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Here are some examples of inappropriate behavior on the site that will be not tolerated:
  • Cursing and inappropriate language

  • Making fun of a user on his/her message board

  • Inappropriate questions and answers

  • Cyberbullying
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How do you prepare kids to deal with finding their narcissistic non-custodial mother's MySpace and photobucket pages filled with profanity drinking and inappropriate behavior?

Answer . YOU can start by monitoring their computer usage first.. It's a shame they found what they did, and you have a big job ahead of you. Maybe you can use this opportunity to explain why you and mom got a divorce in the first place. Take your children's ages into consideration when explaining this and don't do anymore harm than what has already been done. In other words, be fair and adult - don't use this as an opportunity to bash the ex, but at the same time, make it very clear that you don't approve of her behavior. Be a role model.

What do you do if someone is using inappropriate answers for WikiAnswers?

Under each answer, there is a red link that says [report abuse]. Simply click this link, and it will ask you what you would like to report. It will generate an email to alert an admin a problem may be present.

Will Miley Cyrus's inappropriate behavior influence kids to do the same?

Well first of all, lets just be happy those kids arent following in britney's foot steps. But the magority of parents and all people do not think that Miley Cyrus is that innaprpiote. She can sometimes wear bad things, but kids have parents they have gaurdians, They are not just going to love them for 8 years then start letting them wear rags and clown, innaprpiote clothes the next day! Besides Miley Cyrus is pretty young and from watching her show I think she has a pretty protective daddy! Obviously her "Daddy" isn't protective since he let her take those pics. And yes kids do get influenced by Miley's inappropriate behavior because she is their idol, they look up to her and want to be like her.

What is inappropriate subject matter for WikiAnswers - Non-English Language version?

Inappropriate Subject Matter (Non-English Language Version) . Asking for and giving answers that contain: . unlawful or illegal information, like how to break into vehicles or for codes that are meant to be purchased, or how to get someone else's password. . information that can be harmful , like how to make a bomb or how to kill someone. . personal information about celebrities , including where they live, mailing addresses, etc. . pornographic information , such as where to find naked photos or links to pornographic websites . personal information , such as someone's address, phone number, or email address. . These are some examples. If you are in doubt if your question or answer is inappropriate, please ask a supervisor! . Contenido inapropiado en WikiAnswers . Preguntando o dando respuestas que contienen: . información ilegal, como entrar en un vehículo que no es suyo, combinaciones que deben ser compradas, o como encontrar la contraseña de alguna persona. . información que hace daño, como hacer una bomba o como matar a alguien. . información personal de personas famosas, donde viven, la dirección, el teléfono, etc. . información pornográfica, donde se encuentran fotos de personas desnudas o sitios pornográficos en el internet. . información personal, la dirección, el teléfono, la dirección email de alguien. . Estos son ejemplos de malas preguntas. Si no está seguro si su pregunta o respuesta es inapropiada, por favor pregúntele a un supervisor.. Hindi Naangkop na Paksa sa Wiki.Answers . Sa mga tanong at pagbibigay ng sagot na nagtataglay ng: . mga impormasyong labag sa labas at di-makatarungan , tulad ng pakikialam sa sasakyan ng iba o sa madaling salita pagnanakaw at kodigo na bibilhin o pag-alam sa password ng sinuman. . impormasyong maaring magdulot ng kapahamakan, tulad ng paano ang paggawa ng bomba o paano ang pumatay. . impormasyong personal tungkol sa kilalang tao, tulad ng kung saan sila nakatira. . impormasyong may kinalaman sa pornograpiya, tulad ng lugar o websites sa computer kung saan makakakuha ng mga hubad na larawan . anumang impormasyong nauukol sa isang tao, gaya ng tirahan , telepono o email address . Ang mga ito ay mga halimbawa. Kung di-tiyak sa kaangkupan ng mga tanong o sagot, maaring sumangguni sa inyong tagamasid o supervisor.. Demander ou répondre à des questions contenant : . des informations illégales, telles que comment forcer la portière d'une voiture, comment obtenir des codes devant être achetés, comment obtenir les mots de passe d'un autre individu. . des informations pouvant causer du mal, telles que comment fabriquer une bombe ou tuer quelqu'un. . les informations personnelles d'individus célèbres, incluant l'endroit où ils vivent, leur adresse postale, etc. . des informations reliées à du contenu pornographique, telles qu'où trouver des photos de nus ou fournir des liens vers des sites pornographiques. . des informations personnelles, telles que l'adresse, le numéro de téléphone ou l'adresse courriel d'un individu. . Ces points représentent quelques exemples. Si vous n'êtes pas certain si votre question ou réponse est inappropriée, vous êtes priés de vous renseigner à un superviseur.. Note to supervisors: This is a catch-all question. Neither it nor its alternate wordings should be removed. See related questions for more info about catch-all questions..

