What is the difference between personal liability insurance and general liability insurance?

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Personal Liability insurance is purchased by individuals and is normally included as part of a residential insurance policy, such as a Homeowners, Condo or Tenants package. It provides the insured with protection against lawsuits from third parties arising from the ownership and/or occupancy of the residence, including the personal actions of insured persons (eg. a visitor to the residence slips and falls on the front walkway due to a build up of ice/snow).
General Liability insurance is the common abbreviation used in the industry to refer to "Commercial General Liability" insurance. A Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy is purchased by a business and provides protection against claims by third parties for Bodiliy Injury and Property damage arising from the operations of the insured. Example: ABC Construction Inc. wins a contract to construct a new office building. During construction one of ABC's employees drops a hammer which hits a passing pedestrian on the head. The pedestrian sues ABC Construction for his/her injuries. ABC's general liability insurer will defend ABC in the lawsuit and pay any judgment which may be rendered against ABC (up to the policy limit).
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Did commercial general liability insurance replace comprehensive general liability insurance?

There is no such thing as a "comprehensive" general liability policy. It is "commercial" to differentiate it from personal-lines coverage. It is commercial general liability policy, or CGL; a generally standard group of coverages, exclusions, limits. This is different than a manafest policy where co (MORE)

What is general liability insurance?

Usually this is insurance taken out by a business to protect against the risk of being sued - or held liable - for damage or injury that occur while they're conducting their business

What is the difference between farm liability insurance and vacant land general liability insurance?

Farm Liability is often a Farm Comprehensive Personal Liability coverage form and generally covers the land on which you farm as well as the products which you produce as a farmer. It covers the personal liability for the insured(s) as well as the farm exposures. There is some off-farm property cove (MORE)

What does general liability insurance cover?

The amount of coverage and the specifics of coverage will vary from policy to policy. In general liability insurance will cover damages to individuals or entities other than the insured individual. For example, in auto insurance liability insurance will provide for individuals injured in an accident (MORE)

What is the difference between a named insured and an additional insured on a general liability policy?

Attorneys will often say there is no difference, when it comes to extending coverage for legal liability. However, depending the specific additional form used there might be substanial differences in the portion of the general liabilty policy that is extended to the named insured versus the addition (MORE)

What is the different between employers liability and workmen compensation insurance?

Workers compensation is considered a sole remedy for first party injuries occurring at work. WC pays for the employees hospital bills and indemnity (payroll while off work). This is designed so the employee does not have to sue the employer to have bills paid. This also precludes the employee from (MORE)

Can you get general contractors liability insurance by the job?

The companies I work with have a minimum earned premium of 25%. So technically you can buy it by the job but it will cost you a lot more than if you kept the policy for the year. As of August 2012 there are now per job policies available to contractors in about half of the states in the US.

What is the cost of 5000000 General liability insurance?

Most insurance companies will write 1,000,000 per occurrence with a 2,000,000 aggregate. If you wanted a total of 5,000,000 you would need a 4,000,000 umbrella/excess liability policy. But to answer your question it depends on the type of risk.

What is the difference between Comprehensive General Liability insurance and Public and Products Liability insurance?

The correct term is COMMERCIAL GENERAL LIABILITY. The term Comprehensive General Liability is a old term that was at one time used as well as Public and Products Liability. These terms are often used to mean the same ideal. Over the years the legal profession will contunuie to use them in a written (MORE)

What is General Commercial Liability Insurance?

Commercial GL covers your business for damages alledged by a thirdparty including bodily injury and property damage. When you start acompany, you should purchase GL insurance when you have any of thefollowing : Sales, assets, employees, a physical location.

What is the difference between directors and officers insurance and employment practices liability insurance?

Employment Practices Liability is coverage for the employer against the employee for Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment etc.. Directors & Officers coverage protects the Directors and Officers of corporations and other entities against legal judgments and related expenses result (MORE)

What does commercial general liability insurance covers?

The answer is found in the insuring agreement of the policy. It states that the company(insurance carrier) will pay all sums the insured is legally obligated to pay for bodily injury and property damage to which this insurance "applies"caused by an occurence in the coverage territory. However you mu (MORE)

What is contractor's general liability insurance?

Contractor's general liability insurance is, essentially, "malpractice" insurance for general contractors. That is, it provides indemnity for a party who has sustained compensable injuries for the negligent act or omission of a general contractor. Like other liability insurance, this type provides (MORE)

What does general liability insurance provide?

GL Insurance provides your company defense and settlement costs forlawsuits alledging damages coming from a third party that you havesomehow financially harmed. This can be bodily injury or damagedproperty. GL Insurance is subject to many exclusions so make sureyou work with your broker to understan (MORE)

What is the difference between liability insurance and directors and officers liability insurance?

If you mean the difference between General Liability (GL) and Director's and Officer's Liability (D&O), GL typically covers your products, premises and operations, advertising and personal injury liability. D&O covers the liability arising from the operations and decisions of the directors and offic (MORE)

What is the Difference between professional indemnity insurance and professional liability insurance?

