What does INS stand for?

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INS can be an abbreviation for a number of things. Some of the more common ones are:
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • Indian Naval Ship (eg. ships like INS Viraat)
  • International News Service
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Why do they call them innings?

Answer . "Inning" is derived from the word "in" just like the word "outing" is derived from the word "out." An inning is to be "in" as an "outing" is to be "out." An inning can refer to any particular stay, even a political term in office. In baseball, the length of term for being "in" or an i (MORE)

What is INS?

Immigration and Naturalization . It depends on the context but INS use to be the Immigration and Naturalization Service, part of the U.S. Justice Department. In 2002 (or thereabouts) it was replaced by ICE -- Immigration and Customs Enforcement -- which is part of the Department of Homeland Secur (MORE)

What does 'IT' stand for?

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What are plug-ins?

Plug - Ins are special powers you can make people have on Microsoft Windows Movie Maker.-

What is an inning in baseball?

An inning is when each team gets a turn to bat with 3 outs. The visiting team bats first in an inning, and once they have gotten out 3 times, then the home team takes it's turn to bat with 3 outs. Once the inning is over you move onto the next inning, until you've played the last one. They're 9 inni (MORE)

What is an INS hold?

That is when immigration places a 48 hour hold on an alien that supercedes any and all bond. INS may choose to deport the person, but not always.

Innings in baseball?

There are '9' (nine) innings in a regulation Major-League baseball game, and in most semi-professional, college and high-school leagues as well. At lower levels and for younger players, the number of innings may be reduced to 7, or even 5.

How long is an inning?

It depends on how fast the inning goes and how fast the pitcher gets 3 outs. Usually 10 to 15 min. though.

What does INS mean?

Immigration and Naturalization Service A: The INS was authorized to handle all the legal and illegal immigration and naturalization issues. The purpose of INS was to protect and enforce the laws of naturalization and handle the process of an individual becoming a citizen of United States. The IN (MORE)

What are sit-ins?

An organized protest demonstration in which participants seat themselves in an appropriate place and refuse to move.

What is a baseball inning?

According to Major League Baseball Rule 2.0: "An INNING is that portion of a game within which the teams alternate on offense and defense and in which there are three putouts for each team. Each team's time at bat is a half-inning."

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yes thats not the point looking for another policy interested in universal life policy inwhich can borrow when i need ,but not an expensive one

What is INS Shivali?

It's not INS Shivali its actually INS Shivalik . Shivalik is the first ship to use high-strength steel developed and produced in India, all the previous vessels used imported steel.. Name: INS Shivalik Namesake: Shivalik hills Builder: Mazagon Dock Limited Laid down: 11 July 2001 Launched: (MORE)

How outs are in a inning?

There are a total of 6 outs in an inning. 3 have to be earned each half inning for the defensive team to retire the offensive team. Each team only has to gain 21 outs to end the game.

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You don't need to follow trends. Start your own trends. Wear all of the stuff nobody wears, like those concert t-shirts, funky bracelets and scarves! Say things that nobody else says, and have fun! Just dress how you feel; have fun; do something that no one else would ever think of but that does (MORE)

What are innings in softball?

7 innings to a average game. the vistor bats first until three outs are resached, then the home team bats until three outs are reached. that completes one inning.

What is a inning?

An inning, in baseball, is one round of play. Each team have half of the inning up to bat, and once that teams gets three outs, it is either the second half of the inning or the end of the inning and the beginning of the next one. There are a total of nine innings in a game of baseball, unless the s (MORE)

In baseball why is an inning called an inning?

Some word origin authorities claim it comes from the term describing the period of time a team is "in play" or "in the field." So, an inning is that part of the game when each team has their turn at being "in the field."

What is the amount of innings?

There is a total of nine innings in a game of baseball. However, if the game is tied at the end of nine innings, then the game can go into extra innings.

When does an inning begin?

The 1st inning and it last to the top of the ninth unless the away team is winning on the road, then the home team gets a shot at winning the game at the bottom of the ninth.

What is an inning in cricket?

An inning is when approx 10 batters get out on the batting team P.S. I originally thought an inning was 10 overs but my dad told me otherwise

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they make it so you can plug in lights for decorations. That is called a receptacle, not a plugin, right?

What dos INS stand for?

Inertial Navigation System Insurance Insert Instruction Inspection I'm Not Sure Insulin Insensitive Input String Institutul National de Statistica (Romania) Immigration & Naturalization Service (reorganized in 2003 under DHS, functions divided among USCIS, ICE and CBP) Internat (MORE)

How do you spell inning?

That is the correct spelling of "inning" (one period in baseball, in which both teams come to bat).

What can not stand?

A baby can not stand. . "A house divided against itself cannot stand" is a quote from an English language translation of the Gospel of Mark. The quote was used in a famous speech by Abraham Lincoln in regard to the U.S. Civil War.

What is INS Karuva?

INS Karuva is a Car-Nicobar class patrol vessel operated by the Indian Navy. (INS = Indian Naval Ship)

What is the INEs Chapel?

The INEs Chapel is a small cemetery. This cemetery hold around one thousand seven hundred people some head store can be read while other are so old there isnÍt much writing on t left.

How many inning does the team have in an inning?

I believe your question is asked wrong by mistake. I'll try to answer what you might have been asking. If you are asking how many outs a team has in a half-inning, the answer is 3. A full inning consists of both teams getting 3 outs each. If you are asking how many innings a team has in a co (MORE)

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What does INS stand for in the government?

In the government, the abreviation INS stands for Immigration and Naturalization Service. However, the agency has been dissolved and its immigration resoponsibilities have been split among other governmental agencies.

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