How do you report an inappropriate response to WikiAnswers?

Tell one of your supervisors who it was and say that they gave you an inappropriate response. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/WikiFAQs:The_WikiAnswers_Super_Team You can also click on the 'Report abuse' link (in red) above the question

Is WikiAnswers a family site and if so why are there so many inappropriate questions?

That only depends on which category you are searching. Any good parent knows that children need to be supervised while on the internet. WikiAnswers is a site that is open to anyone and is constantly monitored by Supervisors with a variety of backgrounds and interests. Obvious obscenity is discouraged and trashed as soon as it is seen. However deciding what is an inappropriate question isn't always as easy a matter to decide as it may seem. My personal opinion on this is that when someone does not know something, they ask. Then, with a bit of luck others chip in with the answer. If the answer is wrong yet others hopefully will correct the error. At times silly and inappropriate answers are posted; these are eventually removed and the contributor may be asked to refrain or be banned off the site. However the concept of inappropriate question is a little hard for me to fathom.

How do you report inappropriate content on WikiAnswers?

Up at the top of the screen underneath the search box, there is a button that says "report abuse." If you click on that it will report the answer.

Why does WikiAnswers have inappropriate answers?

Inapropriate answers are given by users who just want to mess up the site and ruin WikiAnswer's reputation. That is why Vandal Patrol and Supervisors are always on the look out to eliminate these vandals, or "perpetrators". It's just because users think it is fun to write down inappropriate content, and Supervisors and Vandal Patrol Units are always on the look out. Since WikiAnswers is a wiki, where anyone can have imput, people think it is funny to mess up answers, when it is not.

What is an example of an inappropriate question on WikiAnswers that is not an offensive question?

Two examples are asking what a celebrity's house address is, and what their personal telephone number is.

What is inappropriate for WikiAnswers?

There is a complete list of WikiAnswers guidelines in the Help Center: * Community Guidelines* Dispute Resolution* Community Etiquette* Religion & Spirituality Guidelines* Cyberbullying* Privacy Policy * Terms of Use * Plagiarism Policy* What spammers and vandals need to knowView the full list and different guidelines pages here: http://wiki.answers.com/help/help_center

In what way is Helenas behavior inappropriate for Athenian women?

LDK Right answer: Because she is chasing the guy instead of the other way around. He is supposed to be pursuing her but instead she is basically stalking him, which was improper for women in that time :)

Why is it inappropriate to share user names and passwords for unused Webkinz accounts on WikiAnswers?

WikiAnswers will not provide you with accounts for online games. Not only is this against the rules on Webkinz, and the account would be banned, but no WikiAnswers members are allowed to give their Webkinz account on WikiAnswers. This is a violation of the Terms of Use for both WikiAnswers and Webkinz, and anyone who commits such a violation leaves their account subject to termination. You will have to buy your own Webkinz to make an account. It shouldn't be a problem if you really want to play.

Explain the difference between uncharacteristic behaviour and inappropriate behavior?

Uncharacteristic behaviour is when someone acts unlike the way they usually act, say if I was shy and retiring and then one day I jumped on to a table and started dancing and singing, then that would be uncharacteristic behaviour. Whereas inappropriate behaviour is behaviour that is deemed unacceptable in those circumstances, say if i was in an exam and we had to not talk etc, then suddenly i leapt up and started shouting and screaming and ripping up exam papers, that would be inappropriate behaviour because it is 'against the rules' in that particular circumstance.

