What percentage of your gross income should go towards rent?

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No more than a third of your gross annual income should go towards housing. As for rent, you should not spent anymore than 25% of your gross income. Housing - This expense should include mortgage, insurance, gas, electricity, maintenance, and phone. (according to crown.org budget guide) Rent or your monthly mortgage payment plus each of the above should never exceed 36%. 1/3 is generally a good rule just as with the 1st answer, but don' t forget that the number includes the other housing expenses.
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Is there a rule of thumb for office rent or lease per gross income?

Answer . There is a GRM (Gross Rent Multiplier) that compares the total rental/lease income to the value or price of the property.\n. \nThe price can run 8 to 10 times the gross income, but that can vary widely up or down based on market conditions, interest rates, management, building type and (MORE)

Percentage of yearly salary should be put towards a car?

Answer . As cars almost always depreciate in value, especially in the first year, they are a horrible investment. So, rather than trying to determine a percentage of yearly salary to pay towards a car, you should try to do a couple of other things:\n. \n1) Do you need a car? Public transportati (MORE)

What is gross income?

In almost all cases, this is your "total" (or gross) income, before taxes or other with-holdings. If you are paid hourly, this is your total hours worked x rate of pay. If you are on salary, it is your salary, rather than your actual take home pay.

What percentage of your monthly income should go toward your mortgage?

\n . \nRule of thumb currently promoted is that you should never spend more than 1/3 of your gross income. 33.3%. But you should be aware that this is far higher than the historic average. Up until 20 years or so ago, the rule of thumb was 25%, and many critics point to this change as one reason (MORE)

What percentage of a company's gross revenue should go to salaries?

It depends on the business that the company is in. Manufacturers and retailers will have higher percentages of revenue in Cost of Goods Sold while service industries will have a higher percentage in salaries and benefits. A hospital will normally see between 32% and 40% of net patient revenue going (MORE)

What is the percentage of federal taxes withheld from the average gross income?

On average, almost 50% of workers actually don't pay any tax. So averages mean very little...and less when it involves taxable income. . It depends on many, many things...not the least of which is what you consider tax. Many people group all their withholdings as a type of tax, but many may not b (MORE)

What should childsupport go towards?

Child support should go towards support of the child, such as: diapers, clothing, food, medicine, furniture, toys, entertainment and so on. Child support is simply a non-custodial parent's financial share of supporting a child that they would normally spend if they were still in the home. It is not (MORE)

What should be the percentage of rent to sales in a retail business?

Retail speciality rent should not exceed 10% of gross sales. Project a realistic expectation of sales to establish a rent you can support. Calculate your base rent on this projection and allow for a 20% error on the down side. Keep in mind the lessor must cover costs and realize a gain on the invest (MORE)

Where do rent received go in the income statement?

If rent received is of this financial year it enters in the I/S under Revenues. If it is prepaid, the amount prepaid is deducted and entered in the SOFP under Current Liabilities as Prepaid Rent Receivable

What percentage of your monthly income should go for the credit card payments?

None. You should not need to use credit cards for monthly expenses. If you use them for convenience, they should be equal to the budget category you are using them for, such as food, gas, entertainment. If you pay interest on a balance, you are working for someone else instead of yourself. If (MORE)

What percent of monthly income should go toward food?

It will vary depending on income. People earning a small amount will probably want to spend as little on food as possible, but it may still be a fairly large percentage in comparison to a very affluent person buying expensive foods.

Should you report income from renting a room in your residence?

Yes rental income and expenses would be reported on the schedule E of the 1040 tax form. There are special rules relating to the rental of real property that you also use as your main home or your vacation home. For information on income from these rentals, or from renting at an amount less than the (MORE)

Pay percentage a dental technician should be paid of lab gross income?

Typical Dental Tech pay ranges from $9/hr to $19/hr depending on location, experience, job responsibilities, etc. It would be extremely rare for a dental tech to receive a portion of the lab's gross income and would absolutely NEVER be expected unless it was agreed upon in a contract. If the dental (MORE)

Why food stamps go by gross income and not after taxes?

The dollar value amount is probably used by the department that is using the amount as figuring a part of your income support that you receive for the year from all sources. Food stamps are part of a public assistance program. They aren't taxable. You don't include them on your tax return.

What is rent income?

I believe Rent Income or "rental income" is any income received from a property you own & have tennants in who pay you "rent" to live there. This is usually considered a form of income, obviously depending on the country you live in.

What percentage of one's income should one put into savings?

The general consensus is 10%-20% of your monthly income is ideal, although this may not be practical depending on your personal financial situation. However, you should work hard to save as much as you can because this becomes your safety net if something unfortunate would happen - losing a job, ill (MORE)

What percentage of a company's gross revenue should go to food?

It would depend on the company. A restaurant would need more (obviously). A dry cleaner would need none or next-to-none. A sales company would need somewhere in between because they'll be taking clients out to lunches. Same goes for a company that might host banquets.

What percent of gross income should go into salaries?

If you're going to set salaries as a percent of gross income, I submit that you're approaching the issue from the wrong direction. Salaries should be established based upon, not gross income, but (i) the responsibilities associated with the job and (ii) existing salaries for positions with similar (MORE)

What percentage of your income should be given in alms?

Some religious leaders preach to give 6%, 8%, or even up to 10%(most common); however the choice is yours to give as much as youbelieve to be right. A 'tithe' is considered 10%. Answer-2 In Islam the compusory Zakat is 2.5% of the annual saving. You maygive any amount to the poor and the needy as (MORE)

Where do unearned rent go income statement?

Unearned rent is not a part of income statement rather it is a partof balance sheet and it is shown under liability side as it is thatrevenue which is not yet earned by company.

How much of a salons total gross income is spent on rent?

You can look at rent two ways: percentage of business or a flat rate. If you are looking at a percent, rent should be less than 10% of a successful business. Any higher and you are not making enough income to cover all of your costs and giving yourself a reasonable income to live on. If you lo (MORE)

What percentage of your gross income should go towards utilities?

Utilities are largely a fixed cost that depend on where you live,not a percentage of income. It's not like you should say "I'm rich,I should leave the air conditioner on with the doors and windowsopen." It would be more realistic to contact your local utilities for an"average" bill amount (or, even (MORE)

What percentage of your gross income should you save for retirement?

In the real sense of the word, there is nohard and fast rule as to a specific percentage that'll work acrossthe board. However, a very good general rule of thumb is somewherebetween 10 to 20 percent of your gross income. The sooner you beginsaving, the greater your chances of being able to achieve y (MORE)