What type of liability insurance can you get to lease a commercial building for personal non-business use or is an umbrella policy from your homeowners liability insurance enough for the landlord?

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Umbrella policies are often written as "following form" which means it only provides coverage if your primary (i.e. homeowners policy) provides coverage. Ask your insurance agent if you need to add the new location to the liability section of your homeowner's policy. You may also need "fire legal coverage" which can pay the landlord if you accidentally cause fire damage to the leased building.
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Why does it matter to California Commercial liability insurance if you build or remodel condos or apartments?

Condos and apartments in California are high risk constructionprojects and the construction defect statute of limitations of worklike this done in California is 10 years. We frequently see on siteliability claims and construction defect claims for this type ofwork in California. New condos or apart (MORE)

How do you get liability on vacant land without homeowners insurance?

Personal Liability with a Renters Policy . You could get a commercial type policy -- the last one I sold in Texas was about $1200/year for $300,000 liability. They charge per acre.\n. \nInsuracne is regulated by state governments. All insurance questions should be required to state what state (MORE)

Did commercial general liability insurance replace comprehensive general liability insurance?

There is no such thing as a "comprehensive" general liability policy. It is "commercial" to differentiate it from personal-lines coverage. It is commercial general liability policy, or CGL; a generally standard group of coverages, exclusions, limits. This is different than a manafest policy where co (MORE)

What is the Cost of business liability insurance?

Answer . Business Liability Insurance costs vary from State to State. Your costs will depend on what type of business your in and the size of your business and a number of other factors.. Contact a local independent insurance agent for a quote.. If in NJ contact William J Zester, VP - MPPI, Inc (MORE)

What is business liability insurance?

Brief Description of Business Insurance: . Business Liability Insurance is typically sold as "General Liability" insurance to businesses in order to provide coverage for the day to day operations of the business. Depending upon the kind of business it is, there are different categories of liabili (MORE)

IF I Cosign AN auto lease WHAT ARE MY insurance liabilitIES?

Answer . well your liablites in general...depends....you can be a 'co signer' and NOT an owner ( i know this because i did this with our kids...on purpose) if you are a co owner you have the same liablity as the owner, (ins...if accident occurs and no insurance you are held equal with owner).... (MORE)

Need business liability insurance for a leased space doing a dollar store what will this cover and recommend coverage for this type of business?

Answer . Commercial General Liability insurance protects you from a 3rd party bodily injury or property damage suit for which you are negligent. For instance, you own a dollar store and a customer enters your store trips over a loose rug and is injured. That customer has a right to sue you for hi (MORE)

Why does a homeowners association need an umbrella and excess liability insurance?

Umbrella & excess provides increased limits of liability at a greatly reduced premium as compared to the general liablity policy. The theory is that the GL policy is the "working layer" for most claims, while the umbrella pays for the more severe (but less frequent) types of claims.\n. \nThe higher (MORE)

What is commercial liability insurance?

It's liability insurance for a business.\n. \nIt contains a bunch of stuff a homeowner's policy, or a motorist's policy, would not. A restaurant would be covered against choking, food poisoning and adverse food reactions. My company is insured against someone falling off the loading dock.

How do I as homeowner get around a liability for a contractor that does not have workman's comp insurance?

You don't. You simply hire a reputable contractor who provides theinsurance necessary for his or her line of work. Never hire acontractor who can not show you that he is properly insured for thejob being offered. It is the contractors responsibility ( not the customer ) toprovide coverage necessary (MORE)

What is General Commercial Liability Insurance?

Commercial GL covers your business for damages alledged by a thirdparty including bodily injury and property damage. When you start acompany, you should purchase GL insurance when you have any of thefollowing : Sales, assets, employees, a physical location.

What are the types of liability insurance?

In accounting terms, liability describes an obligation. It refers to money owed to complete a transaction, debt that has yet to be paid, or products or services that have been paid for but have not yet been rendered. There are two general classifications to sum up these types of liability: long term (MORE)

Where can you buy liability insurance for a personal chef business?

I am an insurance agent in the southeast and have been writing personal chefs for 7 years now. Whether you are new in business or have been in business for years, does not matter. I have worked closely with two major personal chef associations and would be happy to help you with that as well. I can (MORE)

What does commercial general liability insurance covers?

The answer is found in the insuring agreement of the policy. It states that the company(insurance carrier) will pay all sums the insured is legally obligated to pay for bodily injury and property damage to which this insurance "applies"caused by an occurence in the coverage territory. However you mu (MORE)

Does personal liability umbrella insurance cover you in volunteer positions?

Umbrella policies set on top of personal liability insurance policies. Normally your homeowners policy provides this type of coverage . the umbrella policy should follow the coverage of the personal liability . It may or may not provide coverage for volunteer positions as policies are different from (MORE)

What is Commercial General Liability Insurance for tenants?

