What are the best chat rooms?

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Chat programs have come a long ways since they were first introduced on BBS platforms access via dial-up modems. Now they are all Web based and they added such features as Video Chat and VOIP Audio. But for all the years that have gone by, Chat programs are really a text based experience that have had limited development over the last 15 years.

Yahoo is easily the biggest but along with success come the hackers & pranksters determined to abuse and annoy users. Yahoo has become a cesspool, while Yahoo's main focus has become it's Instant Messaging platform, Yahoo IM.

Pal Talk offers some sophisticated video capabilities and a universal IM connection with multiple IM services at once. MagChat breaks new ground with a re-think of the entire Chat experience. While still a beta project, MagChat has added some impressive innovation to the Chat World.
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What are the best adult chat rooms?

Depends what you mean by 'best'. If you want a clean adult social network and chat site then you would need to research online for only those that fit that description. AOL

What is the best Chat room for girls?

Visit my site and tell all your friends about it i made it just for what your looking for PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD http://teenvibe.bravehost.com/ it has a collection of chat

What are the best teen chat rooms?

Habbo.com VirtualFamilyKingdom.com Ourworld.com gaia.com runescape.com ourteennetwork.com go to iTalk dot com, They have almost the best unlimited chat roomsever

What is the best avatar chat room?

IMVU because there is so much things on there. You can create your avatar to look like you. And you can talk to people around the world...and you meet new people make friends.

What is the best chat room for kids?

There are still many other sites but this is what i know: dizzywood.com nick.com clubpenguin.com gaiaonline.com munizonline.com whyville.com Well enjoy! :]
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What are the best chat rooms on the web?

The "Best" is always hard to determine as experience will vary user to user and site to site. Talk City has a large chat hub which allows users to connect with many people in