What type of media might a person use to enhance a presentation?

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Essentially, the most common ways to enhance a presentation involve effective use of Audio and Visual media. Since people receive information mostly through the eyes and secondarily through hearing, well-put audio-visual presentations are usually successful. You could use visual media, a chalkboard, an overhead projector, or video to enhance a presentation.
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What are six types of communication media and where are they used for what purpose?

Wire - Cheap, simple, compatible with old equipment, must be amplified for long distances . Optical - Fast, long distance, high bandwidth, can carry multiple data streams on one cable, expensive, can break easily . Wireless RF - Simple, no cables, expandable, no line-of-sight required, long distan (MORE)

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There are a lot of ways a person can use probability in his/her job.. For example, People who bet on horse races use the odds and their knowledge to determine which horse will have the best chance of win,place,show. Another example are poker players, quite often, you will see a percentage in the c (MORE)

Mention types of transmitions media that the world today uses?

Electric current is a transmission medium which can be used to transfer data across a wire for example ( copper wires). Radio waves is a transmission medium which can be used to carry data through the air. The above mention mediums are known as data transmission media.

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It depends on what you mean by the term "best male enhancement" as well as what specific male enhancement issue (ie, more stamina during sex, increase penis size with either surgery, traction device, nutrition, boost sex drive, etc) or male sexual health question you mean by the term (best M.E.) suc (MORE)

Identify the different types of briefs used in the media industries?

Contractual - Involves a signed agreement with stated objectives. If you or the other party were to break any agreements you would be in breech of contract and could face legal action. Negotiated - Two parties have differing ideas and a compromise has to be found that makes both sides happy, some (MORE)

What thing might you use in a multimedia presentation?

a multimedia Presentation is one which contains more than one media. Media can be voice, graphics, animations, Music , Video etc. Each media add on the value to Presentation.Most of the time Multimedia Presentations are used to Present companies, products, services, subject matter. The various forms (MORE)

What type of media did Burton Morris use?

yes of course. yes of course. Burton Morris the Pop Artist mainly uses Acrylic on Canvas for his works. Currently he is working with technology in order to create his work on interactive LCD screens that create artworks that will interact with viewers.

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This could be an Authoritarian Personality Disorder which stems from henious cultural beliefs of inferior and superior "caste systems" of power and authority over other. These types of people are attracted to positions of power such as politics, the justice system, law enforcement (Correctional Off (MORE)

What three different media types used in drafting?

Three types of media used in drafting are Vellum, which is a drafting paper that is specially designed to accept pencil or ink. A second is Polyester film, also known as Mylar. Mylar is a plastic material that is more expensive than vellum but offers great dimensional stability, more erasable, trans (MORE)

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In the lower 48 there is no tundra or tiaga. Also, technically there is no tropical rainforest here either, but sometimes Florida as well as areas around the coast of the Gulf of Mexico are known as tropical forests. But in all of the states of the US, all climate types are accounted for.

What type of media you use to send multimedia messages?

Multimedia Messaging System (MMS) is the logical evolution of the Short Message Service SMS, a text-only messaging system for mobile networks. MMS-enabled mobile phones enable subscribers to compose and send messages with one or more multimedia (digital photos, audio, video) parts The MMS data fl (MORE)

What are some issues you might run into if you add audio enhancements to your presentation?

If you add it and it's a very large file, you will have to put the file on your USB stick before you attach it to the powerpoint, because otherwise when you bring your show to present, the sound clip path will not be found, However if it is small enough it will just be saved as part of the powerpoin (MORE)

Why do you still use text when you have better media types?

Text is the most reliable form of media in the world. Text can be written down on paper, printed, written using writing instruments, scratched onto metal, typed, translated and edited easily. Other forms of media such as video do not possess the necessary flexibility.

What types of media are used in water filtration systems?

There are several types of water filtration, on the low end would be a sand filter up to the top of the line would be a reverse osmosis filter. The question asked is at what volume of water is required and to what purity. The reverse osmosis is a low volume, high purity.

What media type is used by dsl to transport data?

Digital Subscriber transfers data over a home phone line and can also be used to connect to the internet. It is much fast than using phone connection when though the wires that are used in a phone line is used in DSL.

What types of sources might a historien use?

Unwritten: objects - tools, weapons, buildings, jewels, vases, pots, etc. ; others: tales, myths, legends, songs, customs, traditions, etc. Written things: texts on scrolls, clay tablets, sone slabs, books, newspapers, letters, coins, etc. ; and pictures: vase paintings, cava paintings, wall paint (MORE)

What types of media are usually used for data backup?

There are four primary types of media used for data backup. 1) DVDs - I find these tedious and space consuming but cheap and they'll do the trick. They do have the slowest data transfer rate of the possible media used for data transfer. 2) Hard Drive - Whether an external drive or an internal one (MORE)

How might knowing the advantages and disadvantages alter how a person migt use social media?

Communication between members of a community has changed as a result of the electronic age. The electronic age has brought about a flood of social media networks. Social media includes web-based and mobile based technologies that are used to turn communication into interactive dialog among organizat (MORE)

What is a commonly used type of magnetic storage media?

From most common to least common: Hard disks, floppy disks; cassette tapes, VHS cassettes, Sony Betacam cassette videotapes, 1/4" wide and larger magnetic tapes on reel-to-reel audio and video tape recorders or decks. Long obsolete are large (8" and 12") floppy disks, and drum computer storage dri (MORE)

How can you effectively use social media to enhance your academic writing?

Write your article first, reread and revise it until you are satisfied. Let your friends read it, ask for feedback, but make sure their critics are valid. Share it as well to good and famous writers that you know and ask for opinions. Subscribe to a writers page or to a group of writers and share yo (MORE)

Why might a person use Fakebook?

One might use Fakebook to make friends online and to talk to their friends without actually seeing them face to face. Fakebook also allows one to let other people know what they are up to when one posts their status.

What are the reasons a person might use MathType?

MathType is a powerful interaction equation editor for Windows and Macintosh that lets you create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations, elearning and for TeX, LaTeX, and mathML documents.

How media enhance violence in society?

When the media is: . biased against a certain faith or belief, or . encouraging racism and/or discrimination, or . propagating false ideas and facts against certain country(ies) and in favor of another country(ies)