What are appropriate and inappropriate behaviors in children?

inapropriate would be going on bad websites, asking bad questions and touching themselves in bad places! beware!

Explain the difference between uncharacteristic behaviour and inappropriate behavior in disability?

uncharicteristic behavior is when the person acts and does things that are not like the person to do. as in its not normal behavior that you would expect from said person. inappropriate behavior is when the person does things that are spurned, or unaccepted, or even frowned upon by the said persons caretaker. as in.. the person knows right from wrong, but choose to willingly do wrong.

You got a write up for discussing inappropriate behavior of a fellow employee without first discussing it with a manager Is that legal in North Carolina?

I don't think the topic has much to do with the law. It belongs to the company's policy column and personal judgment. Most companies encourage their employees to first report any un-gentleman-like (harassment, unethical behavior, insults, etc.) behavior to the HR (human resources) or the employee's direct supervisor. The matter will then be out of your hands, so to speak -- you don't need to testify in court or anything like that. It is just an allegation so far, unless you have collected material evidence (a recorded audio or video tape), but that would be silly in that you have spent way too much time, especially company's time, doing things that the HR or the managers should be doing. They should be doing the questioning and interviewing other employees to verify the claim and talking to offending employee. No wonder that they don't like your behavior -- you are doing their job. If the first person you contact does not give you a satisfactory answer/resolution, you have the choice to go to a higher-level manager or the company-designated ombudsman. The company policy should have spelled out the procedure. If the work environment is too offensive and no resolution to your satisfaction, you should consider a transfer or leave. That would be another topic. =====

Why do sisters always steal your computer go on your WikiAnswers account and ask a lot of inappropriate questions?

because they are mean and fill your entire contributions page with very bad questions about sex!!!! and because they are weird. To prevent this, do not give your sister your password, and log out when you walk away.

Why doesn't WikiAnswers block inappropriate questions?

WikiAnswers doesn't 'block' inappropriate questions, but rather stores them so no one can answer an inappropriate question that has already been asked. It is called a 'Catch-All', and it stores all of the inappropriate questions so when a user types in an inappropriate question that has already been asked and merged into that Catch-All, they will get an answer telling them that inappropriate questions are not allowed on WikiAnswers. In a way, WikiAnswers does 'block' inappropriate questions.

What is meant by appropriate and inappropriate behavior when interacting with children the policies and procedures to follow and why these are important?

What is meant by appropriate and inappropriate behaviour when interacting with children the policies and procedures to follow and why these are important?

Is there any correlation between being gay and inappropriate sexual behavior with minors?

There is no correlation between being gay and molesting children. Most child molesters are heterosexuals who have been molested. Gay means you are attracted to individuals of the same sex, not children of the same sex. Okay, there are statistics generated by the FBI and US Department of Justice that can this question. Pay attention: In the US today: . Sexually based offenses range from public urination, photographic exploitation, to molestation, to to pandering for prostitution, to coercion, to rape. . There appears to be a connection between stress induced reduction of oxytocin levels and the commission of empathy reduced offenses. Short side of it, the more the stress, the lower the empathy, the greater likelihood of criminal activity. . There are approximately 350,000,000 citizens/residents. . There are approximately 550,000 registered sex offenders, approximately 1.6% of the current population. . An estimated one of four women in the US today has been a victim of sexual abuse, approximately 43,750,000 (not all of these are discovered or prosecuted). . 80% of all sexually based offenses are family or close association related. These occur in order of most likely to least as follows: . Fathers . Stepfathers . Foster Siblings . Uncles and Aunts . Cousins . Brothers and Step brothers . Grandfathers . Family friends . Neighbors. . Approximately 10-15% of the registered sex offenders in this country are homosexual or bisexual. . Of all previous felons, convicted sexual offenders have the second lowest recidivism rate (5.6% nationally) and the highest release from prison rate (98%). The lowest recidivism rate , oddly enough, belongs to the least often released group , murderers (2.5% and around 10%, respectively). . Of the offenders convicted of sex crimes, those that repeat most often are those with the most violent crimes, those involving brutal physical force, 87% of the 5.6%. . Exhibitionists, the smallest subgroup of sexually based offenders, have a nearly 100% rate of recidivism and escalation of offense. . Homosexual and bisexual sex crimes are the least common, but the most likely to have multiple victims. . The assertion that those who have been molested will molest is a myth. There is no direct correlation to support this, just as there is no scientific evidence to support the antiquated belief that those who were physically abused become abusers. By an analysis of statistics the following is true : A national average of 5.6% (of previously convicted sex offenders) will ever commit another crime, any crime ; 40% of those who have never been convicted of a sexual offense are likely to do so. A combined average of around 67.8% of all other class of criminals will commit another crime with a high degree of escalation of violence.

