What is an association of people who work at the same occupation?

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What is an associates of occupational studies?

Answer An associates in Occupational studies degree is what you receive from a vocational school. Usually a school like Vatterott College, or Platt College, will offer a degr

What is an Associate Occupational Degree?

Typically, it is a very career oriented program that gives the student all the expertise to enter the workforce in entry level positions immediately after completion of the pr

What is an associate of occupational science degree?

I am assuming you are referring to an Occupational therapy degree. Occupational therapist assistants generally must complete an associate degree or a certificate program; in c

Can I work on a associates and bachelor's degree at the same time?

If your associates degree is a transfer program, then in essence you are working on both at the same time. Still, my advise is to prioritize your career goals and objectives a

Is an associate of science the same as an occupational associate's degree?

The associate degree is a general degree type from which many specific programs of study (majors) fall. There is the associate of arts, associate in science, and associate in

Is it hard to get an associates in occupational therapy?

If you have a passion for want you want to do, do not let the word difficulty enter your mind. Passion will be key to your success. Read the following. The following is wri