What is the abbreviation for companies?

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The abbreviation for companies has traditionally been "co" or "cos". It is not unusual for the official registered name to include the abbreviation.

What can you do for this company?

i can work as the job concerns and do my best and give my best so that i can contribute 1 step ahead to you. i will be an asset to this company because i will keep clients satisfied with the work i do and that what attracts customers to this organization and make them wanting more that would profit off me working here i would satisfy customers and make sure that my work was effective and that would ensure the clients are healthier and feel more secure this corporation needs a person like me to make it a better place to live and work i can make the work place and community look more attractive and appealing to clients that work make the appearance more suitable for people to live and work i'm a perfectionist i would maintain a clean and well organized work setting to make it look more appealing to customers this appearance attracts clients to request more services when they demand the work to be done i would do it. i will maintain a organized work environment that would keep clients requesting more services by making my work look appealing to customers and i would make a good impression for this company i would make sure that i optimized my work and made it look more appealing to clientele and i would attract customers to come to your company and use your services

What is a company?

A group of people who come together to discuss about things or just have fun. A company is also like "The hershey company" etc. there are alot of different type of companies.

What is an abbreviation?

Abbreviation An abbreviation is a way to shorten a word to save space. For example Ave. stands for Avenue and Apt. stands for apartment. An abbreviation (from Latin brevis "short") is a shorter form of a word . More particularly, an abbreviation is a letter or group of letters, taken from a word or words, and employed to represent them for the sake of . For example, the word "abbreviation" can be abbreviated as "abbr." or "abbrev."

What does IT companies do?

Answer . There are different types of IT (Information Technology) companies. Some deal in IT (computers, networks, hardware and software) sales and service, installation. Some companies deal in design of IT products inlcuding hardware and software. Some IT companies provide internet related services like website development and hosting websites on their servers.. - Neeraj Sharma

What is the abbreviation for company?

Co. is a typical abbreviation for company. The most accepted abbreviation for company is co. It is usuallycapitalized in use, such as Best Tractor Co. or Honeywell HeatingSpecialty Co.

What is abbreviation?

It is the shortened or contracted form of a word, a reduction inlength and/or the act or result of abbreviating

How do you abbreviate the name of a company?

Abbreviations for an incorporated entity include Co., Inc., andCorp. Company abbreviation formats can vary, as they sometimesappear as acronyms, which are formed by taking the first letter ofeach word in the company name to form an abbreviated term.

What can you do to our company?

During a job interview, the hiring manager may ask what thecandidate can do for their company. The candidate should answerwith the kinds of contributions they have made in their previousjobs, and how they plan to do even more in the new position.

What is the abbreviation FOR?

There is no abbrevation for for. There is a FOR loop which is a programming language statement that allows code to be repeated. *.for is a filename extension for FORTRAN, a computer programming language.

Company what is the abbreviation for lake minnetonka?

Land o' Lakes Cooperative is named for Lake Minnetonka. This is amember owned agricultural cooperative that is famous for its butterand margarine. It is ranked third on the National Cooperative Banktop 100 list and is one of the largest producers of butter andcheese in the United States.

Abbreviation for companies?

The word companies could be abbreviated in several ways. However,the most popular way would be written as "co" or "comp".

What is am an abbreviation of?

"Am" is not an abbreviation. It is a conjugation of the verb "tobe". AM (as in radio) is an abbreviation for "amplitude modulation." a.m. (as in time of day) is an abbreviation for ante meridiem , literally "before noon."

What is an At-Will Company?

It is a company that has put in it's policy and procedures employee manual a line that reads: "Either the employee or employer may terminate the employee-employee relationship at any time and/or for any reason." The caveat is that there can be no discrimination involved when terminating an employee. This policy appears to protect the employer more than the employee. The employee will simply resign without giving notice. Many courts will uphold this policy as long as there was no discrimination of any sort involved. T. Recio Consulting

What are abbreviations?

Abbreviations are short forms of a full word. Some examples are: Post Office P.O. doctor dr. bachelor of science B.S. avenue ave. mister Mr.

How do you abbreviate who has?

whose that answer is incorrect. The abbr. or contraction for who has is who's, and it is also the abb. for who is ( who's) Who has (who's) Who is (who's) whose is possesive, or shows ownership, e.g., whose jacket was stolen? Whose car is this?

What is the abbreviation for avenues?

Seriously? You should know this but ill tell you anyways just to help Avenue Ave. - abbreviation Hope this helps! Remember, dont forget to Learn!

What is IT an abbreviation for?

IT is an abbreviation for the words Information Technology. It can also be semi shortened to info tech , information tech or info technology. Information technology is usually something to do with computers. hope this helps... =D

What is the abbreviation of 'you are'?

The contraction of "you are" is you're . An abbreviation is a shortened form often followed by a period. A contraction follows a spoken form of a word pair by omitting one or more letters (e.g. you've, he's, won't ).

What is the abbreviation of am?

Anti Meridian - for times after midnight and before noon. . Amplitude Modulation - signal processing and radio transmission (AM radio).

What is the abbreviation for there are?

There are does not have an accepted contracted form. Many people use there're to shorten this phrase, but this contraction is incorrect (not to mention very difficult to pronounce).

How do you abbreviate what has?

"what's" the context determines how the apostrophe is interpreted. Examples: What's the going price for apples? (What is) What's Bob been doing lately. (What has)

Why do companies use abbreviations for their names like GMAC?

Suppose in the New York stock exchange in Wall Street, the full company name flashed across to stock brokers who are frantically trying to sell and buy stock shares. By using abbreviations, it reduces the need for a lengthy name and makes it easier for stock exchange to occur quickly. Much like how one would address someone "Mr. Smith" instead of "Mister Smith."

What company does the psx abbreviation stand for?

On the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) PSX refers to Phillips 66 which is a company in the oil and gas industry. PSX may also refer to the original Sony PlayStation, with the X taking the place of the common numbering system of the PlayStation names, i.e. PS2 and PS3.

What is a abbreviations?

An abbreviation is a shortened version of a word. Example: MBA = Masters in Business Administration. MBA is an abbreviation. Isn't and aren't are contractions but could technically be called abbreviations because the apostrophes replace one or two letters. " Assoc. " is an abbreviation for association. USA is and abbreviation for the United States of America and UK is an abbreviation for the United Kingdom. No. is an abbreviation for number. Usually any word with a full stop directly after it is an abbreviation (unless it is at the end of a sentence...) Hope this helps :)

Gander Mt is abbreviated for what company?

Gander Mt is an abbreviation for Gander Mountain Company. It is a company that specializes in fishing services and products. Bait and reels are available for sale here.

What is an abbreviator?

In its simplest form, an abbreviator can simply refer to a person who abbreviates. It also refers to one of a college of 72 officers of the pope's court whose job it is to give a synopsis of a petition, before expanding it into an official form.

What is company?

The word company can refer to a commercial business or a term thatmeans people you associate with.

How do you abbreviate what will?

What Will abbreviated is "What'll" ! Example Sentence is in order:"What'll Dinie Slothouber do without her love, Mitch Longley"?