Should a teenage mother allowed back in school?

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Yes I think so!!! The mother is going to have to get an education to get a good job to support herself and the baby!
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Should teenagers be allowed to vote?

If you want to uphold the statement "No taxation without representation." then yes. Currently that statement is thrown around and taught in high schools but does not hold true

Should schools provide day care to assist teenage mothers?

Daycare should be available for mothers of all ages. The specifics are another issue. The problem of what institution should be responsible for what daycare is a different que

WHY should teenagers have to go to school?

Durin the teenage years, we are required to go to school, because if we dont, we will never learn the proper ways of responsiblity. It is a jump start into the real world. Hig

Why do teenage mothers drop out of high school?

Think about not as easy as 1-2-3 to raise a child. Unless they give it up or they have super, super caring parents..they have to care for the baby themselves. School i
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Should schools provide daycare for teenage mothers?

Knowing what its like to be a teenage mother in highschool, my opinion is obviously yes, schools should provide day care for teenage moms. Just because i have a kid, doesnt me

Should teenagers be allowed to date?

Absolutely! of course they should, it's about discovering themselves and exploring emotions that they can feel. if anyone thinks otherwise then they don't think that that teen

Why should teenagers be allowed to drop out of high school?

If teenagers believe that they have higher purposes in life, they should be allowed to pursue those dreams. If high school doesn't fit into their life equation, society should

Why are teenagers allowed to drop out of high school?

Teenagers were originally allowed to drop out of high school so they could work for their families if need be. However, these days the last two years of high school is conside