What are the implications of learning on managerial performance?

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define managerial implications in managment
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What is implication?

Implication comes from imply. When something is implied, it is notsaid directly, but understood to follow from another statedcondition. If I said "I placed the boat in the water.", I did notsay the boat was wet- but it would be implied from being in thewater. "Implication" or "Implications" follows (MORE)

How can you learn how to perform salaat prayers properly?

There are many sites on Islam with demonstrations of Sallaat. You can visit any of them. You can also watch sallaat (prayer) being performed in Khana Ka'abah. Better consult any Imam in your surroundings. Almighty Allah requires our sincerity. Open your heart before Him.

What is implications?

Implications? Are you asking what implications are? If so, implications are unspoken stipulations or conclusions that come with certain things. If that's not the answer you were looking for, you'll have to be more specific with the question.

Managerial implications of a borderless organization?

The managerial implications of a borderless organization are quitediverse. This is an organization that operates across the bordersand requires high efficiency in terms of management andimplementation of strategies.

What you have learned from performing marketing research?

What things consumers want from their suppliers. ie. If they feel they don't mind paying more for better quality. This means that suppliers can raise the price of their goods if they raise the quality even more, without fearing the loss of their customers. And if this makes customers happy, they get (MORE)

What are implications?

In terms of the English language, implications are anything that issuggested naturally or is easily understood or inferred. The termimplication is used as a noun in a sentence.

What are the implications?

The implications of capital punishment are encompass many segmentsof society. Capital punishment when applied discriminately againstthe poor or those of a limited demographic can give the semblanceof impropriety or justice system unfairness. There are alsoimplications as to the use of doctors and me (MORE)

Skills required for effective managerial performance?

Conceptual Skills: Ability to use information to solve business problems, identification of opportunities for innovation, recognizing problem areas and implementing solutions, selecting critical information from masses of data, understanding the business uses of technology, understanding the organi (MORE)

What is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance designation?

The ASTD (American Society for Training and Development) Certification Institute built the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) credential to provide a way for workplace learning and performance professionals to prove their value to employers and to be confident about their know (MORE)

Managerial implications of ebanking?

embanking is advantageous in all aspects. But when technicaldifficulties happens it is the worse scenario. Managerial peopleare responsible for the tracking of accounts in those scenario.

What is the Certified Professional in Learning and Performance?

Thanks for asking!. The Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP™) is the only credential offered by the ASTD Certification Institute (http://www.cplp.astd.org). The CPLP™ provides learning professionals an opportunity to enhance credibility and prove value in an increasingl (MORE)

Characteristics of managerial Managerial economics?

It is mostly Micro economics and sometimes Macro economics It is application of economics in business management It helps to seek cost effective solutions hence it is normative in approach it is pragmatic in nature It is prescriptive in approach

What are the implications of Piaget's theory of cognitive development to the teaching and learning of science in basic school?

Educational Implicationsof Piaget's Theory Ch.2, p. 41 Educational Implications of Piaget's Theory Piaget's theories have had a major impact on the theory andpractice of education (Case, 1998). First, the theories focusedattention on the idea of developmentally appropriate education-aneducation (MORE)

What is cognitive theory of learning and its implications on classroom teachers?

Cognitive learning theory says the mind processes the information to learn and works out his or her preferences from the mind of that person. From this perspective we can then attach to that mind process the real effect of mental stress that works to impede thinking, learning, motivation to learn (m (MORE)

Managerial skills learned in classroom can never match those learned from experience?

hi friends . y view on the respected topic is against. I think books cover all the basic situation to describe all the difficult situations so that we can apply that stratgies in a similar condition. but implementing in the right time is very important. may be we will in soup to find the (MORE)

The effect of interpersonal relationships and communication on managerial performance?

I assume you are referring to boudaries with co-workers, especially when it comes to the topic of "the boss". Everyone goes through this constantly in their workplace-whether it is positive or negative, we all try to talk to our co-workers about work related things-like the manager. I have learned t (MORE)

Implication on the teaching learning process?

1. teaching can be made effective by relating to learning. 2. the appropriate teaching-conditions and structures may be generated for effective learning. 3. the appropriate Taichung's may be selected for creating learning situations. 4. the teaching strategies and tactics may be selected to achieve (MORE)

How does learning improve your ability to perform?

Learning builds theessential skills required to undertake tasks given to you. A simple example . A person is trained how to place a nut on a specific bolt inside a machine. There is a specially designed spanner that allows access to the bolt. By being shown how to use the spanner in the most effici (MORE)

What are the implication of incentive on employees performances?

Incentives can help motivateemployees to go the extra step to reach certain goals. When peoplehave something to work for and they know there is a possibility ofreward for meeting specific expectations, most will go the extramile to get it. Incentives can encourage competition amongemployees, make th (MORE)

How long does it take to learn to perform a split?

It just depends on how flexible you are to begin with. You will NEED TO STRETCH EVERDAY! Stretching is key; if you practice everyday it should take no more than a week or two. And remember: There are two types of splits, so learn both while you are at it.

What is your implication to translate the learning into a real life situation?

There are a number of ways to translate theory into practical application: 1. If you're training to be a doctor, you must work in a hospital as an intern for a number of years, where fully qualified doctors can be on hand for consultation and supervision. 2. Most companies have a training class to (MORE)

What is the legal implication of the relationship between an institution of learning and its students?

It depends on the context you are talking about. You need to be more specific. Added: The initial answer is totally correct - insufficient information is given with which to answer the question. However - one consideration can be addressed - as a general rule this can be said about the relatio (MORE)

How do communication skills affect managerial performance?

Communication skills are among the most important skills in themanagerial performance. The advantages of the communication are: 1)Dedicated employes 2)good relationship with the suppliers 3)And finally the most important,satisfied customers.

What are the factors affecting motor learning and performance?

the factors of motor learning and performance are the design of the vehicle deisel fuel can be refined to a level as clean as gasoline yet still is 30% more powerful it takes 5% less oil to run deisel because it takes 25% more oil to make deisel yet deisel is 30% more efficient when used in a light (MORE)

Where can one learn to perform car stunts?

There are courses that are taught to amateurs on how to perform car stunts in the United States. Information about these courses can be found at sites like Stunt Training and Revere Magazine.

Where could one learn how to perform a breast stroke?

If you wanted to learn how to perform a breast stroke then you should visit your local leisure centre. At the leisure centre you could take swimming classes in which you would be taught how to perform a breast stroke.

Where can people learn how to perform family interventions?

Family interventions are a psychological or counseling strategy meant to harness the power of group communication and family ties in addressing issues present in the family. Issues addressed may involve multiple members of the family or just one. These skills are best taught during the education of (MORE)

Where can one learn how to perform a barrel roll?

A barrel roll is the term used for doing a 360 degree horizontal turn in a plane. A pilot would need to attend an aerobatic flight school to learn how to master this stunt. The International Aerobatic Club provides a list on their website of aerobatic flight schools.

Where can one learn how to perform a facial exercise?

One can learn facial exercises by watching YouTube videos. A video allows one to see how a facial exercise is actually performed to ensure that there are no errors made and the maximum results are achieved quickly.