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Group medical insurance rates are those which apply to policies that cover a group of persons, as distinct from individual policies. The groups that are insured generally have a common denominator, such as employment by the same employer, or membership in the same organization.

Typically, since the risk is spread over a larger number of people, the "law of large numbers" allows for lower rates and more relaxed underwriting standards than do individual health policies.

It is not possible in this forum to quote specific insurance rates, as too many factors are involved that are peculiar to the group to be insured and the actuarial calculations by the insurer.
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What is the target group for medical insurance sales?

\n Answer \n. \nAnyone with $$$, even those that don't can get Healthy Families or Medi-Cal, medicaid.\n. \n Answer \n. \nIn most states medical insurance products focus on three markets:\n. \nIndividuals - those who pay for their own coverage because they are unemployed, self-employed or their employer does not provide coverage.\n. \nSmall Business - generally defined as employer groups of 2 - 50 employees.\n. \nLarge Business - generally 51+ employee groups. Often this category can be stratified based on number of employees (51 - 200, 201-2000, etc).\n. \nMedical insurance as a category also includes Medicare Supplements and most people consider Denatl & Vision to be as well.

What is medical insurance?

Insurance is defined as the equitable transfer or risk from one party to another for a pre-determined fee. Medical insurance regards this "risk" as the costs associated with modern healthcare. Medical Insurance will indemnify you against costs that you incur from receiving medical treatment.

How do you get medical insurance after cobra ends?

You generally need to turn to private medical insurers. Many of these plans will offer you coverage with high deductibles and low premiums so that you'll be covered in the event of a major medical event but you won't be able to get coverage for minor medical events without paying a lot out-of-pocket. These insurers should also cover you even if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

What is family medical insurance?

Family medical insurance is a medical insurance policy thast covers you and your family members under one policy. Everyone covered on the policy has a specific monthly premium that is billed as one dollar amount. For instance, you may pay $100.00 per month, your wife $125.00 per month, your son $75.00 per month, and you daughter $85.00 per month. The bill for the family medical insurance would cost the total of $385.00 per month. As long as everyone is under one plan, the plan will pay the same for each individual person.

What is group insurance?

Answer . This is a term that is generally used for a policy that is available to a group of people, such as all the employees at specific work place.

What can you do about medical bills when you have no medical insurance?

This is a common plight amongst many citizens in the US. There are various agencies (local and state) that provide limited medical benefits to those who are truly 'needy' or 'homeless'. The other things to do is contact the place where the medical bills have racked up and talk to them about how you might make some form of monthly payments. Might mean giving up things at home like the internet, cable tv, mobile phones and the like, but when bills start piling up, matters must be taken to pay them before we can have the other 'luxuries' of life. One needs to understand that the company the provided the medical items is also in business, and as such also has its own bills to pay, including the salaries of the medical professionals who provided the service. In addition, the medical professionals who provide the medical services have spent many long, hard, expensive years in school in order to be able to provide that medical care. Doctors spend at least 10 - 12 years in school and training, and nurses, med techs, physical therapists, etc., spend as much as 2 - 6 years in school and training to be able to provide their services.

What do you do if you have no medical insurance?

Why? Most often I hear because it's not affordable, my employer doesn't offer it, or I can't qualify with my health so let me just address these first: Not Affordable : I understand. You may want to consider picking up supplemental insurance so that you have something vs. nothing. With supplemental plans, the benefit dollars are sent to you (unless assigned otherwise) to do with what you deem necessary. Although health insurance is equally as important, if the mortgage/rent and a medical bill is sitting on the table and you only have enough money to pay one of them...which one wins? Some worry that if they don't have health insurance that they won't receive care or the best care if they don't have health insurance. The fact is so many of us today don't have health insurance so I don't think you'll find this to be the case now a days. My employer doesn't offer it : You can obtain individual health insurance policies provided you have decent health and a little money. The best way to shop for them is online. I can't qualify : Again, you may want to consider picking up supplemental insurance like above. You'll find their underwriting process is a bit more forgiving.

What is major medical insurance?

Major Medical, or Catastrophe, Insurance are policies which are designed to protect the policyholder only in the event of a serious, or major, medical condition arising. This type of insurance plan will typically have extremely high deductibles (excesses) and co-pays, meaning that it is impractical to use this type of policy for minor medical treatment (out-patient check ups, medications, specialist visits).

What is medical underwriting for health insurance?

