What are some of Bill Gates hobbies?

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golf, reading, playing bridge
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What were some of Bill Gates obstacles?

Well, he did take a leave of abstance from Harvard in 1974, if that helps. But only after creating a BASIC software system that would run the Altair program in only 2 mo

What are some failures of Bill Gates?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (B&MGF) Global Health Initiative (GHI) has been a failure overall to date. Poor advice to someone without a clear understanding of how to

What are some of Bill Clinton's hobbies?

Bill Clinton loves to engage in many adult-themed activities in his free-time; whether it be entertaining the female company he keep at his house, or discovering new ways to s

What hobby do bill gates do?

in his spare time bill gates enjoys nothing more than knittting stamp collecting and eating the souls of the inncoent in Gates spare time he enjoys fried chicken and helping h