What does one have to do to become eligible for group medical insurance?

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Group medical insurance may be offered by an individual's employer. Some associations and member organisations who support specific trades also offer group medical insurance.
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What is the target group for medical insurance sales?

\n Answer \n. \nAnyone with $$$, even those that don't can get Healthy Families or Medi-Cal, medicaid.\n. \n Answer \n. \nIn most states medical insurance products focus on three markets:\n. \nIndividuals - those who pay for their own coverage because they are unemployed, self-employed o (MORE)

What is the average medical deductible for group insurance plans?

That is tough to answer. It really depends upon if you are talking about and HMO, PPO, or HSA (HDHP) style of plan and where you are located. The most common deductible in the northwest, where I am, is 250-500 and the most common plan types are PPO and HMO. Movement over the past few years has been (MORE)

Can payment of medical benefits be coordinated between an individual medical insurance plan and a group medical insurance plan covering the same person?

Its possible but unlikely. If one policy is direct pay then both should pay as prime and essentially ignore one another. Clarification: It would be considered insurance fraud to not notify each insurance company of your coverage with the other. Otherwise, you would actually be making a profit fr (MORE)

How is one eligible for medical?

I have a friend who retired from the local school district here in Redding CA. She receives a pension from the county of Shasta but does not have medical insurance other than Medicare. She retired in 1979. I have her social security number. Is there any way I can find out if she can receive medi (MORE)

What are medical insurance group rates?

Group medical insurance rates are those which apply to policies that cover a group of persons, as distinct from individual policies. The groups that are insured generally have a common denominator, such as employment by the same employer, or membership in the same organization. Typically, since the (MORE)

Who is eligible for medical insurance?

There are many different insurance companies and many different insurance policies, and they have different eligibility requirements. In general, in the US most medical insurance is in the form of group insurance for employees of a given company. For the unemployed, it's a lot harder to get medical (MORE)

Who is eligible combat medic badge?

It used to be only Combat Medics who held the 91B MOS. With the reorganisation which occurred within the Army from 2001 - 2004, 91B was folded into the 68W MOS ("healthcare specialist"), and anyone with a 68 series MOS became eligible for the Combat Medic badge. So, rather than being exclusive to li (MORE)

How does one become an insurance adjuster?

A degree in business, law, or finance would be helpful as the first step in working towards a career as an insurance adjuster. Next, insurance adjusters have to go through a process to become licensed. The licensing process differs in each state, so be sure to check with your state of choice. Becomi (MORE)

Can a medical insurance company drop coverage for a group?

Yes. A group policy is not much different from an individual policy when it comes to cancellations. If the group misses payments or no longer meets the underwriting guidelines the policy can be cancelled or non renewed per local regulations and contract terms.

Is US Health Group medical insurance any good?

That is a very hard question to answer as we have three plans. Plus we layer coverage over coverage with some association plans, so the coverage can be more comprehensive, plus making the premium cost less with first dollar coverage. As with any insurance product, it is important to get the right (MORE)

How does one become a medical laboratory technician?

You would typically complete a one year certification program or a two year associate's program. To earn the title of Certified Medical Laboratory Technician you would also have to pass the national certification exam.

Where can one obtain group health insurance?

The easiest way to get group health insurance is through an employer's benefits package. Because this is not always possible, many groups, clubs and organizations arrange for insurance option using the members who buy insurance through them as the group to lower the cost.

How does one become a medical examiner?

In order to be a medical examiner one must have a medical degree. They must also be licensed and have certification in medical pathology. One can find more detailed requirements as well as educational institutions where one can train on the Education Portal website.

Where can one get low cost medical insurance?

If you do not make enough to afford health insurance, your state may have programs to help you depending on your needs. For example, Indiana has medicaid, but also Hoosier Healthwise that you pay into. You can also look into sliding scale fee doctors in your area.

How can one become a medical receptionist?

To be a medical receptionist one would likely need to have certain characteristics such as tolerance and kindness due to the nature of the job as one deals with sensitive ill people.It would also be to one's advantage if they have a little medical knowledge.

Where can one obtain medical evacuation insurance?

Medical evacuation insurance can be obtained from most travel insurance providers. It is not usually covered by regular domestic medical insurance policies, or by standard travel insurance packages. Travel Guard is an example of one company offering medical evacuation coverage to US citizens.

How can one get visitor medical insurance?

You can makean instant purchase for a visitor medical insurance online in justa few minutes but make sure to buy from a reliable & reputedcompany. . To select onefrom several insurance plans that are available with unique anddistinguished features, I took help from V isitors C overage . They help (MORE)

What is one covered for if they have medical insurance?

The coverage of medical insurance varies, depending on the company and the plan chosen by the individual. Medical insurance may cover (entirely or partially) annual physical examinations, routine blood work, blood glucose tests, blood pressure and blood cholesterol monitoring, cancer screenings, ele (MORE)

How does one become a medical doctor?

In order to become a medical doctor, you must go through the proper certification. You require post-secondary education in most countries before you can pursue graduate studies in the field of medicine. After graduating from medical school, you must complete a residency program where you will be tra (MORE)

Where can one learn how to become a medical assistant?

To become a medical assistant (MA) or certified medical assistant (CMA), one needs to attend a school that has a one year program or complete a two year associates degree. Both traditional community colleges and trade schools offer medical assistant programs. To find out what the programs entail one (MORE)

Where can one contact Hartford Insurance Group?

Log on to Hartford insurance Group website. Select the contact us link and then select the type of insurance you are interested in purchasing. An individual will then be provided the contact information.

What does one do to become a medical manager?

To become a medical manager one needs both an academic background in medical science and experience of management at a high level. This is a sound long term career choice for those medical students with good managerial skills.

Where can one find information on can insurance groups?

There are so many different auto insurance groups available and it can be intimidating. Commercials for auto insurance dominate the television airways. Head on over to the Yelp website, you can find insurance agents in your area. Some will be small independent agencies and some will be the bigger on (MORE)

Where can one find the best medical insurance?

One can use the website eHealthInsurance to decide on the plan that suits themselves or their family and then have those plans compared side by side between different insurance companies. The government website on health care can also assist.

How can one contact United Insurance Group?

You can contact United Insurance Group by visiting the UU Insurance website. Once on the page, click on the "Find an Agent" tool at the top of the page to find an agent in your area and contact them by phone.

How can one get a medical and dental insurance?

The most common way to get medical and dental insurance is through one's employer. However, one can also get medical and dental insurance directly from many insurance companies by going to their website or calling them.