What does it mean when someone is excluded from an auto insurance policy?

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By excluding a person from an auto insurance policy, you are stating that the "excluded" person will not drive the insured vehicle, and that you understand that the "excluded" person is not covered by your insurance in the case of any traffic violation (accident, ticket, etc.). Answer It means there is no coverage available to the excluded person in the case of an accident while driving the said vehicle. There will be NO COVERAGE.
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What are the seven parts of auto insurance policies?

Answer . \nI guess it depends, most policies have these coverages, some standard some optional.\n. \nLiability\nProperty Damage\nMedical Payments\nCollision\nOther Then Collision (Comprehensive)\nUninsured Motorists\nUnderinsured Motorists\nRental Reimbursement\n. \nEach state varies, some mig (MORE)

How can you find someone's auto insurance policy?

Answer . \nYou can't unless they tell you who they are insured with. Who a person is insured with or even if they have insurance is a private matter between the insured and the insurance company. Now, if there is an accident and the police come to the scene they will collect that information an (MORE)

What is collision and comprehensive on an auto insurance policy?

I am a licensed insurance agent. Comp is if your vechile is stolen, or damaged by something other than a car which you will have to pay the dec. Coll is if you get into a car accident and say the person did not have insurance then your coll would kick in. But in most cases there property damage will (MORE)

What does loss payee mean on a auto insurance policy?

The loss payee is any entity that has financial interest in the vehicle (usually a financial institution) that notifies the insurance company and the policy holder of that interest in writing. Any entity can be a loss payee, including your father, if he can show financial interest. . Answer . T (MORE)

Can you add someone who is not in your household to your auto insurance policy?

Maybe add maybe not - Read further . If you need to it can be done. Wether or not you need to depends on some of the factors listed below:\n. \nAre you wanting to add them and their vehicle?\nIf yes, then only if you have an insurable interest in the vehicle (Your name is on the title as well as (MORE)

Your 20 year old daughter lives at home with her own auto insurance do you have to exclude her on your own policy?

Answer . No, you do not have to exclude her, but if she is rated on your policy and you are paying that higher premium and want to exclude her to reduce that you might be able to, but remember if she's an excluded driver under no circumstances should she ever drive that car, as there will (MORE)

What is Surcharges and Discounts on Auto insurance Policy?

Surcharge: Additional premium amounts charged to a policy due to ticket, at fault acccidents, higher risk, youthful or inexperienced driver, etc... Discounts: Credits that can be applied to part or all of the coverages on a policy: Anti lock brakes, alarm system, airbags, multi-car, association memb (MORE)

How do you find auto insurance policy of a person?

Answer If you were in an accident with this person and a police report was filed, the police department will likely have this information. If a police report was not filed, you can either file a report after the fact or take the person to small claims court. The police and/or judge may be able to c (MORE)

What does excluded driver mean on policy?

One of my family members was hit by a driver who carried insurance but was an "excluded" driver on the policy of the car she was driving. After talking to the other person's insurance company, an excluded driver is essentially equivalent to an uninsured motorist. That means that his/her insurance co (MORE)

Can the court alter the terms of an insurance policy through awarding claims excluded in the policy?

The court can make any judgment they wish in regards to a claim regardless to what is covered by the insurance companies policy. What happens is the individual policy holder is now on the hook for the damages that the insurance company is not going to cover. The terms of the policy would be inforce (MORE)

Can you get an auto insurance policy with no vehicle?

Yes, In the United States, It's called a Personal Non-owners Insurance Policy, sometimes referred to as a "Drivers Policy" or an "Operators policy". Non Owners insurance however is intended for "unplanned, unexpected" usage. It is limited secondary coverage (liability only) that only invokes once th (MORE)

Can you get auto insurance on your parents' policy?

Yes, however I have seen a few cases where you may run into trouble. For example in an odd set of circumstances where a child lived with Grandma and because she was not the legal guardian they would not allow it as a permitted driver... this is rare and we were obviously able to find her another com (MORE)

Can you be auto insured under your uncles policy?

