What does renter's insurance cover for an apartment?

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Renters insurance can be purchased for an apartment or rented home or condo. Most standard policies come with contents coverage, liability coverage, and reimbursement for external living expenses in the event that your residence is significantly damaged.

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Will your renter's insurance policy be cancelled if you buy a 30-gallon aquarium for your apartment?

Renters Insurance and Pets Most likely it will not effect yourrenters insurance or your rate simply because your policy would notcover damages that result from your choice of

Can you use renter's insurance to cover musical instruments in the practice space you rent?

Answer . \nLike a policy on an owned home, a percent of the personal property of the insured is covered while off premises, under many conditions. Normally something like

Does renter's insurance cover pest infestation?

No, renters insurance will not cover personal property or loss of use for an infestation of any kind(termites, bed bugs. etc...). You may check with the landlord policy to see

Will renter's insurance cover a lost cell phone or computer?

Sometimes... Coverage depends on your policy provisions and the deductible in your homeowner's or renter's policy. You'll need to ask an insurance agent for a specific insuran

What is renter's insurance?

Renter's insurance is for those people that don't own the place they are living. It is good for apartment owners and home renters. It covers your personal property in the buil

Is there a renter's insurance that covers mold?

Most renters insurance policies do exclude mold. However, parts of the water damage coverage in a renters policy may assist in the remediation of mold if the water damage that

Is moth damage covered by renter's insurance?

It depends on the covered perils and exclusions of the policy as they vary greatly from policy to policy and company to company. Generally speaking damage caused by animals an

Does renter's insurance cover trampolines?

How do you mean cover? If the trampoline belongs to the insured and it is damaged by a covered cause such as storm damage or another covered cause then yes it will be covered

Why would a tenant purchase renter's insurance on an apartment?

Although landlords are bound to hold insurance over their properties, their main priority is the property itself. In a lot of cases there is a slight disregard to the tenant i