What do the WikiReviewers badges look like?

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See the related link below for a map to the badges and what they are for.
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What does a CIA badge look like?

No badge only id card There was a recent TSA/CIA error that revealed what an agent would carry if a part of the CIA's WOMAP. You can research this on the Internet. The back of the card gives the height, weight, hair and eye color. There is a picture of the agent, his/her signature, S-Code and (MORE)

If he looks at you does he like you?

no not necessarily it just means he is checking you out to see if your a suitable enough girl to satisfy him. i mean i check out girls all the time but i dont look at em and instantly like them you have to get to know then first, so chances are he might like you. you just have to go break the ice an (MORE)

What does a Girl Scout Junior dance badge look like?

Due to the transition to new Girl Scout materials the Girl Scout Junior Dance Badge is no longer available. The new badge that is probably the most similar is the Junior Musician Badge. It is circle shape with a part brown and part pink background. The brown part is shaped like a guitar and has g (MORE)

What is a military badge that has a crown in the center and 2 diagonal swords It is a soft metal that looks like brass and has 4 main segments shaped like a cross with 3 points on each segment?

Segments? What do you mean by Segments? Is it shaped like a Cross (+)? Or is it shaped like a Sun Burst with Rays radiating out from the center?. Need more description. Size?. Badge with Cross and Crossed Swords can fit several different things. Polish regimental badges prior to WW2 used the Mal (MORE)

What does strabane primary school badge look like?

The Strabane Primary School badge is split in 3 different parts.. It is Yellow, White and Blue.. The top right section shows a book, beside it a fish in a river. Below both is a bigger section with the local river, bridge and hill printed on it.. Hope this helps.. ~JenjoM

What are the WikiReviewers?

The WikiReviewers is a quality control group here on WikiAnswers. We accept regular users and supervisors alike. The group's main goal is to improve the quality of the site's content. The WikiReviewers improve questions and answers on the site. Some answers are full of useful information, but can us (MORE)

Who are the WikiReviewers?

The WikiReviewers is a mixed group of supervisors and other sitemembers. They are dedicated to improving the quality of the site.The WikiReviewers focus on grammar, spelling, balancing answers,and researching some of the more difficult answers.

What does the BSA Ecology merit badge look like?

The Boy Scouts of America does not have an Ecology merit badge, but there is an Environmental Science merit badge. That badge has a blue background with the three Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Arrows symbol in white. See Related Links for Images of the badge, and a list of requirements.

How do you join the WikiReviewers?

First you must be at least thirteen years of age. This is not because we believe anyone under thirteen is less talented or is unwelcome. It is due to a set of laws called COPPA. In order to comply with these laws, we have to abide by this guideline. You do not need to be a supervisor to join the (MORE)

When do you get your badge?

In Pokemon diamond and pearl, you get your first gym badge in Oreburgh City, by walking out of Sandgem town and going to Jubilife. Give the Town Map to your friend. Then you have to see the 3 clowns, and answer their questions. When you answered them all, go to the Poketech company's building and ta (MORE)

What is a Copy Assistant in the WikiReviewers program?

A Copy Assistant, in the WikiReviewers program, is a user on the site that would like to brush up on their spelling and grammar skills. They do smaller tasks, such as spelling replacement. Although they are smaller tasks, they are still a big help to the site. It is not required that you take the te (MORE)

Why do you have to be at least 13 to get into the WikiReviewers?

We know that there are plenty of people out there that are much younger, and totally kick butt at spelling, grammar, and writing. It is not that we do not recognize the skills of younger individuals, or that we don't want them around. However, there is a set of laws called COPPA that we do have to a (MORE)

Do you have to be a supervisor to get into the WikiReviewers?

No, anyone that meets the requirements may join the WikiReviewers. These requirements are: . Must be at least 13 years of age . Pass a basic spelling/grammar/writing test . Be in good standing with the site . Have at least 20 quality answers in your history Quality answers do not includ (MORE)

Do the WikiReviewers fix spelling and grammar?

Yes. The main groups that do this are the Copy Editors and Copy Assistants. The Copy Editors go around the site correcting spelling and grammar. They also make answers more clear whenever they need to be. The Copy Assistants do the same thing as the Copy Editors but they don't make answers more (MORE)

How many WikiReviewers are there?

The actual number fluctuates daily. We keep an up to date list of the WikiReviewers members in the Community Forum. You can see this list by clicking the related link below.