Why does WikiAnswers allow inappropriate answers?

Please keep in mind that WikiAnswers is a wiki Q&A, and as such, anyone can edit answers, questions, alternates, and whatnot (Guests can only answer questions/edit answers to questions.). There are several reasons why people would write inappropriate answers, most of them being vandalism. However, Supers and non-Supers alike are working hard to warn and rid of vandals, as well to clean up the site.

How can you separate an inappropriately merged question on WikiAnswers?

Well, if it is a rude question you can simpley go to the little button on the top right hand screen. Its called [Improve]. You can change the question etc. Click on the link "Edit Alternates" on the left hand side of the browser pane. This will show up all available alternate wordings for a question. You can select the incorrect question that has been merged with the current question and then click Split. This will separate the selected question as a separate question and remove it from the list of alternates from the current question. Note: If you are not sure about what you are merging/splitting pls take the help of a senior member of the community or that category supervisor before doing so.

What is the definition of inappropriate behavior?

You define inappropriate behavior on your own. It depends on a lot of different factors, such as age, gender, relationship/marital status, etc. There is no way that you can have an actual definition that everyone goes by.

How do you report inappropriate usernames on WikiAnswers?

To report inappropriate usernames, you have two alternate choices. One way is to click on the link below to go to the Community Forum in the 'Report Vandalism and Abuse' section. Create a new topic and that is where you can report inappropriate usernames on WikiAnswers. The other method is to just post a message on a Community Assistant's message board with the link to an inappropriately named user.

Why does WikiAnswers give such inappropriate answers?

Because there are just random people giving random, but maybe accurate answers out there. Like me.

How do you deal with inappropriate student behavior?

It depends on the behavior. Most people who engage in inappropriate behavior do so because they weren't taught how to deal properly with other humans. They've been led to believe that everyone else is out to get them, and they think they're being proactive by misbehaving. Different people will respond to correction in different ways. You have to take time to find out what the underlying cause of their bad behavior is and work on that.

Why is your watchlist full of pages being moved to What is inappropriate subject matter for WikiAnswers?

A question you are watching may have been trashed into that question. You can fix this by deleting "What is inappropriate subject matter for WikiAnswers" off the question list at the bottom of http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Special:watchlist&magic=yes This bug will be fixed in the coming months

What is uncharacteristic or inappropriate behavior in old people?