Medical underwriting investigates your medical history and determines your eligibility for coverage. They enforce the guidelines established by the insurance company. Underwriting may also play an important role in determining the payment of claims.. They can decline your ability to be covered by their policy, or they can place a "rider" on a condition meaning they would not cover anything having to do with a certain medical condition, but possibly cover the medication that is prescribed for the condition. For instance if you had back problems, they would not cover any future back problems but may cover your pain medication.. They can also give you a "rate-up" meaning if you got a quote from an agent and the underwriters found a specific reason to increase your premiums, they would notify you that your original quote was going to be a given percentage higher because of a certain medical condition. For instance, height and weight restrictions could cause your rate to increase from the original quote.. These guidlines vary between the companies.

What is Part B Medical Insurance?

Part B medical insurance is the portion of your Medicare that covers medical expenses incured other than hospitalization (Part A). You can see the actual covered Part B services at the link below:. http://www.medicare.gov/Publications/Pubs/pdf/10050.pdf

What is the average medical deductible for group insurance plans?

That is tough to answer. It really depends upon if you are talking about and HMO, PPO, or HSA (HDHP) style of plan and where you are located. The most common deductible in the northwest, where I am, is 250-500 and the most common plan types are PPO and HMO. Movement over the past few years has been toward 500 and $1000 is starting to gain tracktion.

You have no medical insurance what do you do?

Go to Job and Family Services and sign up for Medicaid. Call the hospital and ask if they have a financial aid program. Ask your provider to pay the balance in full with a discount due to no insurance.

Can payment of medical benefits be coordinated between an individual medical insurance plan and a group medical insurance plan covering the same person?

Its possible but unlikely. If one policy is direct pay then both should pay as prime and essentially ignore one another. Clarification: It would be considered insurance fraud to not notify each insurance company of your coverage with the other. Otherwise, you would actually be making a profit from both insurers paying the full amount they would pay if you only had coverage with one company, which is illegal and would result in serious consequences. When a person is covered under two medical insurance policies, one is considered the primary insurer, while the other is considered the secondary insurer. Typically, the primary insurance policy will pay their percentage, then the secondary will pay the balance. But you still have to meet your deductibles for both insurers, as well as paying your co-pay amount. You need to contact both insurance companies to determine which one is your primary coverage, which will be determined by several factors, depending on your status, such as married, dependent, etc.

If no auto insurance will medical insurance pay?

If you have an auto accident and you do not have auto insurance with medical payments coverage for your injuries and medical costs, you may need to research the coverages available through your medical insurance policy. If you are not at fault for the accident that caused you injury, and the third party insurance provider has taken responsibility for the accident, the at fault party's liability insurance should pay for medical injuries up to the limits on their policy. Because you do not have insurance, receiving a claim payout might require more work because you do not have an adjuster working for you. If you were at fault for the accident and you do not have auto insurance, you will need to speak with a representative from your medical insurance company to discuss the coverage provided under that policy. You may have a co-pay or a percentage you are responsible for depending on if you have an HMO or PPO.

Does medical insurance pay for braces?

If you are addressing orthodontic braces, typically it does not; you would need to rely upon dental insurance. At that, much dental insurance pays only a portion of the cost of braces (half is typical). While the coverage and exclusions of the medical/health insurance policy control, there may be a valid argument that can be made for coverage of braces if they are necessitated by an otherwise covered occurrence, such as an auto collision. That is, if injuries are such that braces are "medically necessary" to return the injured person to full function, it may be argued that coverage exists (subject to all other terms, conditions, and limitations of the policy). If you are addressing prosthetic/orthopedic braces, they are generally covered by a medical/health insurance policy, subject to all other policy terms, conditions, and limitations, and provided that they are "medically necessary".

Can you get medical insurance for your parents?

Off course you can get your parents the medical insurance, many companies in the market provide medical insurance, for your entire family. But just look through the following points before purchasing it: - Coverage - Cashless facility available or not - Which hospitals are covered? - Benefits - Enrollment criteria - Premium amount - Claim facility, etc That having been said, a basic requirement of all insurance is the existence of an "insurable interest". This means that the buyer of the insurance has to have a "stake" in the continued existence, or in this case, well-being, of the insured. Therefore, it would certainly ease the process of you getting the insurance for your parents if they provided support or you were otherwise reliant upon them. In that case, you could stand to "lose" if they got sick. Finally, you are free to pay the premiums of your parents irrespective of the insurable interest requirement.

Have not received bill for medical insurance?

If you're talking about the bill for a medical visit, that will come from your doctor or hospital. It often takes 30-90 days for that process to play through and for you to see the bill. The patient typically receives a medical bill once the payer has paid their portion.

Who is eligible for medical insurance?