Why should you join WikiReviewers?

You shud join da wikirevewers bcuz it relly bugz u 2 see things tha R wrong all over da place. u juss wanna fix it and stuff like all da time. u knowz dat 2 much txting makes u a bad speeler. Correction: You should should join the WikiReviewers, because you prefer to see content with correct spel (MORE)

How do you look at your battle fronteir badges in Pokemon platinum?

There are no Battle Frontier badges, only gym badges. And if you want to look at them then open the menu with x. Then select the item in the menu that has your name on it- and your card will come up. Under that are pictures of the gym leaders. there should be a little rectangle under them! Then fina (MORE)

Are questions for WikiReviewers getting lost?

There was a bug affecting all of the categories in the beginning of March 2010. It was fixed shortly after being reported. If you are still having an issue, please contact a site supervisor who can further assist you.

How long does it take to get a reply about WikiReviewers?

It really depends on how busy it has been. The leader of theWikiReviewers program, Robin, will try to get back to people withina couple of days, but sometimes it takes a little longer. She willget to all applications and tests, but if it is taking a while,feel free to message or email her. She will (MORE)

What do you get from badges?

Highe level Pokemon obey yu, use HMs outside battle, increases to your pokemons stats and entry o the elite four.

Who is the leader of the WikiReviewers?

The leader and coordinator for the WikiReviewers is Robin, but ifyou would like to join the team you can send an email toWikiReviewers@wikianswers.com or contact her on her message board.

What is a Trendsetter in WikiReviewers?

The Trendsetters follow current events, and keep an eye open for what topics are trending both on and off the site. Trendsetters give extra attention to trending questions and answers, including the hot topics area, upcoming holidays, and other newsworthy events. Members of the Trendsetters are sele (MORE)

What do Japanese Girl Scout badges look like?

Girl Scouts of Japan Brownie Girl Scout Badges are a circle shape with a red border and a picture of the badge theme. Junior Girl Scout Badges are a triangle shape with an orange border and a picture of the badge theme. Senior Girl Scout Badges are a diamond shape with a green border and a (MORE)

How do you look up badge numbers?

I assume you want a badge number to make a complaint. Call the Police Department where the officer works. Then ask for Internal Affairs. They can find out which officer was working in the area where the problem occurred.

What is the job of the WikiReviewers Managing Editor?

The role of the Managing Editor on the WikiReviewers Program is to co-ordinate all activities related to the program. You cannot apply to become a WikiReviewers managing Editor. The only WikiReviewers Managing Director is Myrab51 and the WikiReviewers themselves.

What does a real NYPD badge look like?

A patrolmans badge is Silver that says City of New York Police. It also has a number, for example 31515. A sgt's badge is gold with and eagle over the top of the badge that also has city of new york police on it. It also says Sergeant on the bottom with a number. A detective badge is a sunburst type (MORE)

Can you transfer between WikiReviewers Divisions?

If you think you qualify for a WikiReviewer division other than theone you are in, you can contact the program coordinator for reviewto be transferred to another division. However, Editors at Largemay perform any missions for any division of the program.

Who inspired The WikiReviewers?

The WikiReviewers were created by Zanbabe and Myrab51.The idea was originally thought up by Zanbabe, and she brought in Myrab51 to organize it into a group.

What do WikiReviewers do?

WikiReviewers are dedicated to increasing the quality of Q&As. Members clarify questions, correct spelling and grammar, balance answers, and do other tasks to make WikiAnswers an even better place to ask and answer questions. There are several divisions: Literary Editors, Copy Editors, Archive Resea (MORE)

Why do you look like what you look like?

The reason a person looks the way they do is because of genes from the mother and father of the person. If someone has more weight than another it's either because they let them self go or they're just big boned.

What do American Girl Scout badges look like?

Girl Scouts of the USA has six levels and each level's badge has a different shape. Each badge is either screen printed or embroidered with a design depicting the theme of the badge. Girl Scout Daisy badges are shaped like flower petals and leaves. Girl Scout Brownie badges are triangle shaped (MORE)

I don't like the TIP mission completion badges on my profile - Do I HAVE to have them?

No, not at all. What you have on your profile is up to you, provided that it is inaccordance with our rules. If you do not wish to have the mission completion badges on yourprofile, you don't have to. Although if people can see that you area member of the program and how well you are progressing, y (MORE)