What crops are grow in Sardinia?

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Oranges, wheat, lemons, pomegranite, asparagus, peaches, artichokes, myrtle, grapes, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, flax and cotton.
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What crops grow in Washington state?

Washington State grows over 300 crops commercially. The top crops include: apples, wheat, potatoes, hay, cherries, nursery, grapes and pears. Washington is also the top producing state in the U.S. of raspberries, hops, mint oil, peas, apples, cherries, pears, concord grapes and carrots for process (MORE)

What crops did they grow?

Maize (corn), beans, chili peppers, some species of squash and tomatoes were some of the crops grown in Mexico before contact with Europeans was established.

Why do farmers grow crops?

Farmers grow crops because people want crops and are too lazy to make them on their own sometimes. So farmers make their crops, put some to the side for themselves, and then sell them to the store and they sell it to us.

What crops do they grow in Kenya?

Both tea and coffee are grown for export. Also things like ginger, rice wheat, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, bananas, fish, pineapples and tropical fruits, highland vegetables, fresh beef and lamb, every kind of seafood, wine and beer, maize, millet, sunflowers, cotten and tabbaco.

Which crops can you grow in loamy-soil?

A lot of crops may be grown in loamy soil the problem is to reduce the water contant by mixing in either other soil, sand etc. and to make sure the area drains properly as loam has a tendency to hold moisture.

How do crops grow?

To grow crops you need sun and water over time the crops will grow. Don't give the crops too much water or sunlight or it will overflow.....

What are the crops that grow in Black Soil?

It is black cotton soil . As the name suggests it is suitable for cotton crop.other crops which grow in black cotton soil are potato,groundnut,sugarcane,soyabeen and wheat.

What crops did the Chinook indians grow?

Chinook men were fishermen and hunters; women collected clams, herbs, wild roots and fruits. No crops of any kind were grown by any of the Chinook tribes, since there were a wide range of wild foods available to them (particularly fish such as salmon).

What crops do Lithuania grow?

Grain is grown in Lithuania, for hay and silage. They grow grain very early in order to smother the production of weeds. Maize is also grown for silage production on some progressive bendroves and there is increasing interest in its use now that early maturing varieties, that can produce a good crop (MORE)

Why do they grow crops?

People grow crops either to earn money or to eat. People grow cotton to sell and potatos to eat.

How long for crops to grow?

Some crops grow in a few weeks or months, such as radish or lettuce, others take years to become productive, such as apple trees.

What problems do farmers have when they grow crops?

Producers have problems with such things as hail, high winds causing lodging in crops, drought, flooding, disease and weeds. They will also have challenges with insects, pests (such as deer), poor soil quality/nutrition, and soil erosion.

What crops do they grow in Ecuador?

Ecuador Table of Contents A variety of temperature and rainfall patterns resulted in a diversity of tropical and temperate crops. Moderate or cool temperatures in highland areas allowed the cultivation of products usually associated with more northern latitudes. In the Costa, a warm climate, fertile (MORE)

What crops do grow in New Mexico?

Several different types of crops can be grown in New Mexico, the state is not limited to just certain crops. southern New Mexico has many Alfalfa fields along with chili, corn, and many others there is no limit to what you can grow even if the soil isn't right, it just depends on how much money you (MORE)

Why do you grow crops in grassland?

Crops are usually grown in grasslands because the grass is a good plain to grow on. Its a bit like us sitting on a sofa, its comfortable and nice for us ;)

What are the main crops that grow in Ohio?

Corn, and Soybean are the common staples. Several Grains (mostly wheat) and hay are also grown. Apples orchards are also very common to Ohio. Grapes, cherries, raspberries, blackberries and mulberries are also grown/occur naturally. Other items that can be commonly grown are pumpkins, misc gord (MORE)

What reasons why you grow crops in glasshouse?

In some countries, during the winter months, the temperature is not so much high that the plants can grow properly.So, the crops are grown in the glasshouse for maintaining the warm temperature for them. Examples are tomatoes and cucumbers require warm climate in the glasshouse.

