What is the Highest value banknote in current general circulation in the world?

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The most valuable banknotes in current circulation (exchange rates as of Nov, 2010) are :
  • 10,000 Singapore Dollar note (US$7,700)
  • 1,000 Swiss Franc note (US$1,000)
  • 1,000 Singapore Dollar note (US$770)
  • 500 Euro note (US$680)

Although the SGD$10,000 notes are expensive, anyone can walk into a bank to buy/exchange them. It is accepted in all retail outlets, and can especially be seen transacted at casinos in Singapore and the region.
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What is the current value of 1 million Argentina peso ley banknote in US Dollars?

The present Peso : One Argentinian Peso (ARS) = US$1. (1991 to present) Last change: ARS1 = 10,000 Australes (1985-1991) Change before: Austral1 = 1000 Pesos Argentino (

What is the highest valued circulating banknote in the world?

Thw single highest circulating banknote is the Singapore Dollar $10,000 banknote, worth about US$ 8,100 (as of April, 2011). It can be changed at all banks in Singapore and

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What banknotes are in circulation in Israel?

Israel uses its own currency: the New Israeli Shekel. Currently, there 20 NIS, 50 NIS, 100 NIS, and 200 NIS bills in circulation.