There are many different insurance companies and many different insurance policies, and they have different eligibility requirements. In general, in the US most medical insurance is in the form of group insurance for employees of a given company. For the unemployed, it's a lot harder to get medical insurance. In other countries, insurance may be much more easily available. In Canada everyone is insured, by the government of the province in which they live.

Do firefighters need medical insurance?

DO FIREFIGHTERS NEED MEDICAL INSURANCE? Yes. In fact there insurance is way more than another ordinary person because every day there is a possibility they could die.

What is the best medical and dental insurance?

One that meets your needs and is affordable. Way too many variables to pick one plan or even one provider. If you are in the market talk to an independent insurance agent who specializes in medical and dental coverage.

Where can you get cheap medical insurance?

There really are no cheap medical insurance options. The best rates you'll find are usually part of an employment package through a government agency. Many times an individual's insurance is free and the family plan greatly reduced in cost.

What are the going rates of family medical insurance?

Family medical health insurance has a wide range of rates for depending upon the number of dependents, the age of the members of the family, as well as their health history. However for the typical family of four with that has no tobacco or alcohol use the rates range from $450 -$800.

What is an insurance group?

An insurance group is a company that offers basic protection. The protection can come in many forms as:Health Insurance groups, Auto Insurance Groups, Home and Equity insurance groups.

Can a medical insurance company drop coverage for a group?

Yes. A group policy is not much different from an individual policy when it comes to cancellations. If the group misses payments or no longer meets the underwriting guidelines the policy can be cancelled or non renewed per local regulations and contract terms.

Is US Health Group medical insurance any good?

That is a very hard question to answer as we have three plans. Plus we layer coverage over coverage with some association plans, so the coverage can be more comprehensive, plus making the premium cost less with first dollar coverage. As with any insurance product, it is important to get the right agent and you must be proactive in your own health plan. Read the policy, ask questions and make sure that the plan has the coverage you need.

What is Supplemental Medical Insurance?

Supplemental Medical Insurance is in addition to your primary insurance. It is used to help cover the cost of copays, deductibles, and co-insurance. The most common time of SMI is Medicare Supplement Plan. It helps to cover what the medicare plan doesn't. If a person were to have Medicare Part A & B and also and AARP Supplement plan, it covers their copays for benefits and helps with covering costs of prescriptions.

Who is an insurance subscriber for medical insurance?

A common question that concerns a lot of people is whether theyshould go for individual health insurance plans for each of thefamily members or go for a single family floater plan for theentire family. Under a family floater plan, the entire familyshares a common pool. A family floater plan provides cover to theentire family to the extent of Sum Insured. For Compare : goo.gl/qyE1Dl

Is it beneficial to have temporary medical insurance?

"The only beneftis of a temporary medical insurance policy would be for a health individual and/or someone who does not have a chronic illness. It is a great way to not get locked down into a monthly payment you do not have to make, but if you need health insurance it is almost a scam."

Can you carry medical insurance for your niece?

If you adopted your niece and had legal responsibility for her, then you could cover her as a dependent on your plan. You could buy a health insurance plan for her, though child-only plans are relatively rare. If her parents cannot afford health insurance, you could help them find out whether your niece qualifies for Medicaid. Medicaid covers children in low-income families. See related link for more information.

Can you get medical if you have health insurance?

If you have health insurance, you can get yourself admitted in any net work hospital on a package and if your bill is within your prescribed sum insured limit, you need not to pay a single dollar. When in non net work hospital, you are to pay at the time of discharge and claim the amount along with pre and post hospitalization medicine, consultant fees etc. for reimbursement.

What are the benefits of having medical insurance?

There are many benefits to having medical insurance, the biggest one would be that you won't have to pay full price for any treatment covered by the insurance. Most of the times they are free, depending on your package, and even the ones you have to pay are like $10-20. The insurance also help you with prescription, they cost a whole lot cheaper w/ insurance.

How are cars grouped into insurance groups?

The Group Rating Panel determines which cars fall into which insurance groups. Usually, the cars are placed into the categories based on cost of the car, cost of the parts, performance of the car, and car security.

Which company has the cheapest medical insurance?

The cheapest medical insurance is through the government for low-wage families, otherwise it is wise to shop around for specific needs. Many insurances provided through jobs have built in discounts, and some such as TriCare, provided to military personnel, is free to military members and their immediate family, provided near 100% coverage for most costs.

Where can someone find the best medical insurance rates?

On the net. Go to confused dot com or if all else fails click on compared the market dot com as they give you so many options that you'll have heaps to choose from plus pick and choose the best insurance depending on your needs.