Can you grow crops in a desert?

Many crops can be grown in the desert if water is available forirrigation - corn, soy, alfalfa, cotton, fruits, vegetables, etc.

What crops grow in the Tropical Rainforest?

Actually, unless the rain forest is cleared there are no crops in the forest. The soil of the rain forest is not good for growing crops once the land is cleared of trees. The ecosystem of the rain forest is a special place. Some do try to clear the forest and plant crops like potatoes and coffee bea (MORE)

Why is topsoil the best for growing crops?

Plants need to breathe oxygen and nitrogen. In deeper soil, called, subsoil, the soil is compressed by the layer above and has much less air content, even with plentiful worm populations tunneling through it. It is said that the top 6 inches of soil and of the oceans, feeds the world.

Where do you grow crops on howrse?

Once you have an ec,buy meadows.Go to grow crops,and check on the season in howrse.then see what seeds you can grow,and go buy that number of seeds.plant them,and wait for how ever long those seeds have to grow,then harvest.then,there you go,you got your harvest!

What crops does whashington grow?

In Washington are found crops of wheat, lentils, chickpeas, lentils, apples, pears, peaches, apricots, sugar beets, corn, barley, peas, beans, rape, grapes, hops, tomatoes, turnips, beets, onions (Mmmm - Walla Walla sweets onions, Mmmmm) parsnips, sunflowers, and too many more to mention.

Why do people grow crops?

Crops are a field of usually one species of plant that is used for food for human and/or animal consumption. Crops are a crucial part of agriculture and of the ability for humans to obtain food or feed for livestock without going back to the hunter-gatherer way of life. Crops, thus plants are the ba (MORE)

How do grow crops on Howrse?

Buy seeds from the shop, then go to your pastures. Go to one of them and click grow crops on the page of the pasture. Now choose what seed you want to plant, but it has to be in the growing season. (There's a chart on the page.) You can also add fertalizer. (Buy it in the shop.) --eventinglover (on (MORE)

Do crops grow in South Dakota?

Yes, crops grow in South Dakota. The major crops are corn, wheat, and soy beans. Other crops are spring wheat, flaxseed, hay, oats, rye and sunflower seeds.

What crop did the Pawnee Indians grow?

The Pawnee tribes (Skidi, Tsawi, Kitkehaxki and Pitahawirata) grew many crops in their fields: corn was planted first, then eight types of beans, seven varieties of squash and pumpkins, and mellons ( citrullus citrullus ). The Pawnees grew a wide range of different types of corn (maize) and were (MORE)

Do crops grow on crops?

No. Some crops can grow IN crops, such as with the use of nurse crops, or purposely mixing two different types of crops (like barley with oats) in one field, mainly for the purpose of growing livestock feed.

Where do feed crops grow?

On a farm in a different section than cash crop they grow it to feed their family while cash crop is for selling for money

How can weeds stop crops from growing?

Weeds steal the nutrients from the soil that the crops need. Some weeds grow so thick that they choke out the crop. If the weeds get tall enough, they will shade out the crops so that they can not get the sunlight they need.

How do they grow they crops in Iceland?

Actually, this may surprise you, Iceland is actually not really a frozen tundra. Iceland was found by the Vikings, and seeing the land in the winter they named this country Iceland. So the answer to your question is that Iceland probably grows their crops just like any other country would, unless th (MORE)

Where does crops and livestock grow in Australia?

Crops and livestock are concentrated in the southeastern quadrantof the Australian continent, but they extend to far more areas.They are found along the eastern seaboard and inland, and throughthe southwest. Prosperous livestock properties occupy thousands ofsquare kilometres inland, including semi- (MORE)

What type of crops grow in compost?

Fruits and vegetables are the crops which grow in compost. Crops benefit from soil amendments, fertilizers, and mulches. Dark-colored, fresh-smelling, nutrient-rich compost serves all three purposes.