What is indirect equity and what do you mean by indirect equity investment?

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  1. Can be acquired by placing funds in investment companies(such a mutual fund). The investment company pools resources of many investors and reinvest them in common stock (or other investments).
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What is foreign indirect investment?

from inverstorwords.com:. A way of investing in real estate without actually investing in the property. Indirect investment can be done in many ways, including securities , funds , or private equity . Most investors interested in indirect investme. from inverstorwords.com:. A way of inves (MORE)

What does equity mean?

In regards to home ownership and property, equity can be seen as: Home appraisal value (minus) loan amount (equals) Equity amount It is possible to have negative equity, which can happen when a homeowner buys in a rising market, and there is a price correction, reducing the value of the home apprais (MORE)

What does indirect observation mean?

The members of a population may be small or hard to find. Indirect observation is when it would be easier to observe what the animals left behind, like a nest or tracks, rather than the organism themselves. Ex: If there are 120 nests in an area, you can find the number of swallows by multiplying 120 (MORE)

What is the meaning of equity research?

Equity research is, you guessed it, researching and analyzing equities, or stocks. These stocks trade on various stock markets such as the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, AMEX (which are the main U.S. stock markets) or foreign stock markets.. Equity research analysts are usually employed by financ (MORE)

Is Outboard Investments a private equity firm?

Outboard is domiciled in the Turks and Caicos islands. Primarily engaged in convertible debenture financing of struggling penny cap investments. Also known as death spiral financing.. Often has used Sarasota Courtroom to convert defaulted debt into multiples of original debenture terms.. Outboard (MORE)

What does indirect expenses mean?

Indirect Expenses are those expenses which are incurred after the manufacturing process is over, e.g. selling and distribution expenses, all the administrative expenses, carraige outward, advertisement expenses because they are related indirectlt with the product manufacturing and sales.

What does indirect characterization mean?

when the author doesn't say the characteristics of the character they are implied for example : My cousins never disobey their parents and always say yes and no sir/mam you would be able to imply that they have good manners.

What does equity fund mean?

A stock fund or equity fund is a fund that invests in Equities more commonly known as stocks. Such funds are typically held either in stock or cash, as opposed to Bonds, notes, or other securities. This may be a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund. The objective of an equity fund is long-term gr (MORE)

What does indirect civil contempt mean?

Direct contempt occurs in the presence of the court. Indirectcontempt occurs outside the presence of the court, and Civilcontempt often occurs indirectly.

Compare and contrast direct investment with indirect investment?

As the words suggest, direct investment refers to spending money on an investment where the investor can see/hold a tangible good. For example, you can invest directly by purchasing shares of a company or buying an investment house; these invest are tangible and can be seen.. This is contrasted by (MORE)

What does gender equity mean?

Gender equality refers to equal and fair treatment for both maleand females. This also includes removing gender roles and biases.Kaj Graham is an amazing author who's books focus on removinggender roles to help build equality among the two groups.

What is indirect investing?

Indirect investing means you do not buy directly the underlying, but you buy a derivative instead. For example, instead of buying Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Google, Amazon and some other technology stocks directly, you can buy them by purchasing a related mutual or exchange traded fund. In case of real (MORE)

What is the meaning of equity?

Equity has a few different meanings when dealing with different things such as homes or law. Overall equity means being treated fairly and equal, or having things that are equal.

What does indirect relationships mean?

Indirect means the guy or girl and you are not that strong my advice is talk more even if it's about work/school, family,friends, or whatever just talk more that's how you solve the problem

What does indirect mean?

Indirect means diverging from a straight line/path, not goingstraight to the point,the opposite of direct. It is used to mean a roundabout or covert method of action, interms such as indirect taxes, indirect characterization, orindirect criticism.

Meaning of equity?

Equity is a word that refers to egalitarianism. Basically, it meansthat a person or situation is dealt with fairly and equally.

What is a equity investment?

An equity investment is most commonly the purchase of an ownership interest in a publicly traded or privately held company. It could take the form of common stock or preferred stock. One could also make an equity investment in real estate and other assets.

What does indirect discrimination mean?

Indirect discrimination refers to applying a provision, criterion or practice which disadvantages people of a particular group (defined by sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religious belief or age). Indirect discrimination is illegal if it cannot be justified as a proportionate means of ach (MORE)

What is the difference in direct investing and indirect investing?

