What states do not have alimony?

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They may call it something else, but they all have it.
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How can you get alimony?

You need to consult with an attorney who can review your situation and explain your options under your state laws.

Is Florida an alimony garnishment state?

At present four U.S. states - North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Texas - do not allow wage garnishment at all except for debts related to taxes, child support, f

Is alimony awarded in Washington State?

Washington Divorce law views spousal maintenance on the basis of what is called the "economic partnership model". However, it usually focusses on the length of the marriage. I

How do you get alimony?

The present day term for alimony is spousal support . This can be awarded to either spouse in a divorce proceeding depending on need, length of the marriage, the role of the

What is alimony?

Answer A set amount of money paid from one spouse to another to help the lesser-earning spouse maintain a certain standard of living. Alimony is most common in situations whe

How long do you have to pay alimony in the state of Alabama?

When a couple divorces, alimony is often ordered as part of thedivorce settlement. In the state of Alabama, if a couple wasmarried less than10 years, alimony is paid for half

If you file a petition to modify alimony will it temporarily stop alimony payments in the state of Florida?

NO. Alimony payments must continue until a new court order has been signed. The petition only serves to establish retroactivity of total amount due. I know because my ex-hu

What states wont extradite for alimony?

Alimony is the amount of monetary support granted to an ex-spouse by the court that issued the divorce decree. Divorces are conducted under the provisions of CIVIL law, not cr