The terms professional indemnity (PI) and professional/public liability (PL) differ in that PI covers for errors, omissions and neglect regarding advice, designs or plans that you put forward that lead to a financial loss or injury to your client. PL covers the public against any injury that is caus (MORE)

What is a composite rate in general liability insurance?

This is a rate established at the beginning of a policy period. It is a rate based on the "average" of the same type of classes or work-such as all restaurant work, etc. This type of policy is normally audited at the end of the policy term to adjust for additons or deletions of coverage throughout t (MORE)

What is the difference between liability insurance and being bonded?

The largest difference between insurance and bonding is that whenyou have an insurance claim, the carrier pays out the claim thenbills you for the deductible. Bonding is different, and is creditbased. The bonding carrier is extending you a credit capacity up tothe bond amount. If your bond is garnis (MORE)

How is general liability insurance different from public liability insurance?

Technically, there is no difference between the two, besides thefact that many of the public and product liability risks are oftencovered together under a general liability policy. These risks mayinclude bodily injury or property damage caused by direct orindirect actions of the insured. You can re (MORE)

What is Commercial General Liability Insurance for tenants?

I am assuming you mean a tenant in a commercial building as opposed to a residential tenant (i.e. apartment dweller).. A tenant in a commercial building will typically be a business of some sort (eg. a Retailer located in a shopping Mall, or a manufacturer who rents a warehouse or plant, etc.). Wha (MORE)

What is the difference between lessor's risk insurance and property liability insurance?

Lessors risk coverage is for the owner of a property that leasing it to a tenant and needs a policy to cover their interest in the building and liability for third party claims. Property liability or general liability is typically included under the lessors risk policy and protects the owner from cl (MORE)

If you have Professional liability insurance why do you need general liability insurance?

Professional liability insurance will protect you against lawsuits arising from your actual professional services rendered. Suppose you have a consulting business, and you are sued for providing incorrect information, that would be a professional liability. Insurance agents and accountants need a si (MORE)

What happens if a contractor does not have general liability insurance?

The contractor may not be able to qualify for jobs, as most principals require proof of insurance as a condition of the contract; this is especially true for public sector jobs. If the contractor is responsible for damage to the property owner or others who would otherwise have been within the ambi (MORE)

When is general liability insurance required?

General liability insurance is required for your business as soonas you have something to protect, whether that be assets, sales,employees, a building, etc. We recommend you buy general liability insurance once you have alocation, sales, employees, or anything to lose. GL Insurance helps you prote (MORE)

What is personal umbrella liability insurance?

So does that mean you cannot get an umbrella liability policywithout having some primary coverage first? I am a landlord. Let'ssay I am not concerned about property damage or fire loss, justliability. Is there any type of insurance I can buy just forliability? _______________________________________ (MORE)

What is the difference between an additional insured and a certificate holder professional liability insurance?

The same as on all insurance policies. An additional insured is someone who is also insured along with you on the policy. A certificate holder is someone that you have an obligation to provide your proof of coverage. The certificate holder will also be notified of all policy changes, lapses, c (MORE)

What is the minimum on general liability insurance?

Do you mean minimum price? Usually $500 for a one year policy, fora company with nearly no risk and very little sales. Policy pricingis based on tons of different factors. Check out the intro to GLinsurance link I posted onto this discussion.

Does general liability insurance cover theft?

No. When you get liability insurance, you are basically getting insurance for everyone else on the road that you may cause damage to. It does nothing to protect you from theft, vandalism ect.

What is the difference between liability insurance and full coverage?

Liability insurance pays for someone else's damages if an accident is your fault but won't cover your vehicle. Full coverage provides liability insurance as above but will also cover your damages to your own vehicle in an accident regardless of whose at fault, as well as theft, fire, etc.

How important is general liability insurance?

It is extremely important to purchase general liabilty insurancebecause if not, your business will have to pay to defend itselffrom lawsuits out of pocket. Unfortunately even unmerited orfrivilous lawsuits can be costly to defend against. Liability insurance is priced based on risk so if you dont h (MORE)

Is personal liability insurance useful?

"Personal liability insurance can be useful for some people. It protects against financial losses if you are sued for slander, defamation, invasion of privacy, etc. People such as journalists and private investigators usually purchase it."

Where can you get general liability insurance for pro wrestling?

Just Ask your insurance Agent. There are plenty of companies that will underwrite risks in the Sporting and Sports Entertainment industries. General Liability is designed to protect you and your business from certain claims, you may want to consider Medical and Personal Injury coverage for the Wr (MORE)

What is covered for personal liability insurance?

Personal liability insurance provides additional coverage to other insurance policies. Without personal liability insurance, any thing that one's home or car insurance could not cover, one would have to pay out of pocket. Personal liability insurance will cover those fines.

What are the average general liability insurance rates?

There are too many factors to take into consideration before this question can be answered successfully.The first issue is the size of the company. Different sized companies will require different level insurance rates.Another issue is country. Insurance rates will be higher in some countries than i (MORE)

What does comprehensive general liability insurance cover?

Comprehensive general liability insurance covers businesses against many liability exposures of a business. Comprehensive general liability insurance coverage includes completed operations, elevators, independent contractors, and more.