"Uncharacteristic" or "inappropriate" behavior definitions have their roots in social norms, or in other words, how we expect people to act. However, people must be cautious in labeling any "different" behavior as being "inappropriate" since many age groups or persons can have personal habits, quirks, or preferences that differ from our own or even clash with society's usual expectations. For example, people who lived through World War II became used to "rationing" the resources they used in daily life. They may collect and hoard food in a nursing home, for example, in case of an "emergency", rationing, or scarcity. Although food hoarding is "inappropriate" in society's thinking, in this population it is simply based on years of deprivation and fear. Or, as another example, a bedridden 75-year old woman requires home health care. The workers report that the patient "keeps her house totally dark and never opens window curtains", as being "inappropriate" for what most people expect. However, the home is dark and curtains closed simply because the woman is unable to get up herself to turn on lights and open curtains. Therefore, based on her situation, these behaviors are not inappropriate. An uncharacteristic behavior in an older person is any change from their routines. For example, Mrs. S. has always been frugal. She still uses the same dish towels she bought 50-years ago, and wears the same 5 house dresses year after year. However, her son dropped by and saw dozens of shipping boxes in the kitchen, containing everything from a back yard grill, make-up, frilly baby dresses, art supplies, etc. New fancy dresses and other clothing is thrown about the living room. When he asks his mom about all the 'stuff', she talks fast and is incoherent. She's appears unkept, ungroomed, and "wild" according to her son. He manages to get her to a doctor, who diagnoses "mania" which occurred from medication interactions and dehydration. An inappropriate behavior is different than uncharacteristic. For example, society has certain "norms". We expect people to relieve themselves in a bathroom, to be clothed in public, and we expect that an adult would not "talk crazy" or walk up and bite us. We don't expect someone to be inappropriate sexually, for example, we don't expect a 89-year old man to drop his pants in the hallway and try to seduce a visitor to a nursing home. (However, an 89-yr old can be sexual with another adult in privacy.) We expect that adults control their emotions; for example, we don't expect someone to yell incoherent sentences or lash out to strike someone. We don't expect an adult to spit on us, or to throw body waste at us. Most often when older people live at home, family members notice inappropriate behavior before it becomes severe. It may be a small thing that sets off alarm bells. Family says, "this is not how my mom / dad acts normally. If inappropriate behaviors continue, families often choose to place the relative for safety and for treatment. Medication management along with around-the-clock care can help reduce the inappropriateness and help the person return to normal behavior. However, some patients cannot recover so they remain institutionalized for safety, supervision, and to increase the public's comfort.

What is the difference between appropriate and inapprOpriate behavior?

appropriate is what people action that we made to the others satisfaction behaviour. inappropriate is action w do that made thee other person unhappy or touch their feeling with bad attitude

What is approprieate and inapproprieate behavior?

It depends on where you are and whom you are with. picking your nose in public is ALWAYS inappropriate speaking quietly is almost always appropriate

Are inappropriate questions on WikiAnswers deleted?

Only questions that are potentially harmful (e.g. contain a full name of a non-celebrity, telephone number etc.) or are very unlikely to be asked again (such a repeatedly using SPAM words in the question title) are deleted. Questions that are inappropriate for the site but may be asked again are placed into a Catch-All Category. For more information on the Catch-All Categories, please see the Related Question below "What are the Catch-all categories on WikiAnswers?"

Why is important to report inappropriate behavior?

because its violating the persons human rights also the fact you called it inappropriate suggests you know right and wrong and by reporting them it will teach them a valuable lesson as sometimes people don't understand what they have done wrong.

What is inappropriate behavior?

Showing your genitals to people who do not want to see them. It is very innappropriate behavior. As is getting on tables and yelling, or yelling in general. You should not do these things unless you know your company personally and are well aquanted with them. Don't fart too.

Why would you get a message that says 'Oops someone was temporarily blocked from WikiAnswers for inappropriate behavior' when you didn't do anything wrong?

It might be that someone with a similar IP address vandalized the site, causing their IP address to be blocked, which unfortunately is shared by you... Contact support to get the block removed: support @ answers.com.

How do you flag a question as inappropriate on WikiAnswers?

There are two ways to flag a question on WikiAnswers. You can click on the report abuse button below the question or you can click on "flag" in the blue toolbar at the left of the screen. This will bring up a box that lets you select why you are flagging the question or answer.

Can you get blocked from WikiAnswers by answering your own questions inappropriately?

You can indeed! This is because other contributors can see your inappropriate answers. It makes absolutely no difference whose question you are answering inappropriately.

What should you do if a WikiAnswers question asks for a song's lyrics that contains inappropriate language?

Just tell them the right lyrics because if you don't they will be singing the song wrong. That would be funny but the answer would not be correct.

What type of schizophrenia is an inappropriate affective behavior?

This would probably be hebephrenic schizophrenia (also known as disorganized schizophrenia). However, all types of schizophrenia by definition have inappropriate affect. Hebephrenia is simply the most obvious and severe form that is based on an affective disorder.

