What is the meaning of business page in the newspaper?

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Business and Finance Section- This section provides businessmen and people interested in business with information on banking, foreign exchange rates, imports and exports, and prices of prime commodities.

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Business software pages and what they can do for a business?

Time and attendance software allows users to easily track their employees' time and identify issues regarding loss of productivity and absenteeism. The best software for your company depends mainly on the number of employees you want to track. Features Software that helps employers keep track (MORE)

What is the average number of pages in a newspaper?

A large daily paper is approximately 40 pages in volume in the United States. A Sunday paper is approximately six times that size. The reason is that, by consumer habits, most people buy the Sunday paper most often and advertisers buy the most space on that day.

Parts of Front page of newspaper?

There are several parts to the front page of a newspaper. Some ofthese parts are, skybox, ear, byline, lead, columns, headline,dates, index, and photos.

What is a front page article in a newspaper?

The articles the editor the newspaper thinks are most important are put on the first (front) page and the subject of the most important among these is in the big title (headline) at the top of the first page. Traditional newspapers (not tabloids) are folded in the middle such that the top half of (MORE)

What is the meaning of a 'byline' in a newspaper?

A byline is simply a reference to the author of an individual story. Journalists generally covet "Page 1" bylines for important stories. "Getting your byline" in top publications like the New York Times is the goal of a vast number of working journalism professionals. Below, I've included an e (MORE)

What goes on the front page of a newspaper?

The most important things go on the front page, in the view ofthe Editor. It is usually a major new, news item, but thepriorities for one newspaper are not necessarily those ofanother. . (This was flagged for improvement: I have retained the firstsentence but qualified it by adding the words "in th (MORE)

Newspaper page make up and its importance?

Newspaper makeup" is defined as the design of a newspaper page or the manner in which pictures, headlines and news stories are arranged on a page. The objectives of newspaper makeup areas follows: . To indicate the importance of the news l To make the page easy to read l To make the page attractive (MORE)

What do you mean The business of business is business?

I belive it's originally a quote of management specialist Peter Drucker. It means that you can not and should not expect individual businesses to include e.g. social or environmental considerations in their decision making BEYOND what is required by the law. You get optimal resource allocation in so (MORE)

What is a business section in newspapers?

It contains business profiles and news reports about the state ofcommerce. You can often find reports about new inventions,innovation, and advances in technology. Stock reports appear in thebusiness section. It will include statistics and profiles of peoplewho have made an impact on the economy.

What are the parts of newspaper and their meaning and examples?

A. Front Page - Freshest news both local and international B. Editorial - What the editor or publisher thinks about animportant issue C. Business Page - Important business news D. Classified Ads - Jobs available, house lots for rent or forsale, pets for sale, etc. E. Sports Page - Latest on sports o (MORE)

How to read business newspapers?

If you have no interest in the news being reported it is boring and tiresome to read. I would suggest following the business news of your carmaker, supermarket, computer maker etc. The businesses that you currently patronise.. Start gradually and have a business dictionary next to you for the busin (MORE)

Can you have a business fan page and not have a personal page?

No. You can not create a fan page unless you signed up for a personal account in facebook. Your personal account will be the admin of the page for your business. If you don't want to sign up in facebook but need to have a fan page I suggest you hire a social media marketer to manage all the stuff in (MORE)

Parts of front page of a newspaper?

nameplate ears folio line cut credit line column headline streamer or banner byline cut line fold Editorial Page Entertainment Page Obituary Classified Ads Business News Sports Page Inamaw Binuang

How do you make a facebook page for a business?

Depending upon whether you want to make a static landing page or a flash page will determine how you approach this For a standard facebook page for business follow these instructions: 1. Add the Static FBML App. The tabs at the top of your Facebook Fan Page are apps. Some, like your wall and (MORE)

When does the mini page come in the newspaper?

The Mini Page appears in about 500 newspapers around the country and a few abroad. Each paper decides which day of the week they'll run the page. For instance, The Washington Post runs it on Sunday, as part of its Sunday comics section. Contact your local paper to find out which day The Mini Page ap (MORE)

What is the meaning of 'a straight lead' in a newspaper?

The meaning of straight lead in a newspaper would be lead that are in pencils and you could sell in a store of $200.00 dollars for a profit. P.S: Don't think i now this cause i studied this in my History Classes in Collage. :)

Why are business newspapers have a difference in color?

Some business newspapers may be into environmentally safe ways to produce their newspapers and use recycled paper that can cause ink to look a pale color; other business newspapers may differ in color if they use a high quality paper and ink.

What is editorial page in a newspaper?

An editorial page in a newspaper is where the opinion columns and letters to the editor are printed. They're called "editorials" because the managing editor is traditionally the person who writes them.

What are the part of the newspaper and it's meaning?

Local or area news: all the general news from the newspaper's circulation area. World and national news: wire stories from other newspapers of broad interest. Features: "soft" news about people and events that are of interest to the readership. Features includes the weekly food section and entertai (MORE)

What are the risks facing newspaper business?

Newspapers provides us wide range of informations. But sometimes newspapers only show the headlines of particular thing and tries to repeat it in future. This should not be happen. News in papers should not make a small argument a big issue. It should gives everyone equal rights.

How can you get a business added to the yellow pages?

First one would need to visit the webpage for YellowPages. Next, one would need to look for the 'create a free listing page'. Finally, one would need to type in the pertinent information about their business such as basic things like the primary business telephone number and the address of the busin (MORE)

What is the Business Yellow Pages used for?

The Business Yellow Pages is printed annually and therefore gives an up to date listing of all businesses in the locality of the Yellow Pages edition. It allows individuals to search for businesses under different sections, such as plumbers or hairdressers. The address and phone number can then be (MORE)

Which newspaper has the best business news articles?

Newspapers that are widely respected for their business news coverage are The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Financial Times. Additionally, The Independent and The Guardian have excellent business analysis though the judgement of which is best would rest with which political viewpoint one held.

How important is the business page in the newspaper?

It depends. If you are a businessperson, you absolutely need the business page, and in our internet culture, it can now be updated frequently throughout the day. But for many businesspeople, they don't just rely on the business page-- they rely on a newspaper like the Wall Street Journal because it (MORE)

What are the features on a front page newspaper called?

If you are referring to a printed newspaper, the front page often has two parts: what is placed "above the fold" and then the rest of the front page (this refers to the fact that most newspapers are folded in half, and the "above the fold" story is what your eyes would see first if you were walking (MORE)

What was on the front page of the newspaper in 2002?

It's impossible to answer this question, because each city and each state (assuming you are discussing the United States) would have had different front page stories every day. The front page is where the day's biggest news stories (both local and national) are placed; so without knowing more about (MORE)

What is the meaning of business section of the newspaper?

For centuries, readers of newspapers have been interested in what is going on in the business community. The business section tells us more about the economy of a country, about financial transactions that can affect the job market, about what is happening with the stock market, which executives a (MORE)