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The overall purpose of MIS is to provide profitability and related information to help managers and staff understand business performance and plan its future direction.


1. MIS is always management oriented and keeps in view every level of management and gets the desired information.
2. Integrated - refers to how diff components(sub systems) are actually tied up together. eg: diff departments of organization linked together.
3. Useful for planning - as every organization makes log-term and short-term plans with the help of information like sales & production, capital investments, stocks etc management can easily plan..
4. Effective MIS helps the management to know deviations of actual performance from pre-set targets and control things.
5. its important for increasing efficiency.
6.MIS provides updated results of various departments to management.
7.MIS is highly computerized so it provides accurate results.
8.MIS adds to the intelligence, alertness, awareness of managers by providing them information in the form of progress and review reports of an ongoing activity.
9.Helps managers in decision- making.
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What is MIS?

Managment Information System It has been described as, "MIS 'lives' in the space that intersects technology and business. MIS combines tech with business to get people the information they need to do their jobs better/faster/smarter. Information is the lifeblood of all organizations - now more than (MORE)

Why MIS is important?

Management Information Systems (MIS) not only include software systems, but the entire set of business processes and resources that are used to pull together information from functional or tactical systems. Data is then presented in a user-friendly and timely manner so that mid and upper-level manag (MORE)

What is weakness of MIS?

1.highly senstive requires constant monitoring. 2.buddgeting of MIS extremely difficult. 3.Quality of outputs governed by quality of inputs. 4.lack of flexiblity to update itself. 5.effectiveness decreases due to frequent changes in top management 6.takes into account only qualitative fact (MORE)

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Importance of MIS?

The overall purpose of MIS is to provide profitability and related information to help managers and staff understand business performance and plan its future direction.

How does an MIS work?

Prepare a organization related reports for all kpi, comparison of lmtd to mtd, what's their ach %, what's their growth on lm, prepare a different types report, if u have on telecom sector, always prepare a gas report i..e market share report, plenty of types to be prepared.

MIS and its advantages?

PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW THE ADVANTAGES AND DISAVANTAGES OF MIS. ADVANTAGES- MIS can show you where is your profit / sale / cost etc. coming from. used diff. dimensions for smooth analyses . DISAVANTAGES - MIS is usually a robust solution with many interfaces so any change in organisation or SW has (MORE)

What are types of mis?

Management information systems are those systems that allow managers to make decisions for the successful operation of businesses. Management information systems consist of computer resources, people, and procedures used in the modern business enterprise. The term MIS stands for management inf (MORE)

What is the MIS?

An information system that integrates data from all the departments it serves and provides operations and management with the information they require and helpful in decision making.

What is Mi?

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Advantages of mis?

An MIS provides the following advantages. 1. It Facilitates planning : MIS improves the quality of plants by providing relevant information for sound decision - making . Due to increase in the size and complexity of organizations, managers have lost personal contact with the scene of operations. 2. (MORE)

Three key resources in MIS are information information technology and people Which of these resources is the most important?

This may not be the professor's view of the correct answer, but from the point of view of this senior MIS person, the information itself is the most crucial element. If the computers are destroyed, they can be replaced. If the staff all walk out, more can be hired. But if the information is erased o (MORE)

What does mi mean?

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What is the importance of MIS in an organization?

Modern business is spurred on by technology and innovation. The driving force behind these two things is information and how it is used. For decades, business used information as a strategic tool to grow customer base, market share, cut costs and to gain the overall target of increased profits and e (MORE)

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Mis in banking?

in bank it means a management ,information and system which help in decision making in banks,,,,

What does mis mean?

MIS is an abbreviation that may stand for many names. One of them is Management Information System , a system that provides information needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively.

What is mis and examples of mis?

MIS stands for Management Information Systems. These include allthe systems that can be used to organize, store and distribute dataover a great audience using computers, databases and otherlibraries. They assist the company to perform work moreefficiently.

What are the components of MIS?

