What type of business is bill gates in?

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he owns Microsoft

He owns company that is producing computer Soft wares and other computer related technology
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Who is Bill Gates?

Bill Gates Bill Gates is an American entrepreneur, software executive, philanthropist, the world's third richest man (as of 2008) and chairman of Microsoft, the software company he founded with Paul Allen. During his career at Microsoft he has held the positions of CEO and chief software architect, (MORE)

What is the business email or business postal address for Bill Gates?

Business Email or Postal Address William Henry III Gates , born 28 October 1955 in Seattle , Washington State in the United States of America , son of William Gates Sr. and Mary Maxwell , married Melinda French in 1994 and generally known as Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates has their residen (MORE)

What did Bill Gates do?

Bill Gates (born 28 October 1955) is an American entrepreneur, software executive, philanthropist, the world's richest man (as of 2009) and chairman of Microsoft, the software company he founded with Paul Allen. .

Why is Bill Gates so rich?

Bill Gates is wealthy because he programmed Microsoft and all it's versions. LONG STORY SHORT CUZ HE CREATED THE FRIGGIN COMPUTER!

What is the religion of Bill Gates Parents?

Hinduism:-). Answer . I think the last person's post is facetious. I read in Time Magazine that Gates was raised in the Congregational Church, which presumably means that at least one of his parents worshipped there.

Was bill gates and Steve jobes in business together?

Apple and Microsoft has done business together on a number of occasions. Apple used Microsofts Basic in the first Apple Computers. Microsoft was one of the first software companies that wrote software for the Mac. After a settlement in court in the mid 1990:s, Microsoft bought some Apple stock and p (MORE)

What did bill gate do?

Bill Gates created Microsoft. Same bill gates funds terrorists in INDIA. Culture less brute /brothel activities in INDIA. He is a sales man for Microsoft. dirty face. I can't see his face anymore

What products does Bill Gates make?

Bill Gates makes software that operate within computers. Thesoftware is known as Windows and includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint,and Access.

What is the educational qualification of Bill Gates?

Bill did his schooling from Lakeside private school.. Bills love for computers and math led him to a new place around his neighborhood that was renting computer time. He got an arrangement with the owners that he would get free computer time if he found things that would make the computer crash. Du (MORE)

What influenced Bill Gates?

his friend paul influced him and , he made the corporation of Microsoft at 1980 and then later got famous around 1985 when they came out with windows software

Where is the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation?

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation . Published on Aidpage by IDILOGIC on Dec 28, 2005. Data sources: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), GuideStar. Basic info . Name:. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Contact:. WILLIAM H GATES III. Address:. 1551 EASTLAKE AVE E SEATTLE, WA 98102-3706. Web s (MORE)

What are Logic Gates and types of gates?

Logic Gates are electronic building blocks of a digital system. They are realisations of the fundamental Boolean Algebraic Operations; AND, OR, NOT, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR, BUF.

Is Bill Gates on the thousand dollar bill?

No, none of the modern presidents are pictured on any US currency with the exception of the presidential quarters. The face of President Grover Cleveland was printed on the $1,000.00 bill, but it is no longer in circulation.

What is Bill Gates Bill Gates famous for?

For starting Microsoft Corporation, which produced Windows which is the operating system on more computers than any others. Microsoft? Being the founder of Microsoft

In the business world who is the gate keeper?

The person who controls access to the decision maker(s), for example the PA or Personal Assistant would be considered a Gate Keeper. A gatekeeper cannot give you what you want but can prevent you from getting access to the person who could.

Is Bill Gates ethical in business at Microsoft?

People who answer "yes" will point to the billions of dollars he has donated and the foundation that he and his wife founded that mainly focused on enhancinghealthcare and reduce extreme poverty, and in America, to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology. People who ans (MORE)

Where did Bill Gates get an education from?

Gates graduated from Lakeside School in 1973. He scored 1590 out of 1600 on the SAT and subsequently enrolled at Harvard College in the autumn of 1973. Prior to the mid-1990s, an SAT score of 1590 corresponded roughly to an IQ of 170, a figure that has been cited frequently by the press. While at Ha (MORE)

Does Bill Gates have cancer?

No, that is just an urban myth. Don't worry, our American computer genius is just fine! You may be thinking of Steve Jobs of Apple, who has pancreatic cancer.

How do you outsmart Bill Gates?

With mathematical-psychological model BG isn't that efficient, he's a bit old...n tracking the track record, his performance has got exponential/unexpected downhills...how long could he go with just the initial gimmick...even prof Einstein has now got his theory modified...by sheer theoretical logic (MORE)

What was Bill Gates goal?

Develop BASIC interpreter for microcomputers. . Use that as an initial product for a software company and make lots of money

Has Bill Gates sold Microsoft?

No, because he is still the chairman of Microsoft and will keep the microsft company and he is going to be the co. manager of Microsoft.

Where did Bill Gates go college?

Bill Gates went to college but got kicked out because he couldn't focus well on his studies. To me, that seems kind of ironic in a way. -Nahno :-)

HOW has bill gates inspired people?

His success in the computer industry is a reason why he is looked up to by many. He has founded one of the largest companies, computer giant, Microsoft Technologies, and has been the richest man in the world for more than 13 years. Gates' philanthropic donations have been large and generous and has (MORE)

Does Bill Gates smoke weed?

Yes, he smokes weed. Didn't you see the video with bob marley. Bill gates was smoking weed with him a long time ago.

What is Bill Gates philanthropy and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation?

In Bill Gates' own words, he believes "Philanthropy should be voluntary." Bill Gates is co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which he founded. Along with co-chair Melinda Gates, he shapes and approves grant making strategies, advocates for the foundation's issues, and helps set the ov (MORE)

What type of donations has Bill Gates made?

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation ( B&MGF or the Gates Foundation ) is the largest transparently operated private foundation in the world, founded by Bill and Melinda Gates. It is driven by the interests and passions of the Gates family. The primary aims of the foundation are, globally, to e (MORE)

Answer of Bill Gates?

bill gates is so popular or famous because he started Microsoft with Paul Allen and they both succeeded together and helped millions of people around the globe.

Is bill gates and josh gate related?

According to The Internet Movie Database there is nothing stating that he is related to Bill Gates. I checked a couple other websites as well including TV.com, TVGuide.com and even Wikipedia.com and none have a tie either. .

Why did Bill Gates set up a business?

MITS designed the Altair 8800 computer kit using the Intel 8080microprocessor. Bill Gates was at Harvard at the time andrecognized an opportunity to sell software for the new machine, sohe wrote a BASIC interpreter for the machine, dropped out ofcollege, and started his business!