The purpose of the workers' compensation program is to provide employees who suffer job-related injuries a form of compensation unique from taking your employer to court. An employee injured on the job is guaranteed benefits regardless of who was at fault. In return for workers' compensation benefit (MORE)

What is a reasonable Workmans Comp Insurance rate for welders?

Reasonable or unreasonable, the rate for each class is set by your state and modified by a factor (your "mod") based on any losses you may have. The insurance company may modify that further by giving you credits or debits based on how they think you conduct your business. Some companies will give a (MORE)

Can my spouse sue my workmans comp?

IF a worker who qualifies for WC benefits is receiving them, then no one can sue the WC carrier or the employer - WC is designed to be the "exclusive remedy" for workplace injuries.

How does workmans comp pay you?

Workers' compensation insurance pays for any medical treatment required for an injury suffered in the course of employment. It also provides replacement wages if an employee is off work due to that injury. The amount of that payment varies according to individual state statutes.

Is there workman comp on sickness?

Did you contact the sickness while on the job, and I don't mean flu? If this is the case, sickness on the job, yes, you should be covered by the workman's comp. It doesn't cover flu, though.

How does one get a workmans comp settlement?

There are two ways one can get a workmans comp settlement. It can either be awarded through a panel which has reviewed the case and found one to be eligible for it. If that has not happened, one will have to hire an attorney and fight it to prove that one deserves to be on it and has the the eligibi (MORE)

Where can one get a workmans comp attorney?

If you have a current attorney that you work with, ask if they can recommend a workers' comp attorney. There are also a number of professional organizations or state and local bar associations that would be a good area to find an attorney. Finally, ask co-workers and friends if they have any recomme (MORE)