Components of MIS:-. 1) Marketing Research System (MRS). 2) Marketing Intelligence System (MIS). 3) Internal Recoed System (IRS). 4) Dission Support System (DSS).

How is MIS Importance for HR department?

MIS in human resource function deals with routine activities like attendance recording and payroll calculations. The operational level activities also include maintaining the employee records which is used as a basis for strategic layers. With the growing importance of human resource management and (MORE)

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Need of mis?

due to the change in government policies,change in business size,growth rate, customers changing preference,intense level of competition, the top business managers and operation control level are constantly facing complex problems.To solve such problems and find an appropriate solution the organisat (MORE)

What is balanced mis?

From management point of view the balanced MIS is an approach to performance measurement that combines traditional financial measures with non-financial measures to provide managers with richer and more relevant information about activities they are managing.

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What are the challenges of MIS?

Challenges in studying MIS: Some of the distinguishing challenges that the people face while planning, using or approvingmanagement information systems are: • MIS requires a wide variety of knowledge areas including accounting, finance, marketing andmanufacturing. Therefore having both techn (MORE)

How do you spell mi?

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Functions of mis?

Management Information System ( MIS ) is a subset of the overall internal controls of a business covering the application of people, documents, technologies, and procedures by management accountants to solving business problems such as costing a product, service or a business-wide strategy. Managem (MORE)

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How old a mi?

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What are the characteristics of MIS?

Characteristics of MIS: 1. Management oriented: The system is designed form the top to work downwards. It does not mean that the system is designed to provide information directly to the top management. Other levels of management are also provided with relevant information. 2. Management directed: M (MORE)

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What is evolution of MIS?

evolution of MIS or Management Information System: The MIS is an evolving concept. When the concept of of MIS was first introduced, many proponents envisioned a single, highly integrated system that would bring together processing for all organisation functions. Its evolution start with the INFORMAT (MORE)

What are limitations of MIS?

- The expense to create and implement an MIS. - Training time for employees - Lack of flexibility - Capturing wrong or incomplete information - Budgeting of Budgeting extremely difficult - Highly sensitive and requires constant monitoring

Explain in detail the necessity and importance of Systems Design in MIS?

The business application system demands designing of systems suitable to the application in project. The major steps involved in the system design of Management Information Systems(MIS) are the following: Input Design - Input design is defined as the input requirement specification as per a fo (MORE)

What are Characteristics of MIS?

MIS is a monthly income scheme in post office in which you get 8 % interest and the interest is paid monthly . foe 1 lakh rs you get 666 per month . maximum dep limit for single a/c is 450000 and for joint a/c it is 900000 period for 6 years . characteristic of MIS. 1.Management oriented. 2. (MORE)

What are the goals of mis?

operational efficiency . functional effectiveness . quality customer service . product certain and enhancement . altering the basis of competition . identifying and exploiting business opportunities . client look in . leveraging your investment in information technology

What is MIS System?

It stands for management information system or management information services, and is pronounced as separate letters. It provides information that is needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively, as well as organize and run them. Management information systems involve technology, peop (MORE)

What is MIS Reports?

Usually MIS is the abbreviation for Monthly Income Statement. This is merely the Income Statement that shows the company's income for the period of one month.

What is output from MIS?

Transfers the processed information to the people who will use itor to the activities for which it will be used; part of theactivities in an information system that help organizations makedecisions, control operations, analyze problems, and create newproducts.

What is MI money?

Do you mean M1 (M-one)? It is one of several metrics for the money supply of an economy (a country) - how much money there is all together. M0 is cash, M1 is cash + bank deposits + foreign currency (broadly speaking), there are also a few others. See related Wikipedia link.

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What is the importance of MIS to new company?

Management information system (MIS) has most importance for every new company. Every company needed all information about employ, work, etc to management of their companies. MIS is the system that provide information to the company.

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How do you Establishing MIS?

To establish MIS applications budget, a company must determine development costs, maintenance cost, development time, and operational life for each MIS project, or system. In most organizations, the MIS must be presented to a group of skeptical senior executives.