What is the deadline date to file 2008 tax return when an extension was filed by the 2009 deadline?

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October 15th 2009
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Can you file taxes after the deadline?

Answer . \nAbsolutely. In fact you must. Sooner the better obviously, but, late filing isn't even penalized that badly (if at all if you have a reasonable cause excuse),

If you don't owe any taxes do you have to file for an extension just to file the paperwork after the April deadline?

No, you don't need to file an extension if you don't owe the IRS any money. You only need to file an extension if you need more time to pay. The current law is you have thr

What is the date to file tax returns on extension?

For individuals and families, the tax extension deadline is October 15, which gives you a 6 month extension of time to file your taxes from the April 15 tax deadline. You can

What is the deadline for filing individual income tax returns?

Understanding, filing and paying are 2 different things.. You must pay, through withholding or estimated payments, through the year (basically at least quarterly). The amount

How do you request an extension of the deadline for filing your tax return?

You can get an automatic six-month extension of the deadline for filing your income tax return. To request an extension, submit Form 4868 (Application for Extension of Time

What do you do if you get a tax for 1099 that you did not expect after the deadline for filing taxes?

To correct an error on the original filed income tax return you will have to use the 1040X Amended Individual Income tax return available by going to the IRS gov web site and

What happens if you don't file taxes by the deadline?

If you don't file your taxes and are due a refund, the U.S. Treasury simply keeps your "donation." However, if you owe additional tax, file your return right away. The penalti