What is higher a level 5a or 5c?

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A level 5a is higher.
This is how it works:

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Is the higher equivalent to the a level?

No. First year of Scottish University is equivalent to the A level; those going to University with A levels can only study as an Undergraduate for three years, but those going with Highers can study as an Undergraduate for up to four years.

What is 5A?

5A is the International Air Tranport Association's two-character code for Alpine Air Express, an American cargo airline based in Provo, Utah.

How do you beat level 5c on Epsilon?

5c:pretty tough =o 1) there should be 2 exits at the bottom left, so put on portal in each, then let go of the ball 2) The ball will bounce/roll and pass the 2 point things, and the moment it passes through the second, pause and restart the whole thing (this is to make sure the ball will fall straight). 3) move the left bottom portal,(which is facing right) to the top right exit (which is facing down), then let go of the ball. Let it go through the portal, and by the time it has gone through and is about to touch the bottom, pause the ball, and move the bottom left portal to the exit that is facing the other portal 4) let it gain some speed, and once it cant go much faster, pause the ball. 5) leave the bottom right portal alone, and move the other one at the bottom left, the exit *facing* the blackhole thing. The speed will catch it, and it will teleport the ball to the last point thing 6) reverse every thing to the start, and move the bottom right portal to the top left, the one almost facing the finish, then let go of the ball.

If you have a higher level Pokemon does it evolve?

Visit Serebii.net for all your answers on Pokemon evolution. Go to Pokemon D/P/Pt Pokedex in the bar near the top and select the Pokemon you want. It's the best information database for Pokemon there is.

How can an electron jump to a higher energy level?

The jump is the result of scalar forces being unbalanced. The levels are related to the vector energy (mcV) of the electron. The jumps is related to the angle of velocity cos x = v/c= alpha/n = (7.2e-3)/n, alpha is the Fine Structure Constant.

What are some adjectives that are higher level?

Some adjectives that are a higher level, for example, are words such as: Invincible Exasperated Unbearable Breathtaking Confounding Exuberant Petrified Indescribable Unbelievable Mysterious These are also known as wow words . Great for use in children's homework or higher level essays.

How do you get a higher Contribter level on WikiAnswers?

You become a "higher level contributor" through making a large number of contributions. Contributions include asking questions, answering questions, suggesting alternates, rewording questions, categorizing, and merging (Supervisors).. Contributor Levels on WikiAnswers . Bronze contributor: 500 contributions . Silver contributor: 5,000 contributions . Gold contributor: 25,000 contributions . Platinum contributor: 100,000 contributions . Double Platinum contributor: 200,000 contributions . Ruby contributor: 500,000 contributions . For more information, go to the WikiAnswers Community: Decoded page (see Related Link).. ~ Please note that these levels are subject to change ~ .

Why the sea level is getting higher?

the sea level is rising because of global warming .the glaciers r melting n they increase the sea level wit dat bein said we would drown due to a ginormous flood.

How do you get higher level in RuneScape?

to be honest is alot of work i am a lv 136 and i gone through a tough road of getting hacked because i wanted my bucket trimmed to my first visage drop. i have been everywhere in runescape and lving is up to you if ur mem you should flecth or fish(getting 99 fishing 1 week from now) if not cut wood.

Who has a level 80 or higher on runescape?

if u do can you sent me an email it is alextheringmaster@yahoo.com so and can it be free? ill trade it for my lvl 60 one. give me that one and ill trade it for a member account wat is level97. email is. Georgeadams2420@hotmail.co.uk

How do you get on a higher level on Fantage?