It depends on which company your uncle is insured with, but typically with a standard insurance company you have to live in the household to be a listed driver on the policy. This is regardless of your relationship to the primary insured. If you are not listed on the policy as I driver you are sti (MORE)

Why was HIV excluded from insurance policies?

You can not buy Life Insurance if you have HIV because it is a disease that can kill with no known cure. There is the option to buy a Guaranteed Issued policy if you can afford the premiums.

What is a risk specifically excluded from a homeowners insurance policy?

If you take a look at the "Exclusions" section of your policy you will see several perils which are specifically excluded. For example, if your home is damaged by "war" then your insurance company will not provide coverage for the loss. There are several excluded perils. Take a look at your policy f (MORE)

What is a writer on an auto insurance policy?

Auto insurance companies hire insurance underwriters, who can also be referred to as writers, to underwrite the risk a driver poses to the company. Underwriters determine how much a policyholder will pay for their insurance rates based on how much risk they carry. If a driver has tickets and acciden (MORE)

Can a person be the registered owner of a vehicle but be excluded from the insurance policy?

That would mean your "Un-Insured". also known as "Failure to provide required Financial Responsibility". The owner of a vehicle can be held equally liable with the driver in the event of an accidental loss. The owner can still be sued even if they are not in the vehicle at the time of an accident (MORE)

How do you get out of an auto insurance policy early?

If you have an auto insurance policy, and you want to either switch companies or cancel your coverage because your vehicle is no longer in commission, you have the right to do so. While the process of cancelling a policy will vary amongst insurers, most insurers will request a letter of cancellation (MORE)

Can you drop someone off your auto insurance policy even if you both are on the title?

No. The insured must be the owner of the vehicle on the title. The only time this can vary is in the case of a husband, wife, and minor children who live in the same household. All residents of the household as well as any drivers must be listed as drivers on the policy. Some companies will allow th (MORE)

Can you remove your child from your auto insurance policy?

Yes, You will need to file a form 515A with your auto insurer. The form 515A excludes your child or any other person from all coverage afforded under your auto insurance policy. Bear in mind, that once the Form 515A has been filed, There would be no coverage if the excluded person is later involv (MORE)

Can you get auto insurance with someone and not be related?

It just depends on your situation. You can not purchase insurance for or with someone unless you have an insurable interest in that which is being insured. For example, If someone is driving your vehicle or you are driving each others vehicles then you each have an insurable interest because t (MORE)

Can you exclude your spouse from auto insurance coverage without their knowledge?

Not usually. With most companies the spouse will be required to sign the exclusion. I always recommend my clients against excluding people from their insurance policies. An exclusion takes away all coverages on a policy if the excluded person is driving not matter what the circumstance. Back to you (MORE)

Does gio insurance offer auto policies?

"Yes, GIO Insurance does offer automobile and motorcycle policies. They have a wide range of policies that range from about fifty dollars a month to anywhere to three hundred dollars a month."

Is there an auto insurance company in pa that will allow me to exclude my husband from my auto insurance policy?

I'm sure there are several auto insurance companies that will allow you to exclude your husband. You need to know what exactly this means. It means that if he drives one of the vehicles on your policy for any reason at all that there will be no coverage provided by your policy. In exchange for this (MORE)

What is a non owner's auto insurance policy?

A non owner's automobile insurance policy is a policy for a person who is required to carry insurance due to licensing but who does not own a vehicle. We deal with this occasionally when a person is trying to reinstate their drivers license which was revoked due to the person not obeying the insuran (MORE)

What does it mean when your auto insurance company wants to put your policy under indemnity?

I don't believe it was explained to you correctly. You probably received a notice of cancellation from your insurance company and someone in the office told you they were going to put you in their indemnity company. Many direct writer insurance companies have a second company that they either have a (MORE)

Can you have auto insurance with someone after a divorce?

Not really. You cannot insure anything that you don't own. The exception to this is a married couple where vehicles owned by the husband or wife can be insured as if owned by either. After divorce this legal bond is broken and therefore so is the exception on your insurance. The vehicles must be ins (MORE)