President of the board non board member blocked changed post office box and bank account from acting board voted manager of condo association what can we do?

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That depends on who 'we' might be. From your question, it's unclear who's a non-board member, and who's the manager, and who is 'we'.

If you are other members of the board, you can enlist the support of your association's attorney to compel the (non-board member) people in possession of the association's assets -- the mail box and the bank account -- to turn them over.

If the manager is a property manager with whom the association has a contract, remind the manager that s/he is a vendor, not an owner, not a corporate officer, but a paid partner.

If you are an owner, you need to work through your board and proceed as above.

If the board is fractured and this is a rift among board members, go read your governing documents and discover your responsibilities -- all of you, to perform your duties with a legal responsibility to the association.

Invite your association attorney to your board meeting and require that all board members attend. State the facts, bring the evidence and work with the attorney to free the association from this situation so that assessments can be collected and bills paid.
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If you are the president and interim manager of your condo can you still vote as a board member if you take the job permanently?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents. Look for the section on voting. As an owner in good standing, you should be able to vote. As well, as an owner in good standing you should be allowed the privilege of volunteering to serve on the board as its president. If you take o (MORE)

What are the duties of homeowner association board members?

The association is (usually) a non-profit corporation, so boardmembers are volunteer corporate officers. Their duties are spelled out in your governing documents. Inaddition, the state law defines the duties of the individualoffices of corporations. State law may also define the legalresponsibilit (MORE)

Can a person on a condo board own the property management company?

\nIt is apparently at least a conflict of interest if the board member owns the association management company hired by the condominium association to manage the condominium community.\n \n \nReview your governing documents that might address a board member's conflict of interest in such matters. Yo (MORE)

Can a non resident in Florida be a condo board member?

Your governing documents set out the requirements for board membership. Residency in the community may be a requirement; it may not be. Best practices, however, indicate that a resident in the community can most easily become involved in the business of operating the condominium community.

Can an association board raise assessments because of an improvement without the majority vote of members?

A mid-year adjustment in budgeted amounts to annual assessments can be approved by the board, given that power written in your governing documents. Look for it to verify that such assessment adjustments are possible in your association. Usually, members of an association are offered the option to (MORE)

How do you remove a condo board member?

Elect someone else. . Read your governing documents and determine how many other board members are required to vote a board member off the board. As well, a group of owners -- your governing documents will give you the percentage required -- can vote a board member off. It's a good idea to doc (MORE)

What is all the non-member boards on Fantage?

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What do you call a non-voting board member?

Ex-officio (not sure of the proper term but ex officio members of a committee can vote). The term means by virtue of office. The VP of the US is an ex offico member of the Senate and can vote to break ties. In addition, Robert's Rules of Order specifically states than an ex officio member has votin (MORE)

Can two condo board members share the same unit?

You are well advised to seek the answer from your attorney, as to its legality under your governing documents or under your state's condominium law. The real issue arises when voting, since only one vote per 'door' is usually counted.

Your condo association insurance policy has expired and the board members have not informed the tenants what do you do?

If you are a tenant, you can inform the unit owner, including evidence, that the master policy on the commonly owned real estate assets has expired. The owner, then, would send an official notice to the board indicating that they were in violation of the rules written in the governing documents reg (MORE)

How do you resign from condo association board?

Once you become a board member, whether appointed by the developer or elected by the membership, you may resign your post as either a named officer, or as a director of the association -- or both, by sending a letter to the board indicating your resignation. You need not give a reason. Best pr (MORE)

Can board members of a home owner's association make decisions without votes?

In operating the business of the association, the board is fully vested to make decisions, wherein the board members vote. The process usually follows Roberts Rules of Order. When the vote of the association membership is required, then your governing documents determine what percentage of the mem (MORE)

Is it legal for our condo board president order the property mgr to close a bank account on which the board treasurer had issued a cheque for payment which the president did not want paid?

The aggrieved party who may have a legal question is the payee named on the check. The conduct of the board -- by this example, carrying on a disagreement with counter-productive and rather public actions -- is at least childish. The appropriate action of the board is to discuss the situation (MORE)

What is a non-independent member of a board?

Read your governing documents to determine the qualifications necessary for board membership. Usually, board members are: . Elected by members of the association -- unit owners . Designated to serve particular functions of the association's business . Required to be owners, and best practices i (MORE)

Can Emeritus board members vote in a real estate association?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not an an Emeritus board member, you have a vote. Usually: . If you are a unit owner, you can vote to elect board members and on other matters requiring a membership vote. . If you are not a unit owner, you have no vote, except possibly, when (MORE)

Can a board member voted out of office without cause file suit?

Anyone can sue anyone over almost anything. The key is this: the ousted board member must complete the necessary research to confirm that s/he has a case (leg) to stand on in any suit s/he expects to win. If your governing documents state that any board member may be voted out of office by the (MORE)

Can board of directors change rules without votes of members of association?

Probably not. But it depends on what you mean by 'rules'. Read your governing documents to understand how 'rules' are changedby either votes of the membership or by the board. Your CC&Rs -- the land use document, and your By-Laws -- theoperation of the business -- each require a percentage of them (MORE)

When is the vote of the association members required by changing rules in the association.the board of directors changed rules for the community without votes of homeowners. Is it lawful?

