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Fashion marketing is much the same as product marketing. Integrating brand into the product is something always popular in the fashion world for many popular retail fashion wares. Basically fashion marketing is marketing to either fashion conscious consumers or to distribution channels such as retail franchises and so forth.
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What is marketing?

My professor said that Marketing is "salesmanship in print."Marketing is the art or science to gather, maintain and improveprofitable clients for one's company. Marketing is the process ofcreating exchange between a business and it's potential customers(consumers/businesses). This exchange is usuall (MORE)

What is a market?

A market is any arrangement that allows buyers and sellers to conduct business with one another, it does not have to be a physical place. A regular gathering of people for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other commodities is a market.

How do you be fashionable?

Well it depends on what fashion means to you. Are you into old-fashion, retro, emo style, posh? Old-Fashion: Same as being posh; don't go into the bonnet things, howabout light pink colours or baby colours? Lace isvery old-fashioned and pretty! Retro: Casual, bring a sense of 'cooln (MORE)

What is market?

It is an interaction between buyers and sellers. A market system isthe network of buyers, sellers and other actors that come togetherto trade in a given product or service. Visiteqibeat.com/top-20-oil-gas-adrs-dividend-yield/ for list of Top 20Oil & Gas ADR's By Dividend Yield

How much do fashion marketers or fashion merchandisers make?

when it comes to earnings in the world of business regardless of whatever it is all about, the profit and success will all depend if it was able to target the right market and convince them to purchase it... fashion along with other kind of business requires determination and a goal... but in this f (MORE)

How long would it take to earn an bachelor's degree for fahsion design and fashion marketing?

A bachelor's degree in most areas can require between 124 to 128 college credits particular to a specific program of study. This would be based on a college or university that operates on a regular two semester academic year, which is the most common. For institutions that operate on a tri-semeste (MORE)

What is marketability?

Marketability refers to how well a company or product can beadvertised and sold. It forces a business owner to ask, what setshim apart from the competition? What benefit or value does he offerto his target market? Is the product or service affordable?And isit relevant in the current economic and soc (MORE)

How do you do marketing?

AS of now there is no clear set for defining the term MARKETING ,in other words when a buyer or a seller meets and a transactions that take place is marketing and moreover it is theory which cant be applied to day to day life.

How do you get fashionable?

These are just a few things that you can do to be fashionable: 1. read weekly fashion magazines 2. see what your friends are wearing 3. start your own trend 4. copy other people 5. wear clothes that suit your personality Thank You xx

From marketing does the marketing toeveryone does the marketing?

Yes, from marketing does the marketing to everyone does the marketing you said it well the marketing is for every body. Your pharses is something similar to from the people by the people for the people the Abraham Lincoln's definition of the democracy. The fact is we are living in a marketing wo (MORE)

What are the out fashions?

i can tell you the in fashion clothes: dark blues shirts with belts chunky brackets geek glasses long socks jeggings (leggings made out of denim) studded leggings studded dresses studded jeans floral designs high top trainers i hope this will help

How can you be fashionable?

clothes First you should start off looking at magizines or looking online some fashionable stores are banana republic,macy's,j.c penny,abercrombie,ect . when you find something you like ask a friend or family member if they like it once you found a lot of clothes you like go to the mall try some clo (MORE)

Why do you fashion?

BECAUSE FASHION IS FABULOUSS DARLING_______________________________________________ that is so OTT buti agree It is Fabulous Babe here You must have heard some of them, Forever21, Oasap, UNIQLO,American Eagle etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

Is it passion for fashion or fashion for passion?

It is surely the fashion for passion nowadays. People are goingnuts on literally anything new that is being introduced in themarket. That is not good. I mean sough to be attractive is okay butobsession is a hell different thing. Not advisable.

Definition of fashion and fashion design?

Fashion-is clothing and a style that you and other people may have, or precieve to be cool or "IN".. Fashion Design- is creating (sewing) new clothing desgins and selling, and or wearing them.Fashion shows are great to accompany your desgins.

What was fashionable?

that's a good question but i do not no everyone has there own uniqe style so its hard to answer but no this all styles are popular in there own way if you follow the tips of fashion gurus then... I'm not telling OKAY but only just once someone was a fashion guru answerer and lots of people asked her (MORE)

What do they fashion do?

Fashion helps people around the world show off their personality . People do fashion because they want to show or hide some thing about them

How do you be in fashion?

You can look at what everyone else (randome teens or people in your age group) are wereing or lok in catologs and magizines. Anothe way is to go to populare stores and see what they're offering

What is market to market?

The meaning and/or use of a "market to market" analysis is to attempt to provide customers, stockholders, CEO's and everyone else under the sun, a way to accurately measure the value of an asset compared to the market in which the asset will be sold in. This market to market valuing of an asset atte (MORE)

How do you be a fashionable?

Everyone has their own idea of "Fashion". I know, it sounds cheesy, but wear the clothes YOU like! If you just like to follow the trends, check fashion magazines, websites, ect.

