What is the circulation of cosmopolitan magazine in the US?

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That is 2.6 million in the US alone.
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What magazine has the largest circulation in the US?

The Watchtower magazine has a circulation of about 37 million each month worldwide. This makes the Watchtower the largest circulated Magazine in the world. The second largest

Which US president appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine?

Gerald Ford, April 1942 seems the best answer. The caption says that Phyllis Brown was the model for the girl in picture and that Gerald Ford was the man. Ford did some wor

Cosmopolitan Magazine - Where is Cosmopolitan Magazine located in Paris France?

Cosmopolitan magazine is made in the USA. the philosophy of Cosmopolitanism was developed by Socrates ( I am not a Greek or an Athenian, but a citizen of the World!- hence a C