I am assuming you mean a tenant in a commercial building as opposed to a residential tenant (i.e. apartment dweller).. A tenant in a commercial building will typically be a business of some sort (eg. a Retailer located in a shopping Mall, or a manufacturer who rents a warehouse or plant, etc.). Wha (MORE)

What coverages are included in a Commercial general liability insurance policy?

The insurer's general undertaking in most liability policies is to pay those sums that the insured becomes legally liable to pay as damages because of bodily injury or property damage to which the insurance applies. The insurer also undertakes to defend the insured against any suit seeking those dam (MORE)

Can you sue your own homeowners liability insurance?

NO, of course not. It is not possible to liable to ones self. Your homeowners Liability coverage will pay the cost of defending you in court if someone brings a suit against you. It would also pay for certain judgements won against you should the court find you liable. In order to file suit ag (MORE)

What is personal umbrella liability insurance?

So does that mean you cannot get an umbrella liability policywithout having some primary coverage first? I am a landlord. Let'ssay I am not concerned about property damage or fire loss, justliability. Is there any type of insurance I can buy just forliability? _______________________________________ (MORE)

How do you find your neighbors homeowners insurance for liability?

You will just have to ask them for the insurance information. there is no central registry or database for homes and the insurance companies that insure them. You should first determine if your neighbor even has Liability insurance. Not all homeowners purchase liability coverage with their insura (MORE)

How can a business avoid insurance liability?

You can avoid insurance liability by making sure that all employee's are doing and following the safety guidelines correctly. Post signs saying that things are not safe, wet floor, hazardous materials etc.

How can insurance liability be used against you?

Insurance liability is found in different scenarios, but for this example I will use Auto Insurance liability. Most automobile lenders require anyone with an auto loan to have insurance liability. This means if you cause an accident while operating your vehicle, you may be made liable to pay the cos (MORE)

What is insurance liability used for?

This covers you from anything you are liable for. Try to get with a known name company that will cover you a good amount. You always want to make sure you have enough coverage for anything you are insuring.

What types of liability insurance are available?

It depends on whether you are talking about a liability insurance for cars. There are various insurance available to car owners and renters. There is also business liability insurance (doctor, lawyer, accountant, etc.).

Does a homeowner need liability insurance if their having remodeling done?

Your homeowners insurance does not provide coverage for hired workers. It is advisable that you ensure your contractor's doing the remodeling job for you have liability insurance in the event they damage your property or someone else's and appropriate medical coverage or workman's compensation fo (MORE)

How do you get liability only homeowners insurance?

I have never heard of this and don't believe that it exists. I believe that if you are interested in liability only then a premises liability policy is what you want. A "homeowners" policy is a packaged policy with property, liability, medical payments to others, and many other coverages put togethe (MORE)

What is homeowners liability insurance?

The liability section of your homeowners insurance covers items that you are legally obligated to pay for injuries to other persons due to your negligence. It will also pay for legal fees to defend you if you are sued for such items.

Is personal liability insurance useful?

"Personal liability insurance can be useful for some people. It protects against financial losses if you are sued for slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, etc. People such as journalists and private investigators usually purchase it."

What does homeowners liability insurance cover?

It covers your negligent actions anywhere in the world as well if someone sues you your laibility coverage will kick in and they will defend you. There are some other coverages in there as well but would need to see policy as all are different

What dog breeds aren't included under most homeowner liability insurance policies?

Most insurance companies will not offer you a policy if you own a Pit Bull, Rottweiler, Doberman Pincer, German Shepherd, or other similar breeds or a mixture involving any of these. Also any animal that has any bite history. The also want to know if you own any exotic pets. Most companies will deny (MORE)

What is the cost of 5 million dollar commercial liability insurance policy?

It all depends on what type of business your in as well as your claims history and other factors such as your experience and risk exposure. If your a Dynamite Manufacturer needing a CGL policy it could cost you 500,000 Dollars. If your a Pastry Shop operator it might be as low as 3,000 dollars (MORE)

What is covered for personal liability insurance?

Personal liability insurance provides additional coverage to other insurance policies. Without personal liability insurance, any thing that one's home or car insurance could not cover, one would have to pay out of pocket. Personal liability insurance will cover those fines.

What is liability insurance used for?

Liability insurance is used to cover a business if a customer or member of the public was to suffer a loss or injury as a result of its business activities and if that person made a claim for compensation.

What types of businesses sell Company Liability Insurance?

The Company Liability Insurance is a protection service.The company that sells the insurance is called Nationwide, and the base is in Colombus. One thing that is unique with this insurance is the uninsured and underinsured mororist coverage.

Can a commercial building be insured for just liability?

Yes, but the problem will be finding a carrier who will write liability coverage a building with no property coverage on it. It would probably have to be an acceptable property risk for a casualty underwriter to consider writing just liability on it and there would have to be a good reason why you d (MORE)