Do QVC hosts ever get disciplined for inappropriate behavior?

Yes, they do. After one such incident, a host was given a choice to stay under strict probation or leave with no strings attached. She opted to leave.

Why do I get the message We're sorry but someone using the same internet provider as you has been temporarily blocked from WikiAnswers for inappropriate behavior?

You will get that message if you are sharing an IP address and you violated the WikiAnswers Community Guidelines.

What would be almost but not quite too inappropriate to show on WikiAnswers?

Some things are not welcome on WikiAnswers. This includes cyber bullying, vandalism and inappropriate questions comments and answers. Anything that includes swearing and things of inappropriate subject matter is not welcome on WikiAnswers.

Inappropriate boss' behavior?

Most organizations have a rule about inappropriate behavior whether it be sexual or just uncomfortable. If you do not know, talk to your HR manager. If you cannot, then speak to the person above your boss.

How does inappropriate behavior affect communication?

Inappropriatebehaviour can be things like: bullying, abuse, threats, rudeness,and lying, this can effect communication with others due tomistrust or other reasons.

Is WikiAnswers biased towards gay behaviors?

Wikianswers is not one unified body. However it does seem as though the members are more tolerant and accepting than other groups. This, I have absolutely no issue with.

Is WikiAnswers biased against people who oppose gay behavior?

No, WikiAnswers isn't biased against people who oppose gaybehavior. It isn't biased against people who promote that behavioreither... but WikiAnswers IS biased against expressing hatred ordiscrimination against anyone else, because of site rules. I guess it comes down to how you express your opposition. If youoppose gay actions, respectfully, in answers to questions that arespecifically about that topic, then you're good. If you insteadinsult the people themselves, promote discrimination against them,or express hatred for them, you're violating our site Terms of Use,and you can be blocked. And we always prefer that you promote whatyou do believe in rather than opposing someone else's belief. It's the same with any other group or belief. There are people whohate Muslims, Jews, Mormons, Democrats, Republicans, the KKK,Neo-Nazis, people with blonde hair, or whatever football team. There are people who want to yell and scream at anyone who doesn'tbelieve in Global Warming, or who does believe that Mankind went tothe moon. No matter what it is, someone is going to be for it, andsomeone against. We might be against anything they stand for, but*our* problems have to remain with the actions that they take, andnot with the people themselves, or we are moving over into hatredand discrimination against a whole group of people just because ofa label. Without knowing individuals personally, we have no idea what theirlives are like or why they make the choices that they do.Obviously, if someone breaks the law, we have to take it farther...but we harm ourselves and our society when we let hatred take usbeyond respecting other people's rights and fighting only for ourown.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Inappropriate Behavior of Our Alleged Loved Ones - 2009?

The cast of The Inappropriate Behavior of Our Alleged Loved Ones - 2009 includes: Molly Bearor as Miriam Stephanie Carrie as Karmen Lindsey John Charles Meyer as Kole Ross Marquand as Eric Robert Seay as Joshua Laura Shipley as Lynn

What strategies can be used to manage inappropriate sexual behavior question from assement from support individual health and well-being Agedcare?

Emotional well being strategies can be used to deal s sexualbehavior question from assessment from support individual healthand wee being Aged care.

What strategies can be used to manage inappropriate sexual behavior question from assement from support individual health and well being Agedcare?

The strategies that can be used to manage inappropriate sexualbehavior include counseling and campaign against sexualmisbehavior.

Do i need i to seek professional help for 8 year old girl who has inappropriate sexual behavior?

I would if you have no idea why she's doing it. I would say a childpsychiatrist, just make sure she feels comfortable with that doctorto open up to them, even if it takes awhile. Otherwise, you need tochange to another physician.

Is cursing at school is an inappropriate behavior?

Yes, cursing in school is an antisocial behavior. Cursing in publicis antisocial behavior, whether that's in the street, or any otherpublic place. Many workplaces do not tolerate cursing with clientsor customers. School is only trying to accustom you to thisstandard. If you would like to make something more than minimumwage (and even that, not at McDonald's or any public-facing job),you will learn to avoid cursing with people you don't know.