What is a fashion marketing degree?

A fashion marketing degree (sometimes also called a fashion merchandising degree) is a college degree program that's sort of a combination of fashion design, business, and marketing all rolled into one. These degree programs are designed to turn out graduates who understand how clothes are produced (MORE)

Why get into fashion?

If you want to get into Fashion I would make sure that it's something you love. People get into fashion for all kind of reasons. Maybe they love clothes or designing. Or you could love just wearing awesome clothes.

Can you get marketing?

If you are referring to can you get marketing for your website, the answer is yes you can. All you have to do is type in a search for marketing a website on the Internet and you should come up with plenty of places to go. I would check the sites page rank out to see how they rank. I been told that a (MORE)

What is classic fashion what is fad fashion?

Classic fashion is something that stands the test of time while a fad is just something that is cool for a specific time frame. Some examples of classic looks are: 1) Classic Black dress e.g. BLACK SCUBA DRESS by Millie Loves Min http://stylecloset.com.au/product/black-scuba-dress 2) S (MORE)

What can be marketed?

marketable products as under Business Finance And Marketing. physical products: DVD player, motor cycle, ipods, cell phone, refrigerator, footwear, television, clothes etc. services: insurance, health care, business process outsourcing, security, easy bill service, financial services(inve (MORE)

How do you get into Marketing?

Getting into the Marketing field like many other things in life can happen by accident or by education. You can major and study Marketing and learn the principals. However, Creativity is an asset that you are born with. The best Marketers and Advertising minds are successful because of how creativ (MORE)

What is Vietnam's fashion?

Well im vietnamese and my parents told me that over the years, Vietnam has grown VERY modern since they were there as kids. So im pretty sure that their style is similar to ours.

From marketing does the marketing to everyone does the marketing?

In my opinion, marketing to everyone is not that effective; as the effective marketing activities should be targeted to the product's target group, or it will be waste of money. For example, a marketing campaign of a rolls Royce car will be effective if targeted to the highest class of the market (u (MORE)

What is the difference between fashion merchandising and Fashion marketing and fashion buying?

Definitions:Fashion Merchandising: . In the retail industry, a buyer is someone who decides what items will be stocked in a store, based on his or her predictions about what will be popular with shoppers. Retail buyers usually works closely with designers, and attend trade fairs and fashion shows (MORE)

How can you be on fashion?

firstly you need to know the latest trends and know the terminology of fashion , watch fashion weeks, such as.new york fashion week 2010 spring summer collection, it will help alot trust me, and by the way im 12,

How does fashion merchandising differ from fashion marketing?

Fashion marketing is about getting the consumer excited about a product. Planting a fantasy in their minds that make you want to purchase a product. Fashion merchandising is about setting up stores in a way that is appealing to the shoppers coming in. These two jobs often overlap.

Why do you do fashion?

You do fashion because it makes you look glamourus to other peopleand it makes you to be on trend with the latest fashion, also it isreally fun because you can experiment with different styles and youdon't want to be looking ugly and looking like you don't care aboutit. So get out there and have a t (MORE)

What is in with fashion?

Well, right now.. Girls: Skinny Jeans Hoodies Cardigans Ankle Boots Ugg boots Keds-Shoes (brand) Vans-Shoes (brand) Guys: Skinny jeans with a crotch that goes down to their knees Hoodies Plaid shirt thingies Skateboarding shoes like 'Emerica' Long big T-shirts from West 49 Hope this helped!

What can you do after you graduate with your bachelor of fine arts in fashion marketing and fashion design?

Well, there are a lot of choices you can choose from. Try to find a shop that deals with clothes or art and such, or you can try any other kind of way to save money. If you have enough money already try to, maybe make a nice piece of art or clothing and ask any friends to see if this maybe wou (MORE)

Why is there fashion?

There is fashion because as humans we like to look aesthetically pleasing, we are caught up with the trends that are in and what is fashionable and which is a fashionable don't. We are consumed into advertisements that show us what we should be looking and how we should style ourselves. Yet, fashion (MORE)

What is fashion and fashion designe?

Fashion is an art form to which we are dealing day by dayespecially in clothing, makeup,different accessories etc..etc. andFashion design is a dedicated process of creation cloths and otherlifestyle accessories. there are two basic categories: hautecouture and ready-to-wear. The haute couture collec (MORE)

What is fashion for you?

For me the importance of style and fashion in today's society ismuch underrated. The way that you look and dress is the firstimpression that people have of you. In order to give people a goodfirst impression, you need to be dressed in a way that fits yourstyle and does not look sloppy or messy, but (MORE)

Why do fashion designers bring old fashion to new fashion?

Fashion Designers don't predict the trends, neither they're one ofthose crystal-ball future tellers. They're just a handful bunch ofextraordinary talented people who deign something very unique andit becomes the latest sensation leaving many wondering. For others,it was the trend someone needed to h (MORE)