What is external cost?

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Any cost that is impose to other with out any agreement is called external cost.
Any industry or any organization who generate air pollution. so air pollution is a external cost. So these type of firm imposing external cost to the people and they have no any agreement between industry and affected people.
Muhammad Waqas Azeem
Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan
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Why would an external modem cost more than an internal modem?

Answer . An internal modem consists of a card that is installed in the computer, it has no additional wires or hardware. An external modem is more expensive to produce because, in addition to the card, there is the plastic housing that contains it, indicator lights, and cables to connect it to y (MORE)

How can you calculate the cost of finance internal external?

Calculating cost of finance (COF) is quite individual for different banks.. basically the things included in the calculation are:. 1. Interest rates of deposits between the banks in the country you are in (in EU it is the EURIBOR, England has its LIBOR, etc.) - for your currency and different indi (MORE)

What is an externality?

A side effect of a good or service generating benefits or costs to someone who doesn't decide how much to produce or consume.

Who are external customers?

The external customers are the customers who buy the companyâ??sproduct brands but not affiliated as an employee. One of theexamples for external customer is a person who goes to a shop andpurchased items.

Does a high internal failure cost mean a high external failure cost?

No, remember your IFC are your delays, rework etc., for e.g. you incurring costs because of delay in goods/products/service delivery. If in an hour you can loose a revenue of $10 000 (IFC) because this delay. Just imagine how much you were to incurre because of goods/products/service defects after d (MORE)

Why do you think external drives cost more than internal drives?

External drives require additional controllers to adapt the signals to the chosen interface. The drives themselves are manufactured as ordinary IDE or SATA drives, and are simply placed in an enclosure. The enclosure adds a great deal to the cost. Another factor is that external drives are more p (MORE)

What is the firm's cost of external equity?

When a company raises new capical, normally it seeks the investment bankers for help. There are three general ways as debt, preferred stock and common stock. The interest that the banker gets is floation cost. For debt and preferred stock. it is very small, 1 percent, so we don't incorporate it into (MORE)

What is an external environment?

First of all the environment which is not internal is called as external environment. This may be the answer we think but it is partly true.The external environment also depends upon the internal environment. Let us talk about computer system, there are two types of features in it; like H/W & S/W o (MORE)

What does the external oblique do?

The function of the external oblique is to pull the chest downwardand compress the abdominal cavity. In other words, it helps youbend over.

What is an external force?

An external force affects structures from the outside. They are divided into 2 groups live loads and dead loads

What is external respiration?

external respiration is the gas exchange between air in lungs and blood You need to clarify your question better. Diffusion is the process of oxygen exchange across capillary membranes between the alveoli in the lungs and the capillaries in the pumonary blood system. Simply put its just ventilation (MORE)

What is external fertilization?

It is when an egg is fertilized outside the bodies of the ones reproducing. So the eggs are fertilized after they are laid.

What is a external stakeholder?

Entities such as customers, suppliers, lenders, or the wider society which influence and are influenced by an organization but are not its 'internal part'.

What is externality?

The definition of externality is the benefit or cost that affects aparty who did not want the benefit or cost. An example ofexternality is bees that are kept for their honey pollinating thesurrounding crops.

Why do external floppy drives cost more than internal?

External floppy drives use additional hardware to connect to a computer, whereas an internal floppy drive uses a simple cable to connect to components already integrated into most motherboards until very recently. Another factor is that external USB floppy drives are a seldom-used item, whereas an i (MORE)

What is external?

If you are asking for the meaning of the word "external" it means outside or 'out of' depending on the use in a sentence.. for instance an external light is one that you would have outdoors. An external organ is one you can see, like your skin. The dictionary gives more and better examples than I ca (MORE)

What is an external?

When compiling the source-program A, any symbol which is not defined in A itself (but somewhere else is defined) is called external.

Why do external modems cost more than an internal modem?

An internal modem consists of a card that is installed in the computer, it has no additional wires or hardware. An external modem is more expensive to produce because, in addition to the card, there is the plastic housing that contains it, indicator lights, and cables to connect it to your computer. (MORE)

Why marginal costing method not Suitable to be used by manufacturer for external financial reporting and tax purpose?

I think..... In marginal costing method only variable cost is considered as product cost and fixed cost is not considered as product cost. But in reality product cost include fixed and variable, thus both variable and fixed costs should be considered while allocating cost. Marginal costing is use (MORE)

Why GAAP precludes use of variable costing for external financial reports?

GAAP does NOT preclude use of variable costing for external financial reports. The only place the literature addresses this question is in ARB (Accounting Research Bulletin #4) which states that the exclusion of all overhead from inventory is unacceptable. Variable costing does not attempt to exclud (MORE)

How much does 1 Space Shuttle external tank cost?

According to a report on the SpaceRef web site linked below as 'Lockheed Martin Awarded External Tank Contract', NASA has a contract with Lockheed Martin, New Orleans, that totals $2.94 billion to build 17 external tanks through Sept. 2010. That comes out to be an average price of around $170 millio (MORE)

What is external fertillization?

A female fish lays thousands of eggs in a quiet place. Her mate squirts sperm over the eggs, fertilising them. Because the fertilisation is done outside the female's body, this is called external fertilisation.

What are the types of externalities?

Economics studies two forms of externalities. An externality is something that, while it does not monetarily affect the producer of a good, does influence the standard of living of society as a whole. A positive externality is something that benefits society, but in such a way that the producer cann (MORE)

What is an external document?

An external document usually is a document that was not created bythe application you are using, or a completely separate document tothe one you are using. You may want to link to it in some way orimport some of its data into your current document.

What is external cue?

An external cue is a cue that comes from a body movement or throughthe use of aids including visual aids. An external cue mightinclude a cue card held up for a reaction.

What is external aggression?

External aggression is aggression that is very noticeable to peoplein close proximity. Unlike internal aggression, which is anaggression not recognized to people in close proximity.

What is a external family?

i think external family is all those people which we have daily contact to them like friends classmates office workers or the people whose behavior influence our decision like purchase decision or other decisions

How much does an external DVD burner cost?

An external DVD players usually run upwards of forty to fifty dollars at a normal store. Depending on the brand you prefer the price may vary. If you are willing to spend more for a known brand you may, but lower brands tend to run all cheaper.

How much does an external DVD drive cost?

The cost of an external DVD drive depends on the requirements of the consumer. High end external drives can cost as much as $200, while less expensive ones can cost $50 or less.

How much does a 1 tb external hard drive cost?

A 1 TB external hard drive costs approximately one hundred dollars. These hard drives are very useful if you have a lot of downloaded material and you don't want it to clog up your personal computer.

How much does an external door cost to buy?

Exterior door prices start from $599 and go as high as $2,500 for most retailers. They can be purchased from: Home Depot, Lowes, Wickes, Cost Helper, ETO Doors, Aliexpress, DIY, to name a few.

How much does an external battery for a laptop cost?

The price of external laptop batteries varies considerably, depending on make and model. The majority of external laptop batteries retail for between £20 and £100, but some cost in excess of £300.

What is the average cost of an external usb dvd drive?

The average cost of an external usb dvd drive depends on a number of various factors. Different drives offer different process, some only play DVDs while others can also play formatted CDs, as well as ones that can actually write Dvds those with such capability will run on the higher end. Ultimately (MORE)