What is true of an industrial society?

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birthrates drop, and may even drop low enough to reverse population growth

there are fewer infant and child deaths
There are fewer infant and child deaths. Birthrates drop, and may even drop low enough to reverse population growth.
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What are the impact of industrialization on the society?

Obviously, there were new technologies such as the steam engine by James Watt. This allowed for the expansion of the railroad. One of the major impacts of the railroad was acc

What is the industrial society?

The definition of industrial society, in sociology, is a societythat is driven by the use of technology to enable mass production.An industrial society has a high capacity for

What influence did the textile industry have on industry and society?

The American textile industry was in every sense a child of the British factory system. In 1790 Samuel Slater, a British mechanic, introduced the first successful American cot

What is an Industrializing society?

A society which was non-industrial, only producing food and/or raw materials without manufacturing, and is now in the process of becoming industrial.

What the differences between industrial society and post-industrial society?

as a movement into industrial society was characterised by capitol and labour, the movement into a post-industrial society is characterised by information and knowledge, servi

What are the roles of chemistry to society and to industry?

Chemistry is very important to understand the characteristics of materials around us and is therefore essential for our view on mechanisms in the body, nature and abiotic pr