Indirect investing refers to a way of investing in real state without actually investing in the property. Indirect investment can be done in many ways, including securities, funds, or private equity. Most investors interested in indirect investment would do so through a company or advisor who has ex (MORE)

What is debt equity means?

It mens that how much share capital of company is employed by using debt by issuing bonds or other debt instruments and how much portion of share capital employed by using capital from the share holders of company which is called equity capital.

What does indirect mean in language arts?

The indirect object is often used right before a direct object and does not follow a preposition, as illustrated in the phrases above. If a preposition is used, then the word becomes the object of that preposition, as in the following, where to and for are prepositions and man and yourself (MORE)

What does indirect distribution mean?

In marketing the channels of distribution have many intermediary is called indirect distribution where the firm supplies to the consumer customer not directly but via multiple channels system through a third party eliminating all responsibilities of the product and services...

Why people are investing in equity market?

Because: a. The Equity market is one of the best asset classes for investment all over the world b. They have been giving returns of atleast 15% or more (on all years except recession periods) in the past 4-5 decades c. They have outperformed all asset classes literally every year (except recessi (MORE)

What is the meaning of an equity firm?

The accepted definition is "one in which the capital of the enterprise consists entirely of equity investment." However, some folks use the term interchangeably with Hedge investing firms, venture capital firms and others. From a humanistic point of view, one could define equity as "fairness" inwhic (MORE)

What does relief in equity mean in lawsuit?

Relief in equity goes back to a time when there were two types of courts, law courts and equity courts. Today, the principle generally refers to non-monetary damages, such as an injunction or specific performance. An in-law suite is a part of a house, usually a bedroom with an attached bathroom, so (MORE)

What does equity release schemes mean?

Equity release schemes are used when someone is looking to earn some cash. They simply use their property to secure the cash, while still getting to use the property.

What does indirect causation mean?

A direct cause is when you can determine beforehand the result: for example a car accident makes a dent on the car, or injures the passengers. An indirect cause is a chain of effects, that are difficult or impossible to predict. Usually the chain involves a human factor. For example a car acci (MORE)

What does American Equity mean?

"American Equity, if described as the equity of the United States, would be the value of the country's assets compared to the amount of debt which exists."

What does the brand equity mean?

"Brand equity is trying to determine how much a brand's name is worth to the product. It's trying to study and determine how much, for example the name ""Dove"" is worth to soap."

What is equity investment in real estate?

An equity investment, on the other hand, represents a residual interest in the property. When you are an equity investor, you are essentially the owner of the property. You stand to gain a lot when the property value increases or if you are able to get more rent for your building.

What is meant by Indirect Investing?

The sale of a good or service by a third-party, such as a partner or affiliate, rather than a company's personnel. Indirect sales can allow a company to increase sales quickly without having to hire more sales personnel. In some cases, however, indirect sales may lead to reduced control of the bran (MORE)

What does indirect mean in literature?

An indirect characterization is when the narrator informs the reader of a characteristic of a character with out directly saying it. This could be through dialogue between characters or an inference the reader makes based on actions of the character.

What does indirect quotations mean?

An indirect quotation is a statement by the writer of what another person said but in the writer's words, not the actual words of the original speaker. For example "Judy said she would drop by after she got off work". A direct quotation uses the exact words of the speaker. for example "'I'll come ov (MORE)

What does home equity florida mean?

Home equity in Florida (or any other state in the country) refers to the net worth of a property, from the point of view of its occupant. It is defined as the market value of the property less any encumbrances on the property.

What is the meaning of equity and trusts?

Equity is a set of legal principals following the English common law convention and mitigates common law allowing courts to use their discretion and trusts are people capable of disposing freely of their property to trustees in form of a will.

What does finance equity mean?

Finance equity refers to the residual claimant or interest of the major type of investors in assets after paying off all the liabilities. Negative equity exists if liability is more than assets.

What does the term 'equity value' means?

Equity value is the value of company available to owners or shareholders. It is the enterprise value plus all cash and cash equivalents, short and long term investments, and less all short term debt.

What does indirect and direct trait mean?

Directly without intermediate, direct and established and theobject of Association,and Indirect when associated with a given object, must be associatedwith a medium, without intermediate medium will not produceassociation.

Is Equity Linked Note Good Investment?

Throughout the financial meltdown the marketplace cost of those equity linked notes rejected seriously and understandably individual traders who checked out their claims grew to become very concerned. They committed to these investments simply because they were advised these were safe and guaranteed (MORE)