If you're a nonmember and you want your level to increase: - Veteran Medal increases by 1 every month - Complete the missions - Become a reporter -Write blogs etc. for Fantage and if it is famous you will get a writer's medal -Participate in events e.g. 2010 party -Invite two of your friends to join Fantage and if they play for 1 hour, you will receive a Friendship Medal If you're a member and you want your level to increase: -Everything above in the nonmember list ;) -Complete missions, you can still complete the same one and still have your level go up -Compete in Top Models fashion shows -Participate as a judge in Top Models -Play games and get high scores -Give stickers -Be given/buy stickers for your sticker page -You have a level 15 premium member medal when you become a premium member -Send the right number of reports if your a reporter -Participate in Fantage activities I hope this helped.! :D

How do you higher sperm levels?

there are medical ways of making your sperm become more more better and more likely to raise your sperm levels. i recommend you contact a local doctor and ask him. he can let you know how this can be achieved

What is the major disadvantage of higher-level languages?

Higher level languages tend to require more memory, have larger executable sizes, and may run slightly slower than lower-level languages. The preceding statement assumes that comparable programs are written by programmers with approximately the same level of expertise in their chosen language. A highly skilled C++ programmer writing C++ will generate a program that is superior to an unskilled assembler programmer. Also note that the additional perceived delays are usually because the higher level language is working harder at protecting the system from crashes, buffer overflows, and so on that the lower level language may not be checking as rigorously, and so offers an inherent additional level of stability and security.

How do you get to higher levels in Yahoo answers?

Getting to a higher level requires getting more points. Points can be earned by doing the following: - Answering a question (2 pts) - Voting for best answer (1pt) - Getting chosen as best answer (10 pts) - Get a thumbs up on your answer (1 pt) - Picking a best answers for your question (5 pts) Asking a question gives you -10 points. Voting no best answer gives you now points. Those are about all I know.

Why do employees with higher levels of training receive higher incomes?

Amount of money you get paid is usually directly proportional to the amount of training/experience that a person has in that field. Hence, a more experienced or a person who has had more extensive training, is more then likely to get paid more then a person who has just graduated from college or has less training in that particular area.

How do you get higher level enemies in borderlands?

As you progress through the game and complete the missions available to you the emamies will level up, toward the end of the second playthrough most enamies will be level 48, 49 and 50! which is the maximum level that can be attained.

How do you get to a higher level in Fantage?

you can play games and become a reporter to get ur lvl up. Your lvl on fantage will eventually go up you know. By the way on fantage my name is candy1oo1 look for me in emerald elephant.

How do you get a higher level on moshi monsters?

Play every day! Make sure your monster's health is high and do the Daily Challenge every day. Play games at the puzzle palace and on the street. Feed your monster its favorite food, dress it up and buy it lots of things.

What is a higher level word for nice?

Some nice words for nice are: . admirable . amiable . becoming . befitting . benevolent . benign . charming . commendable . congenial . considerate . cordial . courteous . cultured . decent . delicious . delightful . discerning . discriminating . distinguishing . enjoyable . favorable . fine . genial . genteel . gracious . inviting . kind . kindly . lovely . meticulous . obliging . pleasant . polite . proper . respectable . scrupulous . simpatico . sociable . superior . virtuous . welcoming . winsome

How do you become a higher level of contributor?

contribute loads (: On this site there are different levels where members achieve different badges for contributions. every time you achieve a new or higher level, badge is replaced. Bronze-500 contributions Silver- 5,000 contributions Gold- 50,000 contributions Platinum-100000 contributions Double Platinum -200,000 Ruby/top level -500k The first one for members is the bronze.

How many electrons are in the highest energy level of an element in group 5A?

An element in group 5A, or 15, has 5 electrons in its outermost (highest) energy level. The elements in group 5A/15 have 2 electrons in their outermost s sublevel and 3 electrons in their outermost p sublevel. For example, nitrogen's electron configuration is 1s 2 2s 2 2p 3 , and phosphorus' electron configuration is [Ne]3s 2 3p 3 . So there are five electrons in the highest energy level of an element in group5A/15. Those five electrons are the element's valence electrons.

How you can reach higher levels on the wellness continuum?