Please read your governing documents to determine what percentage of the membership is required to change/ amend/ alter/ adjust your governing documents. The percentages are different depending on whether the change is to: . the CC&Rs -- your private democracy's 'constitution', or . the By-laws (MORE)

How few officers can be on a voting nonprofit board?

Since you chose the Condominiums category, one can assume that your association is a non-profit corporation. Your governing documents specify the size of your board, which may depend on the number of units and the total real estate asset value of the community. Certainly, a minimum number is three (MORE)

Can a board vote on an issue if all board members are not present?

It depends on the type of board meeting and its guidelines, as defined in your governing documents. For example, if it is a special meeting called by board members and not by the president, only the items listed on the agenda can be voted on. If it is an open board meeting, then a majority of boa (MORE)

Can the association board change rules in CCRs without vote or notification?

Your governing documents are specific about notice required and the percentage of the membership's votes necessary to amend the CC&Rs, your governing documents. Usually it's an uber-majority, such as 67%. These basics about amending governing documents are probably based in state condominium law, (MORE)

Is a condo association required to have a board of directors?

If the association is a corporation -- and in most states, this is true: associations are usually non-profit corporations, the state may require that the corporation have a board of directors. Without a board, it's unclear how an association could operate the business composed of the multi-million (MORE)

How do you vote in a member to a Board of directors?

Read your governing documents to understand the process. Usually, at the annual meeting, after candidates apply for a board position, the membership, made up of unit owners, votes on the candidates. Candidates elected are added to the board, and the board members decide which post each director w (MORE)

Can a president override a vote by the board of directors?

No. Unless your governing documents give the president the right to override a board vote, the majority board vote of the board stands. Usually, a president votes to break a tie in a board vote, and otherwise does not vote. Read your governing documents to understand more fully how board votes (MORE)

How are members of boards of accountancy selected?

Typically members of a board of accountancy are appointed by a state's governor and include both licensed CPAs and public members. The CPA members are often selected by the governor after consulting with the state's CPA society

Is it legal to maintain an hoa without a board of directors board members terms were up may 2010 and meeting to vote on a new board was canceled by them you have a management co following them?

Read your governing documents to understand how long elected directors serve when no annual meeting takes place. As well, read there whether or not an annual meeting 'shall' take place, and the agenda items that must be addressed during such a meeting. Your state law may also cover these issues, and (MORE)

Can a proxy be used in the election of board members for condo association?

Read your governing documents to learn more about how proxies can be used in board elections in your association. Usually, an owner receives a document which can serve as either a ballot or a proxy. So long as the owner's signature is on the document, and it can be identified as a proxy, it can be (MORE)

Can the president of the board of directors of a homeowners association make a motion and also vote?

Your answer depends on the contents of your governing documents and the state law that governs not only the association, but the form of the corporation that your association fits within, such as the non-profit corporate law. Generally, the president doesn't vote unless it is to break a tie. Howe (MORE)

Can a board member vote by proxy?

Usually, a board member can vote owner's allocated interest in member vote matters by using a proxy: board votes on board matters by proxy generally are not allowed. Your state law covering condominiums, or your state corporate law that covers the type of corporation involved, may also be a sourc (MORE)

Can Emeritus board members vote?

Yes. And No. It is totally dependent on the bylaws of the organization. Precedent isn't conclusive, as half of organizations allow for Emeriti to vote, and half don't. This is good, as each organization has different needs in designating an Emeritus, and the bylaws should be drawn in such a way a (MORE)

Can a condo board member harass owners?

Yes, board members are human: a board member 'can' harass owners. Is it legal? Probably not, unless the board member harasses all owners equally, in which case, the board member's tenure may be short. If you believe that a board member is harassing you or a group of owners, read your governing (MORE)

Can a board president rescind a letter that was written by the president but voted on and approved by other board members?

There is no easy answer to your question. Chaos and dissension can take their toll on volunteer board members, and best practices dictate that a mediated conversation take place in order to discover ways for board members to collaborate. The role of the board president is to lead the business af (MORE)

Can the board president dismiss a member?

It depends on whether the member is a member of the board, or a member of the association. If, for example, the developer is the board president and has appointed a member of the board who serves at the pleasure of the developer, the developer may indeed be able to dismiss such a member. Your gov (MORE)

Can a board member ask the board president to leave a meeting?

Read your governing documents to determine who is responsible for leading a meeting. Often this is the president of the board. Board members may disagree with a president's position on a matter. Using Roberts Rules of Order -- usually a recommended template for the conduct of board meetings -- bo (MORE)

Can only proxies be used to vote out NY condo board members?

In this case, owners are well advised to educate themselves as tothe matter at hand and show up in person to vote according to whatthey believe should occur. If someone is telling you that only proxies can be used in thiscase, request the legal opinion upon which this -- probablyerroneous -- inform (MORE)

Can you hire condo board members?

There is no standard. Read your governing documents to determine the qualifications for aboard member. If your governing documents are silent, read thestate law that covers the type of corporation formed for yourassociation, if any. When governing documents are silent, the statelaw applies. Generall (MORE)