What is proprietary trading?

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Proprietary trading Proprietary trading is a term used in investment banking to describe when a bank trades stocks, bonds, options, commodities, or other items with its own money as opposed to its customers' money, so as to make a profit for itself. Although investment banks are usually defined as businesses which assist other business in raising money in the capital markets (by selling stocks or bonds), in fact most of the largest investment banks make the majority of their profit from trading activities.
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What is a proprietary colony?

A colony ran by one or more private land owners that retain the rights that are normally the privilege of the state, and in all cases, eventually become so.

What is Proprietary Government?

Proprietary Governments are goverenments in which the colonist finds land and then the king grants permission for the colonist to own or use the land.

What is the meaning of proprietary?

1. belonging to a proprietor. 2. being a proprietor; holding property: the proprietary class. 3. pertaining to property or ownership: proprietary wealth. 4. belonging or contr

What is proprietary theory?

The proprietary theory is a theory that is used in accounting. Itinvolves having no separation between the owners when it comes tomatters of accounting.

What is proprietary management?

In the real estate field proprietary management would be when aplace is under control of the owner of the property .Example "Ifyou own and run an apartment complex".

What is a proprietary faction?

Proprietary faction is defined as relating to a title holder or anowner. It is when something is privately owned and run asorganization that makes a profit.

What is proprietariness?

Proprietariness is 1) the desire to become a proprietor or 2) the aptness to be declared a proprietary good.

What is proprietary sauce?

Proprietary sauces are sauces bottled and sold under a proprietary label following food laws.

What is a proprietary brand?

Proprietary Brands is defined as a given brand name that isdeveloped and marketed as an exclusive brand to a retailer that canbe targeted to a specific consumer segment. For e
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What is proprietary music?

It is music that somebody owns the rights to. Not a whole song, but a certain tone or gingle for a specific company or product could be seen as proprietary.

Is HTML proprietary?

In general it isn't, but some tags were invented by particular companies to work only on their browsers. Netscape and Microsoft invented a lot of tags that only work on their

What is proprietary yeast?

Proprietary yeast is yeast that has been manufactured specifically for a brewery, or has been originated by the brewery itself. A significant amount of flavor is produced dir