The wellness paradigm, which can be utilized at any point on the continuum, helps you move toward higher levels of wellness. The treatment paradigm can also help you reach up to neutral levels on the wellness continuum by utilizing medicine, herbs, surgery, ect. High-level wellness involves giving good care to your physical self!

Why qbasic is a higher level languages?

QBASIC, IS A 'HIGH LEVEL' PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE QBASIC/QuickBASIC is a 'high level' programming language; because its syntax is, in fact, 'english based'/as opposed to being all 'numbers based', instead; and, therefore, even complete 'beginner' programmers can learn how to read/write QBASIC programs, instantly, right away. = THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 'HIGH LEVEL' CODE VS 'LOW LEVEL' CODE High level code, uses 'english language' syntax; which, therefore, is 'human readable'. Example... PRINT "Hello" ...will PRINT the text which is written in between the pair of double quote marks: ("") onto the QBASIC Output Screen as follows.... Hello The above code which is written using plain text English language characters, is both clear and easy for us humans to read/understand/and, know exactly what is going to happen, next. It is also very easy to DEBUG/(find mistakes in the code); so we can see and detect right away...if PRINT was misspelled as PRNT...or, if we forgot to use both open and close double quotes:("")..."Hello...to surround the text with. = 'LOW LEVEL'/OR, 'MACHINE LANGUAGE' CODE Low level code/also, called 'machine language code' uses all 'numbers based' syntax, instead...which is very quick and easy for computer 'machines' to read/understand; but, is very difficult, indeed, for us humans to read/write/understand. Example... 00010100 01001000 00010101 ...what in the hell do all of those digit numbers mean to a human reader who is NOT already versed in understanding how to read/write binary codes?! In this sense, 'high level' english syntax code is the 'best' way for us humans to approach learning the 'art of programming'; as we can learn to read/write code, instantly, right away. Writing 'low level' all numbers based machine code can take absolute ages just to figure out/and, then, to find where all of the BUGS/(mistakes) are...takes even longer still...?! = 'LOW LEVEL' MACHINE CODE...RUNS MUCH FASTER...THAN DOES 'HIGH LEVEL' ENGLISH SYNTAX PROGRAMMING CODE Very few people write their programs using 'low level' machine code numbers, anymore; but, it still does happen. This is because 'low level' machine code numbers based programs run 'faster' than does 'high level' english syntax based programs. 'High level' programs need an intermediary program...called either an 'interpreter/or, compiler' program...which is used to translate the 'high level' english syntax code down into being 'low level' numbers based machine code, first...*before* the computer can understand how to run the program. Whereas, 'low level' machine language code doesn't need any further translation; as it's already been written using 'binary code' numbers which computer machines have no difficulties understanding.

How do you level up higher in World of Warcraft?

You level up in World of Warcraft by doing quests, killing mobs, and if you have the professions herbalism or mining, by gathering herbs or mineral nodes (they give experience now). Instance (dugneon) quests will give you a lot of XP but can only be done once per character, same with most quests in WoW (can only be done once). Grinding mobs is a good way to level up, if you don't mind it taking a while longer. Once you reach level 10, you can start queuing for battlegrounds (PVP). BAttlegrounds will give you some XP while leveling also. The best way to get experience is through the quests given in instances that havent previously been done before. If this is done through the RDF then you'll also get a xp boost on completion.

What is higher level of demand fluctuation?

a higher level of demand fluctuation is the case where costumers become more sensitive to changes in prices and products and situations in the industry. a good example is the housing market in the US. before 2007, housing demand was resilient and kept increasing regardless of prices, income, quality,.... however, after the crash of 2007, home buyers were much more weary of any purchase and weighed their decisions on many factors. in the second case, we started witnessing a higher level of demand fluctuation.

What is 12a 11b 5c 3c - 3b -5a?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by Answers.com means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "equals" etc. Also use ^ to indicate powers (eg x-squared = x^2).