When the stock market goes down what is it called?

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A bear market.

When the market goes up, it is called a bull market,
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Why did the stock market go down in 1929?

the stock market went down because stocks were being bought super fast and the market could not handle it and the prices fell.People rushed to sell there stocks before the p

Why is the stock market going down?

hey there i know stock market is going down and the main reason behind it is inflation and the price hikes in petrol and diesel mainly and other also contribute to it.....bu

Why do stocks in these markets go up or down?

It's ALL about earnings -- how much money the company makes (or doesn't make) -- good old fashioned profits -- the bottom line. This is a true answer that is very easy to lose

Why is the stock market down?

From the expert who was predicting a crash for over a year:. http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/Commentary/ByAuthor/BillFleckenstein.aspx

Who decides when a stock goes up or down?

the people who buy and sell stocks give "bid" and "ask" prices for the stocks that they are buying or selling.when the ask price of some one selling and the bid of some one se

Why is the stock exchange called a market?

The stock exchanges are called markets because that is where representatives of buyers and sellers meet to perform daily transactions on behalf of their customers, similar to

Is the stock market up or down?

It changes every day, but right now, its down, by ALOT, when the recession ends the stock market is estimated to go up, so save those stocks, unless you need the extra money

What are put and call in stock market?

Puts and calls can be either futures (which require the contract's buyer to complete the transaction at a certain price on a certain date) or options (which allow, but don't r

What to do when the stock you buy suddenly goes down?

Stocks and shares are a long term investment. As a rule of thumb over 10 to15 years the stock market on average will outperform bank interest rates in the same country in retu

What is call and put in stock market?

There are call and put options and call and put futures contracts. They work the same, except that with an option contract you can allow the contract to expire worthless, whil