What does the ctrl key do in PowerPoint?

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On its own nothing. However when used with another key it usually invokes a function.
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What is ctrl key?

The ctrl key is an abbreviation for the control key. it simply allows you to preform a ton of different operations that are recognized by windows as well as the applications.

What command of key Ctrl 2?

If you are in an Internet Browser that supports Tabbed Browsing, hitting the Ctrl + 2 command will navigate you to the second tab in your window.

What does the ctrl alt del key do?

The function of ctrl-alt-delete may vary between operating systems. In windows, it is typically used to access the task manager to monitor or shutdown various processes or to

What is the role of the Ctrl key?

it allows the standard alphabetical and numerical keys to be used for computer functions and commands. ex. "ctrl+s" is a command commonly used to save a file

What is the CTRL key used for on a PowerPoint Presentation?

Pressing Ctrl does nothing by itself. In conjunction with other keys, it can do shortcuts for all sorts of things. Standard ones across all Office applications include Ctrl -
In Microsoft Windows

What does the Ctrl U key do?

In Microsoft Office it starts underlining everything you type after that.